Buono!’s “Take It Easy!”

I think I may used up just about all accolades that I can think of when it comes to lively and perfectly *polished* musical♪♪~ arena that is Buono's~.

Their level of music quality never wavers and with their now 8th single I think it's fair to say that Buono! has now firmly cemented their place as one of J-Pop's best groups….factor in the personality dynamics and unique vocal aspects of Momo, Airiin & Miya…..Buono! is just *perfection*~.

The LE CD release includes both a photo trading card as well as an additional DVD which contains a little approximately 11 minute clip of their "jacket making"….and much like how backstage features are on concert DVDs, there's so much of the member's personalities revealed in watching these featurettes~.

Buono!'s pv DVD single which was released just a week after their single includes three versions of "Take It Easy"'s pv with an original version, close up version as well as an always great to watch dance shot version. In addition the DVD concludes with an approximately 10 minute long feature of the pv's making~.

Buono! releases including "Take It Easy!" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Buono!'s "Take It Easy!" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Buono!'s "Take It Easy!" can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

Tsunku makes a special writing appearance with the title track "Take It Easy!" as he composed the music♪♪~ and his musical influences and tastes are readily heard from the moment you click play~…..as you're immediately engulfed in a sea of well polished folk-rock complete with the ever present chimes of George Harrison like slide guitars which really gives this song a distinctly 60's feeling~. All three member's vocals are as smooth as *silk* here and whether it be ensemble or solo lines the vocal arrangement is really mesmerizing o(*´∀`)o゛♥ here~. The coupling with track "Kirai Suki Daikirai" is much punchier arrangment and somewhat more in the vein of most Buono! releases in its aggressive rock arrangement…which well…sort of reminds me of that I think 80's song?….."My Sharona?" And if anyone knows…what exactly is a "sharona?" (・c_・;)?….one of life's great mysteries?

Pony Canyon much like Avex provides their artists with such wonderfully generous production budgets and it's most evident in their pvs included on their pv DVD single~. Everything is shot on location and happily outside of a studio's confines…..from a bus ride…..to a neighborhood's urban jungle and onto outdoor close up filming just everything about "Take It Easy!"'s pv production is most lively and all without the constraints of studio walls~. I imagine that just about everyone on earth by now has viewed all version of this pv……so here I'll just include the most *wonderful* original version~. =)




~Bye-Bye~ ^ ^

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2 Responses to Buono!’s “Take It Easy!”

  1. strawberrie says:

    I haven't a had a chance to sit down and listen to the single with such a busy semester this year. My copies of the single and single V are still in their respected shrink wrap. Maybe after my schedule calms down a bit I can sit down listen to the single along with watching the single V.


  2. I sometimes run into days when I just can't get around to listening to all of the music I've received…although I think you must be much busier with school for sure! "Take It Easy!" is such an awesome single..both songs really are great and I think you'll love them so much when you get to listen to them~! I hope you have time soon……Buono! is ~♥~! ^ ^


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