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~And the winner of Arashi’s LE “5×10 ALL the BEST! 1999-2009″ CD is…..

Arashi "Arashi 5×10 ALL the BEST! 1999-2009" limited edition version giveaway CD box~! ………….CK♥ has just done a most *cute* final drawing for the winner~!……please click here to visit his VOX blog to see the results~! ^ ^ CK♥ is also … Continue reading

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An *emoticon* brought to life?

わはははは♪ A *friend* here on VOX recently asked me if I could explain this emoticon…(。ーωー。) and if I could actually recreate it in real life with an expression~….. Hmmm….so the emotion that I usually use this “(。ーωー。)” emoticon for is … Continue reading

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「Featured post」The Good, The Bad And The Ugly…(and you thought your day was going badly~!) XD

わはははは♪ My father sent me this…some of it’s a bit raunchy (・д・`*)! but it just cracked me up so much! And laughter is *good* for the soul ne~…(^q^)! THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE  UGLY Good                  :  Your wife … Continue reading

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