ガーディアンズ4 “School Days♥”

I really love how thus far both Guardians4 releases have also included a Shugo Chara Egg! version as well for their main title tracks~. Here we're treated to two versions of the new single "School Days" as the second track is dedicated to the very capable Egg unit comprised of Yuuka, Ayaka, Akari & Kanon and Pony Canyon really does a wonderful service to fans by continuing to color code their H!P releases' lyrics in their liner notes indicating which members are performing which solo lines~.

The LE includes a bonus DVD containing approximately 9 minutes of a behind the scenes look at the jacket filming….and as their accompanying pv DVD single won't be released until the 16th of this month this cute little clip is enough to tide me over till then~. =)

The first pressing also includes a Guardians4 trading card althought I'm not really sure if there are other versions out there in addition to the card I received as the first pressing sticker doesn't indicate if there are a variety of versions available….in most cases though H!P releases do tend to have multiple trading card versions so I imagine that there surely must be others. ^ ^

Guardians4 "School Days" LE CD can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Guardians4 releases can be ordered here at YesAsia.

"School Days" has a most bouncy and *drummy* anthem like arrangement…and surely with the continuing "Shugo Chara!" animation tie in one would expect such a cheery and upbeat song♪♪~ for sure~. It's quite fun hearing both Guardians4 and the Eggs put their different spin of *cuteness* on this most catchy track! (*´∀`*) Hmm…in some ways though the coupling with song "Itsuka dokoka de" may be even a bit more enchanting than the title track and if listen closely there's really a fantasy like aura to the instrumentation with an almost baroque flavor to it with a harpsichord indeed in the pop arrangement coupled with a most sweeping orchestration that's full of optimism~. I've always really loved the sounds of a harpsichord as while it looks very much a piano on the outside, its strings are actually plucked rather than struck as piano strings are made to do in producing both of their very unique musical♪♪~ sounds~.


And there's some really amusing moments happening during the included "jacket making of" clip with a most *adorable* Riichan having some difficulties in creating the running poses…(^q^) as well as……

…..a very *close encounter*!!…..

…and Nakki♥ wishing for UFOs?? (・_・)!!
 Which…um sort of arrives in the *cute* form of one most animated Mittsi~! ^ ^

And with just their second single together you can really sense their chemistry♥~ in this little clip ↓↓↓
…mite ne~! o(*´∀`)o゛


So I really must sign off from the internet now…

..as the U.S. women's final is just beginning!!

Kim Clijsters♥ (mommy♥! o(*´∀`)o゛)
Wozniacki (with 40-1 odds at making this final! =) sugoi ne~!)

~Bye-bye~! ^ ^

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8 Responses to ガーディアンズ4 “School Days♥”

  1. ladybird says:

    Thank you for sharing your gets. It's nearly impossible for me to buy any of H!P products (But I hope to attend AX in Paris next year and find some H!P merchandise :D). Regarding Guardians4, I loved Omakase Guardian and School Days still fight for my full attention XD The jacket is better than the previous one. It's cartoonish and appropriate to the idea of Shugo Chara. The previous one was overly photoshopped for my own taste.


  2. James says:

    I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of Guardians4, it's a little too *sweet* for me. But I can't not like it because Nakki is in it and she's adorable XD…… seems like I've become attached to quite a few H!P members of late XD The jacket making of is so fun, and they really do seem to have good relationships already which is nice ^-^Don't read what's next if you didn't watch the Women's finals tennis => Oh, and Kim Clijsters won~!! 😀 Yay. How cool is that!? I didn't want to ruin anything, so I put the warnming on it XD Ja ne~


  3. Is it mean to say that I prefer the ShugoCharaEgg versions of the Guardians4 songs? ^_^;; I'm not quite sure why though~


  4. A~h that's so awesome that there'll be an Anime Expo in Paris! \(^o^)/☆..and I hope you find lots of H!P merchandise too~! I had this single on repeat for awhile before and while I was writing my thoughts here….and truly it is a single that grows on you in time I think~. Especially the coupling with song which I think is just so *cute* and catchy! I totally agree~!…I love the cover artwork too and it does match so well to this unit and their anime tie in~. I hope Guardians4 can release more music too in the future as this group member lineup is so so *perfect* together♥. ^ ^


  5. Aww Nakki is really so *adorable* ne~…I was showing my mom C-ute's pv for "Shochuu omimai moushiagemasu" a few days ago and she right away said that Nakki…well she actually doesn't know their names XD but my mom said that she was the *cutest* in the group~. I was thinking about a Maimichan's the *cutest* argument…(^q^) but I was just like…a~h she said Nakki♥! (*´∀`*) Nakki really does have such cute facial features and I love her personality too! I was watching the women's final live too~! She's soooooo *amazing*!!! and so inspiring!!! \(^o^)/☆ It was just her third tournament back from becoming a mommy♥ and leaving the game and it really was the most memorable moment of the U.S. Open I think! ^ ^


  6. Hmm…it may be their much more balanced vocals maybe? =) I mean Guardians4 does blend together really well too but the Eggs really do sound *wonderful* in both of these singles~…plus their own Shugo Chara Egg! singles too! A~h! I've been listening to Buono!'s "Take it Easy!" single!!..ugh! I've been so delinquent on posting recently (>_<);….they're just such the *perfect* group and yes~ their songwriting♪♪~ is always so driven and full of energy with infectious melodies~! ^ ^


  7. James says:

    Nakki♥ is most adorable ^-^ She
    makes the cutest faces ^ ^ You were showing your mum? That's neat 😀 I
    think I'd get strange looks from my mother if I showed her a PV XD

    It was amazing to watch 😀 I usually only watch tennis every two
    decades 😛 but this was good. And the fact she is a mum is absolutely
    brilliant ^__^


  8. I actually used to show her a lot more pvs and other clips in the past~….but it's always easier to show her anything new by Arashi or Smap as she likes them a lot too~! I used to always ask whom she thought was the cutest in the group for various groups and I even got her to make me a Momusu members list once awhile back. XD I still have it somewhere but I just remember that she had Aichan #1! \(^o^)/☆E~hhh 'every two decades?? '..but this was really awesome ne~! And now I'm really thinking that Justine Henin will return to the pro tour too very soon!….others think this too and I wonder if she really will? =)


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