真野恵里菜デビューコンサート プロローグ~乙女の祈り~♥!

From it's very opening which has very much an auru of a concert hall piano recital's environment one may at first ponder on the approach in which UFI is going with Manoeri's solo career. After all she is blessed with a most *charming* charisma and with her piano playing much has been debated about which direction would best suit a youthful pop artist's current agenda at this stage~.

However I think this concert will wash away those ponderings as UFI has definitely struck the right chords♪♪~ and it's all being shown here in this 68 minute concert which was filmed at Nakano Sunplaza on June 6th, 2009~. Just everything right down to Manoeri's wardrobe♥ which are comprised of most *beautiful dresses that are elegant and much less costume like and a set list of songs covering all of her singles plus a few surprises is *pure* pop perfection personified~ at its cutest!

Mano Erina's "Debut Concert ~Otome no inori~" DVD can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Mano Erina's "Debut Concert ~Otome no inori~" DVD can be ordered here at YesAsia.

As aforementioned, the concert opens and most fittingly with an awesome rendition of her major debut single "Otome no inori" with a darkened stage highlighting a grand piano at which Manoeri sits. And in addition to the performance's symbolic statement, this being her major debut and arrival….it's also very poignant and just wonderfully awesome to see Manoeri showing her piano prowess center stage~. Many idols of yesteryear in addition to their singing, dancing, acting and overall idol aura have also appealed to fans in their musical abilities…something that's a bit too rare these days perhaps and it's for this very reason that in which sets Manoeri apart and yes~ even above so many other idols in this generation~.

Much like idol/musician Tanimura Yumi, Manoeri's performance here utilizes her piano ability not to completely drive the concert..but rather to accentuate with its presence~. The song performances along with well timed MCs keep the show flowing with a nice pace and balance while the addition of 6 very talented H!P Eggs♥ whom also adorn the stage with her throughout most of the songs add something so special to the appeal of this concert which is already superchared with so much energy from its central star♥.

The dance choreography benefits so much too with the inclusion of the Eggs and much like her latter two singles which beamed with catchiness, here also just like in those pvs the shining attraction glitters so much with the open interaction between Manoeri and her most *adorable* ensemble of H!P youth on stage~.

Manoeri's *adorable* team of Eggs include….Komine Momoka, Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon, Sekine Azusa & Ogawa Saki~…..here been seen during their much deserved individual introductions.

Former pop star/idol Kato Noriko who's also hosted past H!P concert events adds a sweet charm with her presence during MC breaks and I think having her on stage really helped Manoeri for this debut in an almost mentoring sense….but if anything I'm sure her presence must have really helped to calm the nerves and ~butterflies~!


At approximately midway through the concert Manoeri introduces to these most lucky fans an early sneak peek of her pv for her single "Sekai wa summer party" on the large concert hall's screen…..and as this this concert was held on June 6th, this most recent single wasn't released until July 29th….so I imagine it must have quite a thrill for those lucky to attend! Manoeri's MC here is also very *special* as Kato Noriko joins her on stage for a mini "Manoeri 3-part VTR history" which goes back to her audition..debut…fan events…to her time in Ongaku Gatas…to present as the mini slide show history is shown in short segments with an ongoing conversation like interview throughout between herself and Norikosan~….and there's also a cute little mention of how Manoeri believes that Santa Claus♥ resides in Finland~! =)

Just below I've chosen just a few favorite♥ performances to whet the appetite~…..from her mesmerizing opening with "Otome no inori", a most catchy pop song in "Mizuiro omoi", to all of the lively dance choreography in "Scramble" and "Hajimete no keiken." Please enjoy~! o(*´∀`)o゛ ♥

I really wanted to begin with Manoeri's performance of "Scramble" as I think it's one of Gomaki's very best and one of her most catchy♥ songs that she released while with H!P~. True that Gomaki's vocals would be most difficult to emulate but Manoeri really does so well here I think with such a challenging song to perform……I've also included Gomaki's original pv version for this single just below ↓ ↓ ↓ as I also haven't watched her version in quite awhile (;´□`)! Manoeri's dance for this performance is so so *cute* and the crowd really responds to this song's selection as you can even hear them let out the…"Whew~!" right at the ending of the bridge as it's heard in Gomaki's version~ \(^o^)/☆!


I've already *gushed about this but I sooooo love ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!this song♪♪~!!! "Mizuiro omoi" has such a *wonderful* 90's J-Pop feeling to it and it's so so so so! catchy♥!!!

I really should have remembered to have awarded this song with…….

…but it's truly never too late is it~! XD


For additional *gushing* please visit here♥.


The mesmerizing opening…..^ ^!!


And in the end, though this being just her debut concert so far….it really felt so epic..

…"Manopiano"♥..this song grabs me each and every time I listen to it.

Her performance here is quite moving~ and you can sense it in her voice as she fights back emotions….

…….where her solo career began, this song seems so iconic now~. ^ ^♥



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4 Responses to 真野恵里菜デビューコンサート プロローグ~乙女の祈り~♥!

  1. James says:

    As always she is so darn cute! XD As is the Eggs she surrounds herself with ^_^ Her dresses are beautiful, and the Eggs costumes are really cute ^-^ You seemed to enjoy it and so did the crowd XD It does look like a really nice concert, and her piano playing really adds something to the experience :] Ja ne~


  2. It's really all in hindsight..but I think all of the other soloist in H!P from earlier like with Nacchi, Ayaya and even Gomaki may have benefited if they had been accompanied with Eggs in their live events~. =) As it does so much for the overall concert with the artist's interaction with them on stage and like you say it's just so so *cute*!! (*´∀`*) Manoeri really did look so elegant in her dresses and it really matched her concert's feeling with her piano playing but also with her energetic choreography which most of her songs had~. I think it would be *wonderful* if more idols performed on instruments…it's all too rare recently…and that makes Manoeri truly that much more unique and amazing~! ^ ^


  3. Guldari says:

    @_@ 長い!!Although I can not understand all, I can know that this concert is delightful.I like most Fukuda Kanon and Maeda Yuuka among Eggs.


  4. Hai~ if you have the chance I would highly recommend Manoeri's concert~! All of her songs translate really well to the concert stage and the pacing of the show is just perfect! Ah they're so *adorable* ne!…..Yuukachan is a favorite Egg for me too! ^ ^


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