The greatest of all time?

A~h! the U.S. Open has just begun today and between pondering the questions…will Brett Favre develop a chemistry with his new team?…as they’re on MNF tonight and why I ♥ the Powerpuff Girls so much!…(^q^) however there’s a much more burning question abound~…….with his now record 15th singles men titles is Roger Federer the greatest tennis player of all time?

For me personally this question stretches far beyond what I’ve been lucky enough to witness in tennis as I’ve only been an avid fan since the early 90’s while still in my pre-teens when the scare of serving power and one Goran Ivanisevic threatened to take over the sport! (ノロ≦。)!Hmm..but it did take him I think 15? 14? years to win Wimbledon so those fears were greatly exaggerated~. 😛 ? Serving power?…something that the person across the net never needed to worry about while looking at me and while I wish I were much taller me being so so short! even if heels were feasible on court I’d still be very little~…(。ーωー。). Hmm….getting back on track, and still so many amazing players over the years since so thus lingers the question.

Federer is amongst a very elite group of 6 names to have won all four grand slams conquering all surfaces along with Rod Laver & Andre Agassi in the open era~. And while Rod Laver continues to be the sole male player to have achieved a real calendar grand slam we can still consider his a “Federer” slam~. Competition always is an issue too….how athletes were trained back then verses today…the progressive speed of the game which inevitably came with racquet technology…the size and strength of players….wood verses graphite…and today’s seemingly space age compounds which continue to progress with newer and greater innovations in racquet technology.

…..still in the end the game of tennis is still a court, a ball, net and its competitors~.

So perhaps to compare different eras of tennis greats is unrealistic in reaching a final conclusion but how else can we sincerely decide who’s the greatest ever? If only there were a unflawed way to combine all of their stats…legacies….equipment…level of competion…and fitness in figuring out a one decisive greatest player of all time…..

Could we then witness  a real time match between Laver….Sampras….Borg…McEnroe….Connors….Agassi….Becker….Nadal…and the list goes on, all in their prime in a single instant on center court?

Surely we can’t leave such a prestigious conclusion to micro calculations of stats and fibers of their on court triumphs and lifetime achievements but in there somewhere must lie the precise answer to this question…..I wonder?

While as in all sports the game has changed over time…the players who play….and the very environments are also to be considered.

But what of the nuances of the players techniques?…how would they match up one on one with great players of different eras and whom would then prove triumphant? Surfaces…the time….the players….. and even if a difinitive conclusion could somehow unanimously be reached through it all through stats and techniques, would the overall winner be then declared the greatest of all time? One tournament. All the greats. In their prime. In one slam final to determine the greatest of all time. But surely anyone who follows tennis knows that on any given day any player no matter what rank is capable of taking down a giant even when at the very top of his/her game~.

And what of head to head matchups? Nadal has owned Federer in head to matches and especially notable in grand slams which is the measuring stick of tennis players’ greatness so arguably even in this moment, if Nadal wins the U.S. Open this year and then has all four grand slams under his belt as well along with Federer….it would be very considerable to say that perhaps Nadal may arguably be……in the room at least in this discussion~.

So throw most of these theories out and we’re back to lifelong achievments….and at this very moment one player named Federer is still writing his….. ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to The greatest of all time?

  1. Rebear says:

    I'm not a fan of Federer, to be completely frank ;3;!!! I much prefer Nadal and his spicy Spanish blood, mmm~. Eyecandy aside, though, Rafa really holds a place in my heart. *o*!! Here's hoping he does his best and wins this one! (Forgive me for being so biased TmT)


  2. Nadal is so amazing too~!! \(^o^)/☆ And in head to head he really still is the one player that Federer must dread facing. His spirit and fight are so unmatched on court and whenever I see Nadal play I just never can imagine him losing ever~. This U.S Open should be awesome with most of the top players at the top of their games right now…the resurgence of Roddick too should make things very interesting as he's just playing awesome! Still I dream of a Federer vs. Nadal final which would be yet again dream like~. A~h and it's totally okay as I know everyone has their personal favorites♥ to cheer for….and I can be so biased too! ^ ^


  3. Tennis just gets me so excited and especially during the grand slams~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥! *Thank you* so much!! ^ ^


  4. maiZe says:

    I haven't been paying as close attention to the US Open this year, but man… I'm sooooo sad that Marat lost in his 1st round match!! He's retiring at the end of the year… This was probably the last time I'd have the chance to see him play on TV. T____T And of course, the Canadian tournament this year had the men in Montreal rather than Toronto, so I didn't get to see Marat… Oh well, at least I was able to get his autograph at a previous Toronto event already.


  5. I read that he was planning to retire too and the tour is really going to miss his personality that he brings to the court. It's amazing that he said in Tennis magazine that he has broken at least 700 racquets in his 12 year pro career….which amounts to $140,000 retail price!!!!! (・_・) You're so *lucky* to have met Marat and gotten his autograph!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。That's really a great argument and tennis careers are definitely measured by the number of grand slams a player has won just as in golf~. =) That's so true too as many amazing athletes usually have someone they just don't match up against very well no matter how awesome they are against everyone else. The broadcasters were talking about that amazing streak of Federer's at grand slams as he always makes it so deep into the tournaments no matter what….it's really awe inspiring! I just realized a really fun albeit silly way to match the all time greats of tennis against one another….with Nintendo Wii's "Grand Slam Tennis" =)…..I so want this game after seeing the images of the players and they're all so cute!!! And they really do look like them and even their then current on court fashion is incorporated into the game! ^ ^


  6. philipleslie says:

    Federer is the Mozart of tennis for sure! H’s a brilliant player who also manages to bring out the brilliance in his opponents, who often find themselves fighting for their lives!

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    • I love that analogy!! So smooth on court and in a time where the one-handed backhand is all to rare his is the most graceful and amazing I think! Federer often times makes tennis look so easy although we all know that it sooooo isn’t!!! ^^ This cover and article sure created a lot of food for thought back then.


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