Zombies (゜Д゜;) & bikinis ♥

Konnichi waaaa~!

I’m just about to watch zombies…. samurai swords….and a bikinied (that’s not a word is it (人∀`*) ) heroine to fight them! It’s “Onechanbara!!” I was a little apprehensive about watching this movie at first…..naaaah! In truth just the cover artwork looks awesome and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!! I hope it’s a lot of fun!! Well it’s my Sunday movie for today and although I still haven’t changed out of my pjs♥…..

…I thought it still a good idea to be made-up a bit before my *honey*♥ is here!

He said that he likes me with or without any make-up which makes me really *happy* as I often choose not to wear any even if I go out somewhere. My best friend says that I look really pale though without any make-up so I sort of have this always in the back of my mind and especially if someone happens to stare at me which may mean that I may have something on my face…or that I’m just really pale!!…(^q^)

Have a *wonderful* sunday minnasan!

your very pale friend,

♥MB o(*´∀`)o゛

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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29 Responses to Zombies (゜Д゜;) & bikinis ♥

  1. Craig says:

    [das ist gut]


  2. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    I have the movie but haven't watched it yet be sure to let us all know your thoughts on it, the game (xbox 360 version) sucked btw which is probably why I haven't got around to watching the movie yet=( but I love zombies so hopefully the movie is betterAND all your pics look cute so uh you're TRIPPIN about the make-up thing =)


  3. CK says:

    Wow, what a weekend. Have a wonderful time!


  4. Sofia says:

    Ha ha, that movie most certainly sounds interesting (nope I don't think bikinied is a word, but I make up words all the time so I like it ^o^)..I hope that it'll be good anyway, there is nothing wrong with picking a movie from how the cover artwork looks (I don't think at least).
    Awwww…I've read all the post about Him and I must say that you're so sweet, and he seems to be too. You're so lucky!Oh and I don't think you look to pale without makeup at all. Don't worry about it. Really, you're truly one of the lucky people that's totally sweet looking without any makeup…And besides, makeup is something to be used because it's fun not because you feel like you have to, or that's what I think on the other hand.Also, you're not pale at all if you compare with me (without makeup that is), I kind of look like I'm sick or something…>_<


  5. paul.thomas says:

    I'm with Tsuji_eriku on this, got the DVD but have yet to watch it mainly becuase the game was just so bad, lol that's the last time I buy a game because it's got a girl in a bikini and a cowboy hat holding a sword lolBut I'm guessing the film will be great, horror films like this tend to always be good no matter how bad they are 🙂


  6. Well the movie was…..??? I'll try writing a little about it later! I guess here it's just so much more natural to have at least a little bit of a tan due to just our weather and lifestyle…but then you have me..(・_・) who only turns bright red and burns! (´⌒`。)


  7. Hi Tsujisan~The movie was….*interesting*..hmm I'm sort of mixed on it right now and I'll be sure to write a little something about it soon~. I'm so sorry that the game was so awful (;´□`)! I think my most favorite♥ would still be the original Onimusha but it's mostly because he's modeled after Kaneshiro Takeshi♥ whom I think is just yummy!! ( ̄▽ ̄) I know it's not a very good reason to like a game but I'm sometimes very easy to please that way…(^q^)"28 Days Later" I thought was really great as a zombie movie and it really scared me!!! (゜Д゜;)*Thank you* you're so sweet!…it's just that I usually get really varied reactions whenever someone sees me without any make-up on for the first time and it's usually not good so I always feel a bit nervous (*´艸`)!


  8. Thank you~ CK! 愛し合っています!


  9. I often get lured into watching movies completely by their aesthetics…although it's usually due to a particular actor being in it…(^q^)! It's funny that only sometimes my spell check seems to work while I type so I often think I do make up words and I may be oblivious XD. I really love samurai movies so I was really *hoping* here!!!! =)Thank you so much Sofia o(*´∀`)o゛…I'm just so comfortable with him and I really feel that this is so different for me relationship wise..that coupled with the fact that I just want to squeeze♥ him all day and night long~ (*´∀`*)♥! I guess I may have a bit of a personal complex when it comes to make-up….it's just that although I really do love to not wear any or very little most of the time I do get mixed reactions from friends and on occasion from someone that I'm just meeting. Without any eye make-up my friends say that I look "sleepy" and very "simple." :/ But I do it anyway because I sometimes just want a purely natural look and I try not to ponder on what others may be thinking (。ーωー。). I think you've just said it so perfectly!!..on why we should wear make-up! ^ ^Oh no you're so *pretty*!!!…and I'm beginning to hear more and more that a lot of men do love our type of skin complexion~. o(*´∀`)o゛And I'm so sorry that I haven't been online much recently to visit and talk..gomen ne~.


  10. Hi Paul,A~hhhh! the game must be sooooo bad from what I'm hearing! XD I've never actually heard of this game before but the movie cover caught my attention one night while on Amazon….I was just thinking…♥ samurai movies….♥horror movies (well..sometimes XD ) and the premise, I mean the way the heroine is dressed is just (。ーωー。)! It's so odd!! I was hoping it would be exciting and well done like maybe…."Shinobi"…"Bushi no ichibun"…"Azumi"…or have the choreography flair like "House of Flying Daggers"….:P Okay I have a most wild imagination for sure~. XD I'll write some thoughts later…but it was entertaining, it's just that…well I'll say no more for now~. ^ ^I'm so sorry but I'll be sending you an e-mail soon…I've just been going a bit bonkers lately with too much to do and my online time has been much too limited (;´□`). Gomen ne~.


  11. Sofia says:

    Ha ha, yeah it's the same for me as well. Matsujun is one such person..and Jonny Depp if we're talking western actors (he's old I know but there's just something about him, ne?). I love samurai movies too, they are always very nicely done and have a great mix of a lot of things that I want out of a movie.Yeah I do that too because the spell check doesn't quite work..but I figrue that as long as people know what you mean it's not a big deal.
    You're so lukcy! I'm so happy for you! ^_^. He sounds like a wonderful person (if you like him he must be), I hope you'll get to see him a lot.I understand what you mean about the makeup. It's always nice to have a natural look I think (even though I usually try to achieve one with makeup ^o^). And for the record, I don't think you look "simple" at all without makeup. If you're more comfortable not wearing any I think you should stick to that…and the people who disagree, well they're just stupid. I think you have a very good way of looking at it, stick to being yourself ! ^_^
    Arigatou dear, you're always so nice. Oh, that's good!
    Don't worry about it dear, really. I understand if you're busy.


  12. Johnny Depp♥ has such perfect facial features!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。I love a lot of his movies too….hmm I do tend to be attracted to older guys sometimes and Johnny Depp is so *good looking*!! I misspell words so often…(u_u*) and it seems that I make up my own words~. XD I sometimes e-mail friends and they reply saying…"what does this word mean?" 😛 We've been seeing each other every day and it doesn't matter what we're doing or even if it's nothing at all as I can just talk to him or even just gaze at him endlessly…♥! He's so sweet! o(*´∀`)o゛ Your words mean so much to me and thank you for thinking that I'm not too plain looking. I'm sometimes caught a bit off guard with some comments about my appearance when I'm go out natural but I definitely want to have more confidence being the way that I'm most comfortable. ^ ^ You really are the sweetest!…*thank you*! o(*´∀`)o゛


  13. Sofia says:

    Right! There is just something about him that I can't point out but that's totally amazing, AND he's totally talented as well…mmm…he he, anyway I'm getting sidetracked. I can so relate! Sometimes there is just no good words, or I just think of something that would fit so well that it should be a word >_<.
    That sounds so great, I'm so happy that you've found a person like that in your life. Oh you're very welcome, I'm glad if I made you happy. I think it's the most important for people to be comfortable with themselves, and sadly so many people aren't. If I got you to feel good about it, I'm very happy.


  14. He's really one of the most versatile actors as he can really become sincerely absorbed into any character it seems where you really believe he's the actual person being portrayed…a lot like Odagiri Joe who's just so *amazing* too! He was in "Uchoten Hotel" and I didn't even recognize him…XDIt's really *wonderful* being able to be so open and honest about everything and not having to guess what the other person is thinking…he's so open with me and I really love that. Apparently there's something called…."the friend zone" and he thought we were in this place which exists in a guy's mind where two people have known each other "too long" and can no longer date??? I'm a bit confused by it all but I assured him that I never imagined that such a "zone" existed between us~. Sorry…just something really random to share that he said to me recently when I sort of wondered out loud….why he didn't ask to go out with me in the past. ^ ^


  15. Sofia says:

    That's so true! He plays the strangest characters yet he's always able to portray them like it's totally natural to him…Yeah, a lot like Odagiri Joe. Oh that really says something about his acting skills that he was able to transform so totally. Really amazing!
    I love that he's so open with you(!), it makes it so much easier when people are, ne? Oh, that's strange I have never really figured that such a "zone" existed either..so true, it must only exist in guys minds. If you like someone, you should just go for it no matter if you've been friends for weeks, years or months…that doesn't matter. Hm…guys think a little funny sometimes, but I'm glad that he got over that conviction anyway. Oh you don't have to say sorry, absolutly not, I'm glad that you shared this with me. And good for you that you asked, I'm always to much of a chicken to ask people what I really want to know…and so I end up never finding out >_<


  16. I'm thinking that you probably already watched the extras on the Azumi movie where they interview Odagiri Joe out of his Bijomaru character and he's like such a different person….lol I know the whole terrifying samurai was his character to portray but his normal speech and just everything about his mannerisms were so suprising to see! If I had watched the interview clips separately from Azumi I would totally not have recognized him! XD But then again I'm quite easy to deceive….(^q^). It was the first time that I was hearing of such thinking coming from a guy and now I really wonder how many guy friends that I have, have felt like we're in this friend zone??? I so wish I could be that way so much more but I'm really really cowardly when it comes to guys and I mean when I really have liked them in the past I just never get myself to say something that would tell them that I'm interested in them. :/ I kept asking him recently until he finally said that he *kissed* me that day because he just always wanted to since we were little and in that moment he just kept everything else out of his mind so he wouldn't…..and I quote.."chicken out." ^ ^ Sorry that's sort of our way of speakng pidgin English here…I know it's a bit odd~. 😛


  17. Sofia says:

    He he yeah I was amazed too! It's so starnge (and totally impressive) how some really great actors are able to become a comepletely different character than their own personality. I wouldn't have understood that it was him either ^o^..I suppose I'm quite easy to deceive too.
    Right! Hearing that guys might think like that is a little "worrying" (or something). Sure I haven't had a lot of guy friends, but there has been some and it would be strange if they thought like that. I'm such a covard when it comes to guys that I'm interested in. I could never work up the nerve to tell them how I felt…he he, I guess that might be part of the reason why I've never had a boyfriend.Awww….that's so cute. He was all nervous, that's totally sweet ^-^, I'm glad fo you that he finally dared to do it. He he don't worry about it, pidgin English is sweet.


  18. I've only had 3 bfs and one of those was for a really short time but when I was younger I guess I just always envisioned that the guys would always ask out the girls and that if it were the other way around it may seem odd on our part. But I have some guy friends who are really candid and open with their thoughts on us so I'm hearing more and more of them say that they would love if girls were the aggressors more often and actually approached them~. But I'm always telling them that it's sooooo nerve wracking to be able to garner that much courage to ask guys out. And so true that when you're particularly interested in someone it becomes that much more difficult to say anything that seems so risky!! I'm such a chicken!!!…and at times I just thought guys were not very interested in me. I'm so not the person to be saying such things as I'm just frozen around guys that I've been attracted to but one of my guy friends said that life is too short to worry about being too nervous to ask and at times it may keep us from finding so much more *happiness*. =)


  19. Craig says:

    3 things:
    1. I saw shocking photos of a woman putting on makeup – essentially masking her face completely! Therefore it's possible when you go natural, and people say negative things to you, that those people are actually sneakily hating on you, maybe (especially if they put tonnes of it on).
    2. If I really like a girl I *switch* game modes. Most of the time I will say anything to any girl sometimes coming off as rude BUT if I really do like the girl I might not even speak to them. Why? Because I'm thinking about what's best for them 🙂
    3. Yes I do sometimes get bored of gravure. And it's not because of lack of sex or violence. It's about interactivity.


  20. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    If I'm out somewhere & I see a girl that I'm interested in, of course I get nervous like pretty much everyone does but I you only live once & life is way too short.So I hype myself up & say to myself…-could be the chance of a lifetime!ichigo ichie Have you seen Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls)?There was a scene where the young Momoko says something that hit me hella hard, I'm not sure if it was a really accurate translation from nihongo but nevertheless it hit me hard.She said "Humans are cowards in the face of happiness!"How true! LOL =)This guy could be everything you're looking for but you chickened out!Oh well, sounds like you've got that problem solved now anyways so no biggie.


  21. Sofia says:

    Yeah I've heard that from guys too, that it's a good thing when girls are a little more forvard (all in moderation though of course >_<)..but just as you I always thought that it would be considered stranger or that I would see to pushy or something..I'm a chicken too!! It's such a terryfying thing…I'm no good with shrugging and thinking "what's the worst that could happen" (I always think that "the worst" would be something awful). You're friend may be on to something there, or actually I'm sure he is. If I could just relax and take things for what they are, things would be easier sometimes ^_^


  22. Craig says:

    But why would you want a guy who doesn't want you enough to muster up the courage to ask?


  23. Sofia says:

    That's a perfectly good question actually, I guess I haven't thought about it like that…I probably wouldn't want a guy like that I suppose. I'm a romantic, so I want someone to fight for me, at least a little… >_<


  24. Craig says:

    Woo I just had a peak at your blog and you look good. No doubt a *love fighter* will come your way… might even be a cute Japanese guy ne~ hehe


  25. A~h! you're so sweet♥! I sometimes wonder when girls started wearing make-up…lol silly I know! XD But I have friends who absolutely won't leave the house unless they're made up and ready……ah it could mean that I'm sometimes a bit too lazy to put make-up on though…( 」´0`)」! It's really my eyes that benefit from make-up the most I think….but I still do like not wearing any if I don't have to but if I'm going out with friends on a special occasion surely I must try to look my best..well as good as I really can but what you said just made me so happy~. Although don't want anyone hating me (;´□`)! But I think you really are a sweet person…and surely you'd want the girl you like to know more about you~. ^ ^Like most girls (or is it just me??? (・_・) ) I think we're always curious to see other girls in fashion and even sometimes *nude*…..to compare and think things like omg! I wish my body were more like hers. XD I'll never forget this one time and a previous job a guy friend there was on his lunch break and he had just purchased the new Playboy issue so I sat next to him and he quickly tried putting it away but I asked if I could look at it with him….I think he was really shocked but at the same time he liked that I wasn't offended or bothered by such publications. =) I guess I've always been sort of this way about other girls~. I just like *cute*! always~. ^ ^


  26. Craig says:

    I'm just waiting for my chance MB, if I leap too soon they'll run away LOL
    You have a nice way of surprising people ♥~


  27. Sofia says:

    Thanks a lot! I hope so he he ^-^


  28. Un~! "seize the day"…..I so wish I could be more this way but I'm really a chicken when it comes to guys that I've been attracted to in the past (._.;). A~h I love Shimotsuma Monogatari!! This movie was filmed so amazingly!!!…from all of surreal scenes and her sad yakuza father selling fake designer merchandise…motor scooter gang…and her favorite shopping place♥! I've always wanted to write something about this movie but just haven't gotten to it just yet and it even played at our International Film Festival here a few years ago~. Fukakyon and Anna Tsuchiya were so amazing in this film and the whole story of their friendship so perfectly odd….oh~ and I absolutely loved the renaissance like clothing that Fukakyon's character loved to wear! I could never wear anything like that but it was so *cute* on her! And the final gang fight scene is just one of the best ever and just when you thought Fukakyon would be a weak person in that situation all it took was getting her clothes dirty…XD!! I so so love this movie!!!..sorry I'm babbling already (*´艸`).That line is very deep and so true ne~. Once we began speaking when we saw each other a few days later it really became so comfortable between us although he still needed to ask me out first but I'm just so *happy* now (*´∀`*)!


  29. Aww me thinks Craig should be much more confident ^ ^. A~h *thank you* and I do hope so! =)


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