SMAP♥ “Sotto kyutto”

I'm always really excited whenever SMAP releases a new single/album as they lately tend to release maybe just one single or album per year and the wait was definitely worth it as SMAP has released another great pair of very catchy♥ songs♪♪~!!

And it was such a sweet surprise to find included for the first pressing with their single a post card sized double sided photo card…and especially because as anyone familiar with SMAP knows just how seldom they actually appear on their single or album covers as they often opt instead for art imagery or sometimes……..a why is this on their cover??? (・c_・;)?type of thingie~. ( ┰_┰)~! (think "SMAP012 Viva Amigos" (・д・`*)!….or hot dogs on their "Su" tour DVD~…well actually the package of hot dogs look was sort of *cute*. ( ̄▽ ̄)

SMAP's "Sotto Kyutto" CD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

SMAP's "Sotto Kyutto" CD single can be ordered here at YesAsia.

SMAP's "Sotto Kyutto" CD single can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

The title track "Sotto kyutto" serves as the theme song for Fuji TV's "Ninkyou Helper" which also stars SMAP's own Kusanagi Tsuyoshi~ and I love how these two songs have such opposite spectrum feels to them with the title track being a moody mid tempo r&b track while its coupling with song "Super Star★" is more of a thumping dance track~. The voice manipulations and the short raps are also a nice invigorating touch added to "Super Star★" I think.

But you really have to love "Sotto Kyutto" so much and especially when its chorus chimes in with those very sweet layers of vocals which overlap just slightly showcasing each of the member's very unique voices~. Kimutaku♥! ^ ^


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4 Responses to SMAP♥ “Sotto kyutto”

  1. mousoufest says:

    The name is very cute! It has a "warm" feeling, don't you think?^^
    Oh, did you see the drama? I think this season's dramas aren't that interesting, but this one is a little bit better~ I really can't guess what will happen to Hikoichi at the end…!>_< I can't wait to find out 😀
    Kimutaku is really good looking, but I like Nakai-san better! He is so funny, and I don't think his acting is any less amazing that Kimura's 🙂


  2. I do *love* the feeling of "Sotto kyutto" so much too and 'warm' is a perfect way to describe this song♪♪~ o(*´∀`)o゛. A~h I haven't watched this drama yet….oh it's still airing? I like purchasing the DVDs series after they're done so I can watch them all in a row……lol I know it's sort of like cheating without the week to week wait which builds so much anticipation~. I was reading the synopsis and the lead character's predicament he's put into is really something so diffcult….thank you for the recommendation. ^ ^A~h! I'm just a bit biased with Kimutaku♥ but Nakai-kun really has a most engaging personality in Smap! You can really see why he's the host of their Bistro show to speak with all of their guests and keep things fun for them and the audience~…..and Nakai-kun on Utaban! \(^o^)/☆ One of the best shows ever along with the most funny Taka-san too~…(^q^)!


  3. mousoufest says:

    I see~ haha it is cheating! and the anticipation is all part of the drama watching experience!! XD plus…The DVDs are all so expensive T_T <– main reason lol~

    Ninkyo Helper really is a good drama! Kusanagi is usually a 'gentle' person, but he acts the role of a yakuza so well! haha~ the other actors also does very good. Do you like Kuroki Meisa? she is very cool in this drama~ I hope Yabu have more parts but he's just kinda there, lol

    Yes Nakai and Taka-san is the perfect combo! XD They are ALWAYS sooooo funny!!

    oh, I want to ask you something! I was wondering do you like Kinki Kids? because you seem to like many artists, but I have no seen any of your posts about them;-;


  4. I so often shamelessly do this though..(*´艸`) but it's so true that I'm missing the anticipation experience which I'm really accustomed to as well as whenever there's a interesting drama being aired here in Hawaii I need to wait a week between episodes which sometimes can be heart wrenching for sure~. =) I'm so used to also seeing him in gentle roles so his character in this drama is quite a change! Hmm….I haven't watched a drama with Kuroki Meisa in it before…wow she's really *pretty* and she's a model too! A lot like "Downtown" to ne~ as they crack me up so much too!…(^q^)! The chemistry between Nakai-kun and Taka-san is just so *perfect* and I love whenever Arashi is their guest…especially when Taka-san begins whispering silly things about Nakai-kun in Riida's ear for him to say~. XD I have the earlier releases of Kinki Kids from their "A" to "E" album but that was so long ago ne~ (;´□`)……but I still like a lot of their music which their releasing now but if I posted about them it would probably be about their earlier releases as many of those I've also seen in dramas which I love too~. ^ ^


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