Sayonara Kindai♥~

I just heard that Kindai magazine which seems to have been with us forever will shortly print their very last issue..(;´□`). Not only has this publication been so unique in covering both artists/idols/actors/actresses to cater to both the female and male fan but it's still one of the most affordable with each issue selling for 570-580¥each~. While I haven't heard of the reasoning behind this monthly publication's closing it's so going to be sadly missed!!

The final issue of Kindai will be their November issue~ (;_;)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to Sayonara Kindai♥~

  1. xmangerm says:

    This is a trend that many periodicals are facing. Web based is cheaper and much more efficient.


  2. matsuzy says:

    uwahh.. that really is sad.. i dont really buy their magazines but november? why not december instead? december is like the end if the year,, it seems that theyre ending the publication even before the year ends,, *sad* i really like some of their articles..


  3. It really is true but at the same time just so sad to see any long running publication need to end..(;´□`). Newspapers here are struggling too with subscriptions down and these are just things in life that I you'd just never imagine would go away. But as you say the internet makes everything so much more easily available so it's definitely the way everything's heading now~.


  4. Now that you mention it it does seem a bit odd that they'll end their publication just a month short of the end of the year which would seem much more fitting with maybe more a sense of closure. Kindai has always covered so much of both male and female celebrities in Japan and I'm going to miss this magazine so much~. (;´□`)


  5. James says:

    *James fights back tears*….. well not really, but it's darn sad to hear~! The articles in it and everything where always a good read (… when you can found them translated, of course 😛 …) Looks like Kindai's off the subscription list .__.


  6. I was so shocked to too…and yes it's really sad to see such a long running publication leave us (;´□`)! Kindai is just so unique with their format as you can read so much about both male and female celebrities in Japan in one place~ and Kindai was one of the much more affordable magazines too~.


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