~Ito Yuna on DokoGa TV…still a local♥girl at heart~

Just last night I was watching the local news when suddenly a preview popped up for a local show which spotlights Japanese entertainment and culture~….and for anyone else living here in Hawaii you’re probably already very familiar with this program but for me it was like a sudden revelation!!! Wow a local program which is much like Japan’s long running “Soko ga shiritai” in format but all done local♥style~! =) Why didn’t I know about this before?!…(^q^)!

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Ito Yuna’s segment below was shot in Shinjuku and what’s really *wonderful* about this particular interview is how she’s able to really be her down to earth local self and it’s a side that really isn’t seen too much on Japanese broadcasts and here you’ll even get a glimpse of what local girls in Hawaii sound like….umm okay I’m not suggesting that we all speak alike but there’s a particular auru here that you’ll notice in how Yuna freely speaks throughout the interview o(*´∀`)o゛.

A~hh and just after a few words I’m like…she’s so *wonderfully* local. =)

Ito Yuna was raised in Hawaii and graduated from McKinley High School here on Oahu and while most likely much of her Hawaii “pidgeon” way of speaking has diminished during her time spent in Japan, she does make note of it in this clip. =) This looks to have been filmed a little over three months ago as the segment is promoting her 3rd and latest album titled “Dream” which was released on May 27th~.

Much of the interview is so candid♥ and a few *cute* tidbits you’ll learn about Ito Yuna while watching are a couple of her favorite eating spots here on Oahu….and the second place that she tries to mention, I actually have a few friends who absolulely love eating there!!! It’s all about their garlic chicken!!!….it’s such an island favorite♥~ (*´∀`*)…..what her dream concert would be that could bring her back to the islands for a concert! \(^o^)/☆…..as well as the precise *moment* in her life..I think she said at ’13?’ when she first realized she wanted to be a singer along with the mega pop star who inspired her with a specific song♪♪~! I wonder if you can guess who it is?!! No peeking!…I mean watching first! XD Edit: added DokoGa TV clip back from their channel on YouTube as I couldn’t find my personal DVD recording.


Dokoga TV airs on Mondays at 7 pm with new episodes on channel OC16 and the same episode is rebroadcast 6 more times during the week on Tuesday at 1 am, Wednesday at 12:30 pm, Thursday at 2 pm, Friday at 6:30 pm and on Saturday with two showings….at 12:30 am & 4 pm~.

While I’m so behind on posting up releases that I’ve been listening♪♪~ to/watching I thought this would be a perfect time to include Ito Yuna’s latest album “Dream” as she’s also promoting this album in the Dokoga TV clip above~. The first pressing comes housed in a *kira kira* (*glittery*) outer clipcase and also includes an extra DVD which is about 23 minutes and contains the pvs for “miss you”, Koi wa groovyx2″, “trust you”, “imademo aitaiyo…” as well as a little “making of” feature~. I was hoping that the flash would show the glitter on the slipcase but alas all I could muster up was a slight glare on the discs…gomen! XD

I won’t go into too much detail about the tracks as I previously covered her singles from this album in earlier posts…(which can be searched for under tags: ito yuna ^ ^) so I thought I’d just list a few song♪♪~ recommendations here. While her previous album “WISH” really showed Yuna’s vocals maturing and growing so much with both power and light nuances, here her third effort “Dream” really sees her entire ability being put on impressive display with a really even balance of songs ranging from delicate to r&b to sweet & poppy~….the entire album of tracks really *shine*!! Like all talented vocalists, the very sound of just a few notes of Yuna’s voice are uniquely and immediately recognizable as she further strengthens her rightful place atop with Japan’s accomplished voices~.

~Recommended listening~ 

“love you”
“trust you”
“Brand New World”
“miss you”
“imademo aitaiyo…”
“no one else”

11 Body
Ito Yuna

When the final track finished playing the very first time I was listening I was noticing such a long silence as I was expecting the album to repeat back to track one but eventually I realized there’s a hidden track here as “Koiwa groovyx2” gets an English version here~! =)

Hmm……e~hhhh??? my mom just subscribed to my YouTube videos?!! O_o!…..oh no it’s someone named “YoMomma2006″…just kidding!…(^q^) but “YoMomma” really did subscribe. =) It’s late….for my bedtime~….I must be tired. :P おやすみ~

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12 Responses to ~Ito Yuna on DokoGa TV…still a local♥girl at heart~

  1. Tazi_chan says:

    aha, Yuna-san… i like her since she was as a guest of Shukudaikun… beautiful young-lady and so sekushi ne ^–^… and, whoever she is now *famous artist, specially in Japan*, but she's still 'local girl' …… low profile ne… salute for her…


  2. Choshi says:

    i am surprised with this video… yuna-chan's really a nice lady… i love her and her talent…


  3. She's really so *amazing*….beautiful!, vocally off the charts! and how she's matured and handled everything that comes with such success has been so perfect~. It makes me *smile* just to know that she's from Hawaii and was raised here with our aloha spirit and local family values♥….just makes her seem closer in a sense even if I haven't been lucky enough to meet her just yet~. =) And so true that you can't take the local girl out of our upbringing here and I just love how that really shined through in this Dokoga TV clip~! I'm *happy* that you enjoyed it! ^ ^


  4. It really shows a side to Yuna which isn't always evident on Japanese television programs….and just being interviewed in a much more local style~ allowed her to show so much more of her roots of being raised here in Hawaii♥. I'm *happy* that you enjoyed the clip! ^ ^


  5. Pali and Sachi are such great hosts. 😀 It's nice to see her speak English and be so casual. ^^


  6. Choshi says:

    i do think she's more comfortable talking in english. she's quite stiff – even if she's a really fun guest – in other japanese shows… but the really talkative and darling part of her appears when she's talking english (like also her HK interviews)i really enjoyed the clip! 🙂


  7. I just found out that some of my friends already watch this show regularly from its broadcasts earlier this year and a co-worker told me that Pali has a ramen restaurant here too?! He couldn't remember the name but it's in the Kapahulu area I think~. I love how they conduct their interviews and they also met Iijima Mari at the convention center during Kawaiicon? It was really such a different environment from the Japanese tv shows that I've seen her on and so true it was wonderful to see/hear Yuna being so casual and open~. =)A~h I actually have never been to either before but I've heard of these eateries…..some friends also love the garlic chicken that Yuna mentioned but for me I try to stay far away from anything fried!!! XD


  8. So true~…and it's like just being more in her natural element makes her more open and candid♥! I loved it when she showed some of her local side during this clip and you really do get more of a sense of her real personality in this light~. Thank you so much for watching and commenting! (*´∀`*)


  9. Actually, it's the hosts of the other J-interest show on OC16, Ultimate Japan (http://ultimatejapan.tv/index.html), that own the ramen shop, Tenkaippin, down Kapahulu. From what I understand, it's part of a franchise in Japan. The broth is super thick – almost like gravy! *__*;;


  10. Oh~ that's the place!! I probably wasn't describing the show very well and he thought I was speaking of this different show. 😛 Ohhhh that sounds um interesting! XD I'm not sure if I'd like the broth to be that thick! (・_・); It can sometimes be a bit of a challenge…..my friends think I'm way too picky! (。ーωー。) But I usually can find something enjoyable~. ^ ^


  11. philipleslie says:

    Thank you for posting this. A new discovery for me, so I’m looking forward to listening to her music.


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