「Featured post」”so close”….highly recommended viewing if you love your girl♥power extra spicy~!

Do you crave more girl♥power in your life?

Or do you *secretly*….or maybe not so *secretly* ♥ watching very attractive actresses kick some serious butt on screen?!!

Have you grown tired of watching girls bake madeleines in the kitchen all day while the men get to drive the car?

Hmm…if you answered yes to any of the questions above then “so close” may be just for you~. ( ̄▽ ̄)

“so close” was actually released awhile ago….at least 6 years ago for the domestic release but it’s one of many action/martial arts films that I find myself watching over and over whenever I get the chance. Hmmm…is there a more *gorgeous* actress than Shu Qi in China?!! Okay maybe….

Zhang Ziyi!…(^q^)

LOL! sorry I’m getting a bit sidetracked here but…hmmm that leads me to wonder (・c_・;)?Whom would you rather spend a day with?….Please click~* here for Vizu poll.

~The Carpenters “The Rainbow Connection” mp3~

This most beautiful song♪♪~ by the Carpenters plays a significant role in the film too..
and you may find it sweet♥ to listen to while you listen to me ramble on here…o(*´∀`)o゛

So without giving away any spoilers and just to give an idea….

…Shu Qi (of “Transporter” fame..but she’s sooo not being put into a car trunk by anyone here!) & Zhao Wei (you may have watched her in “Shaolin Soccer”) lead the cast as sisters who survive as their parents are tragically murdered but what is left behind is their father’s nearly completed invention of a satellite driven computer software program that allows for visible access to the insides of just about anywhere~. Years later both are now assasins for hire of the most dangerous kind…older sister Lynn (Shu Qi) being the more capable of the two while her younger sister “Sue” is also most talented and definitely the more feisty of the two~.

Add in high stress contracts….

…a detective who wants to put them away at any cost!!

The film also includes a *love* interest which facilitates an important aspect which ultimately leads to a very very significant part of the story’s outcome all the whille not undermining or slowing any of the film’s action oriented dna in any way~. =)

The action sequences are often quite *breathtaking* and in many instances so creative and this film also brings many dramatic and tear jerking storylines to the mix as well making for a quite well rounded girl♥power & emotion filled afternoon or night…depending on when you may watch…(^q^) …..and if by chance seeing two *gorgeous* actresses kick a lot of butt on screen isn’t enough……then there’s also…….

…….a bit of bathroom *mischief* with sis’ camcorder! (。ーωー。) ♪♪~……………

…and if only it were possible to wake up in the morning looking this *beautiful*!!! (*´∀`*)…..

……lots of agression!!!  ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。!…..

…samurai swords!..guns!…and I musn’t forget to mention this scary guy!!! (・д・`*)!!..which..

..leads to a cinematic *climax*! ^ ^

~Girl♥Power never looked so *good*! \(^o^)/☆

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to 「Featured post」”so close”….highly recommended viewing if you love your girl♥power extra spicy~!

  1. CK says:

    Without a doubt, Zhang Zhiyi is so hawt I can't stand it! 🙂


  2. Awwww no *love* for Shu♥Qi? (人∀`*)! Hmm….I did absolutely love "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"…."The Warrior"…"House of Flying Daggers"…."Memoirs of a Geisha"…"Legend of the Black Scorpion"…..a~h I know I'm forgetting more films with Zhang Ziyi! ^ ^ This movie is really entertaining though…I hope you can watch it someday~. =)


  3. "so close" is really *exciting* to watch…..it's a nice mixture of amazing action with enough storyline and even *emotional* feelings all put into one~. I hope you can watch it too one day. ^ ^


  4. Hi MB!Wow you've just reviewed one of my all time action movies!Shu Qui & Zhao Wei Absolutely gorgeous in this film!!By the way Shu Qui over Zhang Ziyi anyday! its the eyes baby, the eyes!..lole


  5. Hi E!Ahhhhh it's so great to know someone who's watched this film too! \(^o^)/☆ So true as it was filmed so amazing and *beautifully*!!….Shu Qi & Zhao Wei were so gorgeous too for sure! Hmmm…..now that you mention it she does have rather *seductive* eyes ………(゜∀゜)………。Thank you so much for breaking the tie if you did vote~. ^ ^


  6. Mozenator says:

    I can't believe you, MB. Another thing we have in common. I LOVE So Close! It was one of the first few Asian DVD releases I bought when I made the leap from Hollywood to The East. I show it to almost everyone who comes by apt for fun, well the first action scene with the Carpenter's song anyway. I became a die-hard Shu Qi fan.
    It's not action but two films that a most highly highly recommend whether your a fan or not are Millenium Mambo and Three Times. Both directed by fellow Taiwanese master filmaker Hou Hsiou-Hsien.
    The first segement of Three Times (there are three different films all connected by the same actors, Shu Qi and Chang Chen, all set in different times, hence the title) takes place in the 60's and may be the most romantic film I have ever seen. It is perfect. The last shot kills me everytime. Shu Qi won best actress at The Golden Horse Awarrds in 2005 for it.And Millenium Mambo's opening sequence is a thing of great beauty and resonance as well. The whole film is wonderful.
    I wish you lived closer, MB. Or maybe I wish I lived in Hawaii. Yeah, that's more like it. Lol. You get my drift.


  7. Ohayo Ichiban Kawaii MB=)
    Yes I totally agree…the director of "So Close" definitely put the "Smooth, Slick, and Sexy" back into the Hong Kong Action Movie!! Love the story line too..It was totally heartbreaking when "Sue" (Zhao Wei) was about to bury her camcorder with "Lynn" (Shu Qi) at the gravesite..total sadness and regret for "Sue" after finding the video apology from her sister…C'mon, what other action movie has "Close to You" by the Carpenters playing in the background while the SEXY Shu Qi is running bustin caps? Besides, what else is sexier than the combination of beautiful women & guns?….lol
    Off subject…I finally picked up "AYA_CHAN'S" Happy Magic ~ Smile Album=)
    I totally love the way she sings on her Ballads…her vocal skills improves with every new release…she's come a long way in my opinion=)…just to prove my point, find a ballad from one of her first 2 albums ,then play track on Happy Magic 09.Bokura no Mirai e. I'd like to hear your thoughts MB=)

    Ok TTYS MB!


  8. I was wandering the aisles in Walmart one day and there it was in their oriental movies section! (*´∀`*) I so much rather see Shu Qi in this role rather than being stuffed into a trunk…("The Transporter")..although her role in that movie was really *cute*! So funny!! we both do the exact same thing…I also try to share this movie as much as possible and so far everyone's reaction has been positive so that's really great! \(^o^)/☆Thank you so much for the recommendations…okay I've written them both down and I'll search Amazon for them as I think they should have them as they seem to have just about everything I've searched for. =) I simply *melt* for great dramas and (;´□`)!…both wonderful emotions when watching really touching films~. A~h! she won an award too?!! Sugoi! I must watch must watch! Hawaii is really *beautiful*…I think you'd like it here! o(*´∀`)o゛


  9. I love how the movie really balanced a storyline of heartfelt emotions along with such dramatic action sequences…..somehow I think it's quite difficult to accomplish sometimes in a true sense. =) The camcorder footage was so moving to and how it was incorporated into the story especially after that most sad scene….I so agree. I always love when the Carpenters come on during the movie…that *beautiful* voice coupling with what's taking place on screen creates such a surreal feeling~. Awwww…girls & guns…XDI'm so *happy* that you have Ueto Aya's new album!! \(^o^)/☆ Ugh! I'm sooo way behind on posting up music releases and I was meaning to post her new album awhile ago…I've been so delinquent here recently! (;´□`) I feel the same way….Ayachan's vocals have grown so much and her new album really accentuates her ability and there are so many songs on this album that I love so much!! ^ ^


  10. Anonymous says:

    This is my favorites movie…i always watching this..because i like the character of the sister…hopefully they have another movie with both of her..


    • Love this movie too! Shu Qi and Zhao Wei were so great together and I felt they shared a good on screen chemistry playing sisters. Zhao Wei is really outstanding in Red Cliff I & II…..definitely watch this movie if you haven’t yet. Another favorite movie starring Shu Qi would have to be the comedy “If you are the one”…this movie is so well written and funny! Both so talented and beautiful actresses, would be great to see them act together again.


  11. mikeymikez says:

    Shu Qi one of my favorites as you know” ^^ I love all the actress in So Close!! Can’t beat it for beauty and careers bigger in the future !! Zhao Wei. Was even in the live action Chinese version of Mulan!! Nice post!! ❤


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