Sayumin @ 20…..

Sayumin's 6th shashinshuu presents the scenic beauty of Okinawa coupling with arguably Momusu's most *cuddly* members~.

There's just something so sweetly frail about Sayumin's personality on the outside while that lively spark of *youth* and nyan nyan♥ awaits just below the surface ready to spring at any given moment…..only a slight trigger is needed. Still deeper an always surprising side to Sayumin's very nature is instilled in a fiery competitiveness…much of which can be witnessed and relived through old episodes of H!M and variety shows alike. Surely the hosts of Music Fighter know of this fiery side very well too~. But overall it is her soft demeanor and girlie girl aura all set in an issue of Vanity Fair which defines her personality best in Momusu's group dynamic~.

Michishige Sayumi's shashinshuu including "20sai 7 Gatsu 13 Nichi" can be ordered here at Amazon Japan.

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Michishige Sayumi releases including "20sai 7 Gatsu 13 Nichi" can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

Photographer Arai Tetsuya captures Sayumin with a light statement of adulthood all the while under his lense's soft veil "20sai 7 Gatsu 13 Nichi" appears as a tapestry through which a seamless movement from otona to seishun overlap from page to page~. The entire pb is shot under soft lighting giving the viewer a clear sense of warmth all the Sayu's smile radiates with an almost childlike sparkle… aspect which is even more defining when coupled with her dialog. The child inside the woman is a most endearing spark to Sayumin's characteristics….a post which she's held in both Momusu as well as H!P ever since her confidence emerged….and much like Kamei's development much of which captured fans hearts through her Elizabeth Kyamei character, Sayu's is also a well established personality dynamic, always present and always growing~.

Much like Sayumin's personality her wardrobe in this pb reflects everything from cutesy to elegant to frilly to stylishly sweet♥. Her kimono photos are gorgeous……her mizugi photos ~sexy~….but perhaps more than anything it's the very softness of her eyes and demeanor which will capture you the most as with Sayumin @20…..the little girl inside is never too far away endearing her past to the woman she's blossomed into~.

Still there's never a wrong time for…..

The making of DVD which is included with the shashinsuu has a running time of 15:47 and provides an inside look at much of Sayumin's different wardrobe photo shoots for the pb as well as on location comments and a few other adorable surprises~. ^ ^ きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*) I absentmindedly tried putting the entire video onto YouTube but it the file was too long! XD…..a few screencaps will have to do~. ^ ^



I scanned 42 of my favorites♥ from her shashinshuu below……

Cutest♥ scowl! (ノロ≦。)!

Like Kamei, Sayumin has *curves*! =)

The scenery!…breathtaking here!!

Sayumin's free spirit…always at play♥ ( ̄▽ ̄)


*Gorgeous*! (*´∀`*)

I love this photo!!..the lighting effect creates a nostalgic appearance~.

"coin laundry?…hajimete desu~." =)



Such a breathtaking photo!!…the background is just amazing!!k…
…of course Sayumin's *kawaii* too!

Such a *pretty* photo too!



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to Sayumin @ 20…..

  1. James says:

    Now I'm kicking myself for not ordering this when I made my big order the other day XD It looks like an absolutely beautiful PB~! She's cute and sexy all in the same shot ^-^ The one with her and neko-chan melted my heart XD She's so cute! And a kimono is always beautiful *James is happy* XD It also has a nice mix of outfits ^ ^ And the photographer is brilliant. Ja ne~


  2. Guldari says:

    +_+I also saw her DVD.Now she is 20 years old! Wow!!I remember her audition.and.. She is still 'Kawai' >_<


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    WoW what a beauty. She is just so gorgeous and so photogenic i would love to get this photobook. Im also so glad she is getting more singing parts also she works so hard to better her singer i think it something she diserves ne.


  4. A~h maybe you'll find it in Sydney when you visit soon~. ^ ^ While all of her shashinshuu are really *cute* this latest one really captures her personality so well….a great mixture of her youthful charm as well as her growing maturity~. It's amazing how photographs can say so much in a frozen moment! =) Sayumin was so adorable when the cat ran to her!! It's so funny as her trademark ♥nyan nyan♥ came to life all in an instant~. (*´∀`*)The kimono photo shoot really gave a really glamorous look to the pb and the obi bow in the back just so *adorable*!! I hope you can find it!


  5. I loved♥ the kick boxing chapter and so fitting that they had *pink* boxing gloves for her! (*´∀`*)Sayumin's "Futarigoto" one on one with the camera is still most legendary!!!! in cuteness!!!! She sings MelonKinenbi's "Akai Freesia" karaoke style (her audition song♥) in that little room by herself~. It's one of those moments where you find yourself falling out of your chair as it's *adorable* overload to your senses!!…(^q^)


  6. Sayu's really grown into a beautiful young woman ne~. ^ ^ And her photos are much more comfortable and natural as her shashinshuu have progressed…she looks so much more comfortable here I think. =) I totally agree! While she may not be one of Momusu's better vocalist Sayu has improved so much and she really has found her niche in this way too in the group~. From her solo parts in "Mikan" I thought she sung perfectly as she continues to develop her singing♪♪~. (*´∀`*)


  7. LazyMan1 says:

    Yea she is really amazing makes you think you can make your own dream come true with just a little hard work like she has done. By the way this is my favorite Sayu moment.Sayu Solo


  8. Sofia says:

    I don't actually know a lot about her, but she's real pretty in pictures…And you're right, you can really see the childish part of her bubble just under the surface (^ – ^)


  9. This is definitely one of Tsunku's most *cherished* and beautiful songs♪♪~ ever!! Sayu does really well here reaching the notes as it's really quite a challenging song to sing….I really realized that when Tsunku visited Kohachan's home to tutor her on "Furusato" and how it should be sung. That was sweet♥ too that she went to her home to help~! o(*´∀`)o゛ I love all the versions performed by various members on H!P's "Best Shot" DVD series too. Sayu also does a beautiful and *cute* version of "Senkou hanabi"!! Thank you so much for sharing your favorite Sayu clip! ^ ^


  10. She joined Momusu when she was so young and still very much in an awkward stage as I can so relate to (。ーωー。)….and just being able to see her grow so much in personality and confidence since then has been so *endearing*. Still that childlike aura remains which is really sweet♥! ^ ^


  11. Sofia says:

    It's always a really nice thing to see that kind of growth in a person I think. But also it's important to (just as she has) keep the inner child ❤


  12. So perfectly said~!…life is so much more fun when you're young at ~♥~. ^ ^


  13. James says:

    I agree~! That's why I love photography and photos, it's able to instantly capture instances of time like a time capsule that you can always see ^-^…… I suppose that's why I love PB's XD Her expression holding the cat is pure bliss ^ ^I've always loved kimonos =] They're so beautiful and traditional, I can't go past them ._. I don't think I will be able to find it on my trip. They don't stock PB's at their actual store (… at least not at the Sydney store …)


  14. It was so *cute* and seemed to be a rather candid moment as I'm not sure if the crew planned that or not~….but you just knew that Sayu would instantly pick up the cat♥! ^ ^Whether they're fully traditional or summer yukata they're always so *beautiful* ne~….some can be quite warm though! But the simplicity of the yukata makes them much less warm and I just love the layers of fabric and how intricate the obi are! (*´∀`*)♥ Sorry….I always seem to be saying foolish things ne…(*´艸`)! I hope you can purchase Sayu's pb later though. ^ ^


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