Finding *inspiration* through the sadness as Umeda Erika announces her graduation from C-ute~.

….I'm still a bit *fuzzy* as I awoke quite late this morning…um it's already 10:51 AM and I'm still wearing pajamas (。ーωー。). Strawberrie's message on my BlackBerry quickly got me out of bed though and what shocking news to awake to! (・д・`*) I'm guessing that this may have been announced only recently as when I went to bed earlier this morning I didn't hear of any buzz of this announcement having been made but then again I can be sort of in my own little world here at times where much can be missed~. XD

I found myself searching through H!P binders looking for what is my very first C-ute photo set which I acquired sadly after Megumi had already left….although I know that I do have a Megumichan photo so perhaps this isn't my very first C-ute set after all? (・c_・;)?

And just seeing how far C-ute has come and so quickly seems to reflect in gazing at these photos now….wow they were so little ne~! ^ ^

Only just a few weeks ago Kannachan suddenly

announced her leaving Hello! Project and this is still I imagine quite a fresh wound for other fans as well.

So much is different here though as nothing being said officially has any undertones of shadyness or that more is going on than is being stated. Really nothing negative to reel from as unlike with so many other members' departures from H!P, Ume's is much like Fukuda Asuka and Konkon's where outside ambitions♥ have struck a chord with her and while leaving this idol world there is so much more in plans and in her ~heart~ to experience and explore~. And rather than having UFI decide when it's time to leave this is purely on Ume's own terms and of her own choice. =)

Ume's ambition of becoming a fashion model only seems most fitting too….her beauty…her height….and her maturity all factor in perfectly with this wonderful career choice and this is being done so right as the early announcement will allow fans to celebrate Ume during C-ute's Japan concert tour which leads directly up to her graduation date on October 25th…the final stop on their current concert tour~. Just as Nacchi saw

a sea of white greet her with fans showing their support and love during her final concerts with Momusu….the very same adoration will without doubt be rained upon Ume on this tour~.

It's sad whenever any member leaves a group…for the members…for the fans and with this C-ute's group dynamic will once again change going from what was once 8 – to – 7 – to – 6 and now – to – a lineup of just 5~. It's much too early perhaps to speculate but it'll be interesting to see if Tsunku makes a move regarding the addition of a new member(s). But unlike Momusu who's very identity has completely changed over the years in gradual but inevitable increments, both Berryz Koubou and C-ute have been the "stable" groups in terms of permanent members with no revolving door to see them off with new members being let in through auditions or appointment. But with their number at 5 now it is conceivable that Tsunku may make a planned move to add  a new member or members to C-ute…..and as Momusu began with 5 members it didn't take long at all for him to recreate and expand their image and numbers.

And while C-ute is clearly set upon Maimichan & Airiin being in the spotlight, still the dynamic of 5 members could quickly change all of this or perhaps change nothing at all. For much of their single releases in particular C-ute has been comprised of two lead vocalists coupled with 6 – 5 – and – 4 – backup vocalists/dancers through their decline in member numbers but the number 5 clearly gives UFI producers and Tsunku a means to break the trend if they so see fit to do so which would ultimately entail more equality within the group diminishing the aura of backup vocalists which they now bear so clearly~. Unlike the past much of girl groups in Japan today have gone with more is beneficial in group member numbers but when you see/hear earlier female idol groups like CoCo and Ribbon…..all members were such equals and in this sense more likely to translate into fan equality as well amongst them. Surely there'll always be fan favorites in any group dynamic but with more equality beginning with the group members themselves (with vocal lines and choreography for example)……this really lends itself naturally to a much more balanced fanbase in

terms of individual members as each will be as visible as the her next fellow member which can be a much more healthy environment emotionally for the girls I think~. ^ ^

Let's celebrate Ume in C-ute, and maybe just maybe we'll hear a coupling with song written just for her graduation on an upcoming single release~. And to Ume, I *wish* for all your dreams and endeavors to meet with wonderful success. And although seemingly unrelated all of those vocal, dance and acting lessons that went along with idol grooming have surely helped prepare you for this next endeavor in life along with the learned professionalism which surely accompanies any successful career lived in the spotlight much like your career in fashion modeling that you've chosen. I will miss you so much in H!P & C-ute but I'll *smile* always just knowing that you're happily pursuing your dreams~. ♥

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to Finding *inspiration* through the sadness as Umeda Erika announces her graduation from C-ute~.

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    Sad Sad news she will be missed. Even though she says she wants to be a model i hope she continues singing i like her voice. (T_T)V


  2. James says:

    It is sad to hear, but it feels a lot better than Kanna-chans departure
    (… Erika-chan is at least graduating properly …) She'd make a
    rather good model, so I'm pleased for her =D The group dynamics are
    totally different now, and I think I'd have mixed feelings having new
    members introduced, since they have been so stable :S, it'd be
    different. I also wonder how the girls are feeling about this? Also, I have to say that they were all so little back in the day XD All so very
    cute. Ja ne~


  3. While I'll really miss her in C-ute/H!P I'm so *happy* that Ume's doing this on her own terms……she must have had this ambition for awhile I imagine and this is probably the most opportune time to take flight with her dream! One of Ume's biggest fans Paul Thomas would always be wondering why she hadn't released a shashinshuu just yet and with her setting out to become a fashion model it shows exactly what he's seeing…..she's beautiful and her height is so perfect for this career choice! I wish her the best! ^ ^


  4. So true and she'll be getting a proper graduation concert at the end of C-ute's current tour. (*´∀`*) She's really pretty with perfect features for a model for sure! I'm wondering what Tsunku will now do as Berryz Koubou and C-ute have rather been permanent lineups versus the format of Momusu. I wish he would keep them at five members too~. I totally think they'll be fine with the remaining members although UFI may have other ideas with their ongoing auditions…..even in Korea now! \(^o^)/☆ They're truly becoming more and more international for sure as their name states in UFI. =) Whenever you watch H!P graduation concerts…going back to the very earliest ones you can also get a feel for which members are closest to the member leaving by their reactions…speech or lack of being able to speak as Aichan was backstage when Gomaki graduated……she was so devastated and often in interviews she had stated how Gomaki was her inspiration to join Momusu and be a part of H!P. It really showed then…..I cry everytime I watch that backstage on the DVD. (;´□`)


  5. Slasha says:

    I'm sad that Erika's graduating from H!P but I'm glad she's going to follow her dreams and become a model. She has the right stuff to become a successful model. I hope that she'll stay active (Wouldn't a blog be great, MB?) and her fans will still support her.
    I'm also happy that she's getting an official graduation ceremony and not just leaving. I'm gonna try and support her as much as I can this summer.


  6. I'll miss her so much too but just as you feel, I'm really happy for her being able to follow her *dreams* and especially on her own terms. =) It would be great if Ume would write a blog sharing her progress in fashion modeling! ^ ^ I just know that I'll end up crying so much when her fellow members deliver their final messages and good-byes at the end of their tour….it never fails. (;´□`) I wish that all members could have proper graduation ceremonies no matter the reasons for their leaving….I know it can't always be the case but it would give fans and the members themselves so much more closure I feel~.


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