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Zombies (゜Д゜;) & bikinis ♥

Konnichi waaaa~! I’m just about to watch zombies…. samurai swords….and a bikinied (that’s not a word is it (人∀`*) ) heroine to fight them! It’s “Onechanbara!!” I was a little apprehensive about watching this movie at first…..naaaah! In truth just … Continue reading

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The morning♥ after….

"Someone" fell asleep late late last night…or rather very very early this morning and forgot or rather was just too *sleepy* to remove her make-up properly (。ーωー。) and mom always tells me…"don't fall asleep with your make-up on!" So this … Continue reading

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SMAP♥ “Sotto kyutto”

SMAP "Sotto Kyutto" (first press photo card scan) SMAP "Sotto kyutto" single w/ first press photo card I'm always really excited whenever SMAP releases a new single/album as they lately tend to release maybe just one single or album per … Continue reading

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C-ute FC Tour in Hawaii…

C-ute FC in Hawaii poster C-ute beach volleyball? Although this is once a FC member only event that's being held here on Oahu (8/26~9/1)….it does mean that a C-ute "Alo-Hello!" series DVD and shashinshuu won't be too far behind!! Now … Continue reading

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Tadaima~ He just left…. And I received a few PMs on my BlackBerry saying to not write in Japanese entirely and I'm so sorry as I just felt in that moment that I could better express myself without feeling so … Continue reading

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今晩は みんあしゃん~! 今夜。。。デートがあります! 。。。本当本当に どきどき! Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!♥ でも。。。 こんな時は、いつもいつも あたしね~。。。 デートの前にいつも上がってしまう(/∇\*)! 今、緊張過ぎて!。。。。(u_u*) う~ん!頑張ります! Read and post comments

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Myojo celebrates 10 years of 嵐♥

Arashi in Myojo October 2009… 10 years of Arashi… Congratulations Arashi♥ on your 10th anniversary~!!! I really wanted to have at least one magazine celebrating Arashi's landmark anniversary together…and there Myojo was on the shelf and it was their last … Continue reading

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Sayonara Kindai♥~

Kindai September & October issues… I just heard that Kindai magazine which seems to have been with us forever will shortly print their very last issue..(;´□`). Not only has this publication been so unique in covering both artists/idols/actors/actresses to cater … Continue reading

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Confessions of a shop~a~holic*

Drama & movie shopping… Cdjapan & YesAsia order… Our mail carrier must think I'm out of my mind~…when opening our lock box this afternoon I found four packages waiting for me and thus it's time for a few confessions…..:P "Onechanbara"…."bikini … Continue reading

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~Ito Yuna on DokoGa TV…still a local♥girl at heart~

Ito Yuna Ito Yuna on Dokoga TV… Just last night I was watching the local news when suddenly a preview popped up for a local show which spotlights Japanese entertainment and culture~….and for anyone else living here in Hawaii you’re … Continue reading

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