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Kannachan♥ (Hello! Project…2004-2009) Seems like only yesterday you entered my world through your very first indies video release~ Seems like only yesterday you made C-ute complete~ Seems like only yesterday you touched me with your performance of "I Wish"~ Seems … Continue reading

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~Covergirl Maimi, a vision from Conan O’Brien & an invasion of Miya’s bedroom~ ( ̄▽ ̄)

Conan O’Brien:….."You called?!..where’s Andy and my crystal ball?!!" XD Covergirl Yajima Maimi *sparkles*/ UTB Vol.192 Aug. 2009 UTB Vol.192 August 2009 w/ trading cards Um….more from Conan later…..but first… ..I received a most *endearing* e-mail earlier this morning from a … Continue reading

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After a two year absence Ueto Aya gets anim”e”ted for “Smile for…”

Katekyou Hitman REBORN! Ueto Aya "Smile for…" first press CD w/DVD release June 24th saw the release of Ueto Aya's long awaited new single as the talent extraordinaire has been absent from the music scene for quite a long span … Continue reading

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No Anime Expo experience?…In case you’re unfortunate like me…..

….and wasn't able to attend this year's Anime Expo in L.A. where Momusu headlined as the guest of honor~! You still can catch some of the expo's experiences by hearing a complete recording of Morning Musume's Q&A panel which occurred … Continue reading

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Hirano Aya’s photobook giveaway determined by a wild finish at Daytona!! :o

~Hirano Aya giveaway shashinshuu~.^ ^ With Hirano Aya's latest photobook "Girlfriend" hanging in the balance of the racing gods earlier tonight Daytona International Speedway did not disappoint!!! Restrictor plate racing always seems to bring out the most exciting and yet the … Continue reading

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“The Legend of the Shadowless Sword” (Highly recommended viewing)

……………just re-watched this last night and it's still highly recommended viewing~! "The Legend of the Shadowless Sword" (domestic U.S. release) Shadowless Sword (original poster artwork) I don't often recommend films here but the impact this film left on me was … Continue reading

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C-ute’s 暑中お見舞い申し上げます♪♪~

C-ute "Shochuu omimai moushiagemasu" C-ute "shochuu omimai moushiagemasu" LE & RE CD singles I'm feeling a bit under the weather ( ̄O ̄*) so this will be a bit short tonight…actually it's been an entire week of feeling not so good Ugh! … Continue reading

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A~h!! kita!!!

Asahina Mikuru in goth…soon to be opened… I'm sort of like every collectors nightmare (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ as I open up every figure that I've ever purchased!…(^q^) Long ago I used to keep my FFVII figures carefully preserved in their original packaging..careful … Continue reading

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Aliens & the most endearing♥ words ever spoken by an artist/actress/idol/seiyuu~!

*Alien*。。。かしら?No wait it’s just the boss! XD I’ve found ♥ in "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" DVD box set It's not too often that I see clips like these and if you watch I think you'll be really *moved* by … Continue reading

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