Hello! Project’s ♥”Chample 1~ Happy Marriage Song Cover shuu~”♥

~The cast~

Hello! Project's latest all cover song~ release puts a modern spin on some very notable songs from Japan's yesteryear~….and just about everyone's invited for this one as all of Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, soloist Manoeri & 7 Eggs make the musical♪♪ journey in songs ranging from folk to rock to enka. The theme of marriage is abound in all tracks with some more directly than others all the while keeping to the emotions of ♥.

First press editions include a randomly inserted photo card out of a variety of 5 and while the CD I received has Momusu's card I do imagine that the other four would be groupings of members as introduced in the booklet…Berryz Koubou..C-ute..Manoeri..and H!P Eggs~.

Hello! Project's "Chample1~Happy marriage song cover shuu~" can be ordered here at Cdjapan. (note: first press sold out)

Hello! Project's "Chample1~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~" can be ordered here at YesAsia.



The very first song that caught my undivided attention when the album arrives was the very first track!! E~h!!!! "DIAMONDS?"!!!! Could it be that H!P has finally aspired to put their own touches upon one of the most beloved J-Pop songs of all time by the most prominent all female band of all time that Japan has produced?!!! I quickly checked the liner notes to see whom the songwriters were and there it was…..lyrics by Nakayama Kanako and music by Okui Kaori!" So it was Princess Princess that H!P was now doing a cover song by and without another moment to pass I had the CD playing………….of course with such a beloved composition also comes the inevitable moment of over scrutiny….me being most guilty whenever hearing a cover song of anything *precious*. (・д・`*) But quickly jumping back to calm contemplation I must remember that cover songs are a way of other artists interpreting them, often adding or changing their form artistically…..thus, I really shouldn't be comparing the original to the cover too critically although sometimes I wish they would sound much more similar!….a most silly notion I know..(._.;)!

With that being said……XD….HIGH KING's version is a bit too electronic and I miss the sound of Kanako's rockin' guitar riffs so much! (。ーωー。)

HIGH KING is comprised of Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki, Maeda Yuuka, Tanaka Reina & Takahashi Ai~.

And the sudden appearance of this most loved song would explain why I finally jumped at the chance to write a Princess Princess post as there is such a linking here to speak of. That post is just a couple down from here but here's a link to get you there quicker so that you can experience the awesomeness that is Puri Puri~. =)

And for comparison here's the original and undisputed most awesome version:

02 愛は勝つ
C-ute & Manoeri

Easily one of the *cutest* tracks on the album performed by C-ute & Manoeri!! And while I'm not familiar with the original I do sooooo adore idol Ichikawa Yui's version as well!!!! More Ichikawa Yui *cuteness* with some really catchy J-Pop songs can be found in this post from awhile back and here I'll add her most wonderful version of "Ai wa katsu" in the form of her music video….her vocals are so ………(゜∀゜)………。!!!

(click play!)

Her video has a home movie look to it but it's not actually an old clip as it wasn't released too long ago….I think they did had to add a *warm* feeling to the song~. =)

Aa! reincarnated with members Natsuyaki Miyabi, Suzuki Airi & Saho Akari takes on J-Pop veteran Oda Kazumasa's single track "YES-YES-YES."

The all new Minimoni unit with members Linlin, Miyamoto Karin, Takeuchi Akari & Fukuda Kanon performs "Tentou chuu no samba." I'm wondering if these units are back just for this special cover album or will we see them more in the future with further releases in solo efforts~.

The all new PucchimoniV with members Mano Erina, Hagiwara Mai & Nakajima Saki tackle a composition by one of J-Pop's greatest singers/composers…..that being the incomparable Ishii Tatsuya of Kome Kome Club!!! This vocal lineup does quite impressively especially when considering the amazing man behind the original vocals…..and I especially find little Maimai leading the vocal charge here as she's really singing strongly as this song so demands! Nakki sounds powerful here too and Manoeri matches perfectly in this trio~.

But to truly appreciate this anthem that is still one of them best selling songs in Japan's musical history one must also hear the original I think…in all its *glory*! Also more on Kome Kome club can be found here in this post from a short while back plus many more great songs to listen to~. ^ ^

02 君がいるだけで
Kome Kome Club

~Such an awesom and timeless J-Pop classic!~

The first solo effort comes with Tanaka Reina's rendition of "Heya to Y Shatsu to watashi." And just as Reinachan *shined* so much with "Kira kira fuyu no shiny G", she gives such a great vocal effort here too in this lullaby of a composition~.

And really what would a H!P album at this stage be without the inclusion of their beloved duo GAKIKAME?! J-Pop legend Matsutoya Yumi provides the composition here with "Mamotte agetai" ("I will protect you") Sweet mid tempo melodies abound and although Gakisan's the stronger vocalist between the pair you really don't get that impression here as kamei really holds her own beautifully and with such strength~.

08 秋桜
Takahashi Ai

Veteran writer/performer Sada Masashi lends an enka flavored composition in "Kosumosu" for Aichan to tackle and she does so with amazing vocal control where she moves between vulnerable to powerful with emotional nuances in her vocal tones~. This you'd really expect from Aichan who has proved time and time again of the depth and strenght in her vocal ability which has also proven to translate well to stage and perhaps to a solo career. Makes me want to listen to "Yume kara samete"………….

ZYX-a is comprised of Niigaki Risa, Kusumi Koharu, Wada Ayaka, Tsugunaga Momoko, Ogawa Saki, Sudo Maasa, Tokunaga Chinami & Umeda Erika and they perform "Mirai yosouzu II" utilizing a sweet ensemble vocal arrangement which is very "choir" like given the composition which features just a light orchestration backing~.

It's quite a spin and change from the original ZYX but nonetheless a most adorable new unit! =)

Zoku Biyuuden

Biyuuden gets a "sequel" title with Zoku Biyuuden added and the newly formed unit now consists of Michishige Sayumi, Sugaya Risako & Junjun~. Sayu is the perfect member to take on the role left vacant by the most *adorable* Rikachan and this is really one of the most interesting choices put forth by Tsunku on this album of recreations and reuniions~. "ONLY YOU" provides a most fun and upbeat melody which really suits the personality of members' so perfectly here and vocal wise it's pure fun intensity to be heard~! =)

Now this is a very very well know classic in Matsuda Seiko's "Akai Sweet Pea" and in trying to recreate one of your very best of units ever….Tsunku, please choose wisely! Matsuda Seiko was truly one of Japan's first breakthrough female vocalists in a solo career….by her peers and artists that have come afterward so much inspiration can be seen/heard stemming from one of the longest and most successful careers in J-Pop~. While the two previous incarnations of Tanpopo without question produced some of Tsunku's most diverse works over the years this newly chosen lineup of Okai Chisato, Kumai Yurina, Mitsui Aika & Kamei Eri is well fit to handle more of Tsunku's most creative and inspired compositions if he so chooses to further their existence beyond this album~. I love how Tsunku added the "#" symbol~!…..it make me smile ( ̄▽ ̄) Furthermore this new unit has some of the most distinctly different sounding vocals and on paper I just wouldn't be able to imagine how they would work together but they do so perfectly~! XD

12 for you…

The album's third and final solo comes courtesy of the most talented Linlin!! "for you…" provides a wonderful vehicle and palate for any artist I think and Linlin makes the most of the vocal arrangement~. Compared to some of the other tracks here Linlin, given a much more vocally textured song filled with moving emotions delivers arguably the best overall vocal performance on the album. Her vocals hold so much emotions with the level of vibrato and control you'd expect from perhaps artists like Ayaya…Mikitty…..& Gocchin~. This track is pure ~♥~.

13 関白宣言
Berryz Koubou & Manoeri

Manoeri in addition to C-ute is also matched up with Berryz Koubou for the album's 13th track. Sada Masashi's 2nd composition chosen for this album and with "Kanpaku sengen" this song is much more in the vein of an American styled folk song verses the Japanese folk style of his previously chosen track "Kosumosu." A wonderfully distinctly different approach to "folk" music can thus be heard when listening to these two tracks back to back~. The vocals here are a bit amusing during the verses with that jerky sort of abrupt phrasing while the chorus portions flow like cool whip on Jell-o~ ( ̄▽ ̄)♥ in an ensemble arrangement. Overall more oa an unusual song for me personally but I do love it so!! =)

14 世界は二人のために
Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika & Junjun

H!P's marriage themed album ends with a slice of Momusu in its final track and "Sekai wa futari no tame ni" glistens like a light hearted R&B seranade~. o(*´∀`)o゛♥ And just an inckling but something tells me that Mittsi and Junjun raided Kohachan's mini refrigerator just prior to recording as Kohachan's vocals are so so tame here….but really she is very capable♥ ne~….think "Koi Hanabi." ^ ^

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  1. I have to admit, when I saw the song line-up for the 1st H!P Champuru release, I was really excited. Eri Hiramatsu, PuriPuri, KomeKome Club, Momoe Yamaguchi, KAN, Yumi Matsutoya, Dreams Come True, Seiko Matsuda… talk about nostalgia~ XD


  2. CK says:

    [said in Charlie Brown "Great Pumpkin" style] I got the Manoeri card! (LOL)


  3. I should also add that I thought that their cover of DIAMONDS should have had a bit more "punch" to it. At least a real drum would have helped, IMO. T_T; It's like listening to John Mellencamp's "Jack & Diane" without the handclaps.


  4. spanusia says:

    Hi Morning Berryz,
    I am writng an artile for UK magazine Neo on gravure idols. I checked out some of your amazing collection and was wondering if it would be possible for you could email me as I'd like your help with some information. spencerpeet@btinternet.com http://www.slpeet.com
    I look forward to hearing from you.


  5. LazyMan1 says:

    WoW there are some real classics on this CD im glad that they make it a point to never forget there sempaii's. This a cd i wanna get so bad right now but since i have tuition comming up it will have to wait…sigh. You stated above that you wondered if these units were just made for this album or were they going to stick around. Well from what i heard the reason Tsunku created them was so they could keep on singing the classic HP songs that originated from each band. Im sure it is likey they will put out new material as well to keep the interest in them and allow them to still sing the classics in concerts etc…(im glad linlin gets to sing her own song on this album) (^_^)V


  6. Just hearing that they'll be bringing back so many of those classic hits from these original units is some of the most welcome news that I've heard….it'll be refreshing to hear a new vocal spin on them with the current member lineups although vocally I don't think for the most part that they'll be able to top the originals, though not a bad thing…just different. ^ ^ Just really exciting to hear the names Tanpopo, Pucchimoni, ZYX, Biyuuden and Minimoni again as I never imagined that Tsunku would reinvent them in such a way! Tanpopo probably has most of my faves♥ as I so love how he was Beatles inspired when he wrote so many of their songs in particular~. =) So awesome!! you're familiar with so many of the original artists!! I missed the Dreams Come True and Matsuda Seiko connections…(slaps self! XD) as I own a lot of their albums including most of Matsuda Seiko's discography. 😛 I so agree!….there just isn't enough *real* energy in HIGH KINGS's version of "DIAMONDS" unfortunately and it was the one song in particular that I was really looking forward to hearing H!P's spin on~. :/ A decent effort but real instruments surely would have helped…….for me it was the absence of Kanako's guitar that left me a bit empty and it's just so electronic sounding…a bit too much as this is rather a most rockin' song to begin with. =) Covers though I know are sometimes meant to be reinterpretations but…..lol I'm a bit indifferent with this one track. (。ーωー。)


  7. LOL……I was just wondering if you'd be speaking as one of the adults that are heard but never seen………just because I sort of want to know what they were actually saying other than.."wah wah~wah~waah?"…(^q^) Ah so the cards are broken up by main groups, soloist and Eggs. =) As they're called trading cards I wonder if there's someone out there who's able to collect them all?….would just be so expensive to order multiple copies for the cards~…and then there's always the possibility of owning multiple copies of the same cards. (・_・)!


  8. Hi Spencer Peet! I would be very *happy* to help~…and I will do my very best to help with your article. I'll send you an e-mail through the address you left. Sorry that this reply is so late as we're on such different time clocks I think…..I'm just guessing that you're in the UK? ^ ^ I was reading your profile page from your link and you're a most respected writer! \(^o^)/☆…and I hope I'm capable of assisting you~ (*´∀`*).


  9. Anise & Cloves said it right!….so much nostalgia here with classic songs from Japan's yesteryear~. =) It'll be *wonderful* in concert to hear the current generation perform all of these units' favorites♥ and I'm guessing that Tsunku may add a twist or two to them when he revives those songs♪♪~. ^ ^ That really makes sense as with the Elders Club leaving so many songs vacated it's pure genius on Tsunku's part to bring them back in this fashion….and I too am looking forward to hearing all new songs♪♪~ as well from these reinvented units!! Tanpopo was always one of my most favorite♥ with their strong Beatles influences instilled in their songs♪♪~ and it didn't matter which lineup either….from Kaorin, Ayappe & Marippe to their final great lineup with Konkon, Gakisan, Ayumi & Rikachan!! (what an amazing lineup even if for just one single! ne~!)….Tanpopo was so awesome! They also had some of the cutest of pvs including "Be Happy koi no yajirobee" which always *melts* me…both versions~!! (人∀`*)!!


  10. Guldari says:

    Whenever I see your post, I always Suprise!!Your Post is very brief and informative and cool.Ah.. This Cover Album is analogous to Original Song.and… @_@I can't Understand all;; My English is not good ㅠ.ㅠbut I can know How many times You Spent to post it!


  11. Thank you so much Guldari! (*´∀`*) I sometimes tend to spend hours posting these up and then lol my sleep time is ignored a bit! ( ̄O ̄*) The songs thta were chosen for this album are really true symbols of the word *classic* and lots of them are really great versions……it's just difficult to overshadow the originals which is true in most cases I think. But still a very inspired album and so may new song interpretatios to enjoy~! Thank you for always reading! ^ ^


  12. Guldari says:

    You're welocome..And I see your profile again, and I found Familiar artists.I also like SMAP and Arashi's Song.Especially, 'Sekaini Hitotsu Dake no Hana' is my favorite song.and 'Love so sweet,One Love and Wish' – It is Hana yori Dango's Song!I like these song~~


  13. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    they are so cute and charming,:))but i can't choose whose the prettiest,lol.:))


  14. Yay!! we're both Johnny's fans♥!! My Smap fandom goes awhile back and Arashi is a bit more new for me and I ♥ them both so much!!! (*´∀`*) A~h that's such an awesome song♪♪~!!! "Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" was such a big seller for Smap too and that melody is so infectious!!! A~h! you've said the *magic* words!!….'Hana yori dango!!'…..all awesome theme songs for the two dramas series and movie!!! I have some recollections of "Hana yori dango" here ….but the second to the bottom is the main entry for the first series….."27 reasons why I ♥ Hana Yori Dango." =) Oh and I've gushed about Arashi here. o(*´∀`)o゛


  15. Guldari says:

    Oh, You really like 'Hana yori dango'~~!!Hmm, Did you see 'Hana yori dango Korean ver.' ?Of course I like japanese's more, Korean ver. is also 'Fantastic'Wow.. I am really feel envy of your posting!!How can post these!!!I want to posting like you!! ㅠㅠ


  16. I can totally sympathize!! They're all so *cute* ne~! I love that H!P is choosing to do more and more covers….there is just so much great music♪♪~ that needs to be brought to the next generations~. =)


  17. I was thinking about watching the Korean drama version too…..and I know this is probably most wacky of me! :P….but I associate the characters so much with the Japanese drama and I'm not sure how I'd react to seeing the same characters not played by Matsujun, Inoue Mao and Oguri Shun especially as I have a sentimental attachment to them in this story. =) But I've read on many blogs how great the Korean version is too!! I think my mom will watch it soon and then I'll stop being silly and watch too! ^ ^I'm such an amateur when it comes to writing posts…but I thank you for your very very kind comments♥. Always write from the *heart*……thank you so much! o(*´∀`)o゛


  18. Guldari says:

    You're so humble 'ㅅ'!I think your posting ability is good 'ㅅ'band.. I got a DVD File. – Berryzkobo fan club tour in Hawai!!I like this DVD so much. Did you also see?


  19. Sorry I've been absent from my blog for so long..(;´□`) Your *words* mean so much to me…thank you so much! (*´∀`*) I haven't gotten this FC DVD yet but judging by their shashinshuu and Alo-Hello! DVD it must be really fun~!


  20. Guldari says:

    I worried you If you had a accident.Are you Okay?Now I feel relief.03/08 is Yurina's Birthday. Happy Birth Day To Yurina~http://cafe.naver.com/sugayarisako.cafeHere are Berryz's Korean Fan Cafe.At first, it was Risako's Fan Cafe, But Now, It is Berryz's If you free, come to our cafe – Although you don't know Korean!


  21. Thank you for your concern Guldari! o(*´∀`)o゛ I was just so delinquent over the past week with my blog and wasn't online for most of the days….so much outside just held me away from here~. Birthdays are *wonderful* ne~!…and just two more days until her celebration!! Tanjoubi omedetou Kumachan e! Kumachan just released a new shashinshuu on July 25th too! ^ ^Your fansite is really *pretty* and I adore the watermelon clock! ♥ Wow there's so many fans visiting this site!!! I'm so happy that Berryz Koubou are so popular in Korea too! ^ ^


  22. Guldari says:

    Today, I got a bad news.Umeda Erika is graduate from C-ute…I'm so sad… ㅠ.ㅠ


  23. I awoke to this on my BlackBerry as well….(;´□`). I hope she can achieve her *dreams* and I just know she will. Ume will be so missed as like Kannachan and Megumichan, I just wish her the very best in the future! ^ ^


  24. Guldari says:

    Today is nice day. isn't it?Happy Birthday To KumaKuma~~~and Here are My Korean Bloghttp://kyron.tistory.com/—————————————————————-and http://kyron.tistory.com/entry/83-%EA%B3%B0%EC%88%9C%EC%9D%B4-%EC%83%9D%EC%9D%BC-%EA%B8%B0%EB%85%90-%EB%A7%89%EC%9E%A5%EC%BA%A1%EC%B3%90is about Kumai's PhotoBook


  25. Hai~! Tanjoubi omedetou Kumachan! o(*´∀`)o゛♥!! Waaah! you're blog is really *pretty*!! I love the format and are those your H!P member rankings on the left? So sweet to see Kamei, Gakisan, Miya, Airiin and of course Momo at the top~! \(^o^)/☆You took wonderful screencaps for Kumachan's pb post~! I wish I could understand your writing too..gomen ne! :/ I always love seifuku and her photo with her teddy bear is so *kawaii*!! (*´∀`*)


  26. Renyi says:

    I didn't realize that the Only You by Zoku Biyuuden is actually the one sung by one of my fav rock band from the 80's – Boowy, fronted by Kyosuke Himuro, till I heard the sample….interesting …\^0^/


  27. Renyi says:

    Kome Kome Club's 君がいるだけで remind me of why i love J-pop so much music, thank you so much! PucchimoniV's version sound cute and sweet – different flavor completely, not bad though. 😉


  28. A~h! my favorite Himuro Kyosuke song♪♪~ is "Diamond Dust"!! He has such a unique and strong voice!! Really distinctive and moving!! So many wonderful classic songs here ne~ and it was interesting seeing how H!P would put their spin on them. =)Just like Boowy, Kome Kome Club has such an amazing lead vocalist!! Ishii Tatsuya is one of my most most favorite male voices in J-Pop…he sounds so incredible always and their songwriting….pure ♥! o(*´∀`)o゛ It's such a difficult song to perform and the PucchimoniV lineup really did well but it's just such a challenging song. So ambitiouos of H!P ne!….but yes so so different and it's always so difficult to perform such an all time classic♪♪~. And I agree it's a really sweet spin on the song but Kome Kome Club's cannot be topped! ^ ^


  29. Renyi says:

    Risako's voice really shines here, just as I thought she did so well when taking over Takahashi's place, singing Mikan in the Hello Project's 2009 Winter concert. It is also obvious that she has become one of the main vocal in most Berryz songs.頑張れ Risako!my fav!


  30. Guldari says:

    @_@Nowadays, I listen to Hello Member's Radio.It's so difficult to me. Especially, Momo's.. Her voice is so high and fast 'ㅅ'


  31. Hai~ hai~! I share your thoughts on Riichan….at first I sort of felt that perhaps UFI were focusing on her appearance and *cuteness* in BK making her front and center for their releases~ however her vocals are developed so well and she sings so distinctly and *cutely*…always giving 100%! I adore Riichan so much too!! ^ ^


  32. Wow sugoi~!!…and that's so true of trying to understand rapid Japanese speech especially when it's sooooo quick and yes~! high pitched. (*´∀`*)I've only listened to a few radio broadcasts by members over the years and I'm usually very late in knowing about them. XD


  33. Guldari says:

    O_Oand I have a personal Question.In your profile, you said you live in Hawai.You live Hawai for Work? or Study?


  34. I'm so sorry that I'm replying so late again…(u_u*). I've been trying to do perhaps too many things recently (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ! Oh no I was born here….I'm American Japanese…but pure Japanese in heritage. My grandparents moved here from Japan and most of our family has been settled here since. ^ ^


  35. Guldari says:

    'ㅅ'After 10 days, My Summer Vacation is End. ㅠ_ㅠWow.. you born in Hawai?! +_+Jya… When you Know Hello Project and From What?If you lucky, you can meet them – Alo-Hello!('ㅁ'!!!)!


  36. A~h I know how difficult it can be seeing summer vacations pass~ (>_<)! I first discovered Momusu while looking through new release catalogs…there was an ad for "Morning Coffee" and I just took a *chance* on ordering the single. This was in late '97 and ever since purchasing their very first single I've been a fan. ^ ^ They're here in Hawaii so often..so true!…and yet I've never been lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time~. (._.;) Still the fan club events sometimes do allow non FC members to purchase store merchandise♥ so that's always wonderful. ^ ^


  37. Guldari says:

    Oh, I'm sorry.I had a cold, so I can't reply to your commentI have a empyema, so Althought summer, I sometimes had a cold.Wow.. You are very old fan!! I just Know Hello 3 years ago.. 'ㅅ'and, Yesterday Moring Museme's 40th Single wa release!! +_+I hope their good score~


  38. Oh I hope you *feel* much better now….I was sick too recently so I know how awful it feels when you're under the weather and especially during the warm summer months..(;´□`)! It was really a chance sighting of Momusu's debut single ad…..Nacchi really caught my eye that day and later Ayappe~…so I took a "chance" on ordering their single despite not knowing anything about them at the time. Looking back it's safe to say that there was definitely no chance taken or risk back then as they've gone on to be so amazing over the years since~. =)I hope their 40th single sells really well too!! \(^o^)/☆ I just received my singles and hope to post them here soon. 40th single!!!…so amazing and really a landmark achievement by Momusu!!! ^ ^


  39. Guldari says:

    Thank you for your concern.sugoidesyo? When I Know Momus, Their New Single was 'Mikang'And.. Now, They release 40th Single~I saw Chart, Until Today, Their Single sales 39.058 cds.I hope they sells at least 60,000 cds.//Yesterday I saw 'Berryzkobo concert tour 2009 spring – so no se be te no aini'Amazingly, their performed 100回!I post about that before I had a cold.http://kyron.tistory.com/entry/%EB%B2%A0%EB%A6%AC%EC%A6%88%EC%BD%94%EB%B3%B4-%EC%BD%98%EC%84%9C%ED%8A%B8-%ED%88%AC%EC%96%B4-2009-%EB%B4%84-%E3%80%8C%EA%B7%B8-%EB%AA%A8%EB%93%A0-%EC%82%AC%EB%9E%91%EC%97%90%E3%80%8D%EB%A6%AC%EB%B7%B0It is my first posting about Concert 'ㅅ'!!


  40. 40th is such a awesome landmark for Momusu!! \(^o^)/☆ A~h I just realized that they also released a special commemorative edition so I added it to a later order. XD 39,000 is still really great but 60,000 would be just Wow!…especially with today's decline in music sales…most likely due to widespread downloading. :/ Oh it's one of your favorite♥ BK songs♪♪~!! You took wonderful screencaps too! I was meaning to watch this concert this weekend but I've just been so busy to have the time to watch so far…..kyaaa it's still in its wrapper. (´⌒`。)


  41. Guldari says:

    Today I saw Daily Ranking. and…– *2 *2 *3 *4 *3/*1 モーニング娘。 「なんちゃって恋愛」8,110*1 *4 *3 *2 *1 *1\*2 B'z 「イチブトゼンブ/DIVE」 6,486 — *1 *1 *1 *2 *2\*3 浜崎あゆみ 「Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~」 5,327!!!!!!!!!I'm so Happy!!!!!!!!


  42. Yay~! \(^o^)/☆!!!….and Momusu is in such great company in this ranking!! B'z I think is still perhaps Japan's best selling group of all time overall???…and Ayu is always so amazing with her chart topping releases~! Omedetou Momusu! ^ ^


  43. Guldari says:

    yesterday I got a bad news.The former president Kim Dae Jung was passed way yesterday.He is the president who I most respected. I'm so sad.and tomorrow New semester is start.I'm so busy now @_@p.s)**1位 75.352 浜崎あゆみ**2位 54,973 モーニング娘。**3位 53,648 B'z


  44. I * hope* the emotions of the country can cheer up and celebrate his *life*…..he must have been an amazing president~. I hope you feel happier too. =) Gambatte ne~ with your studies!! \(^o^)/☆Hmm…Ayu is always difficult to top but still really great sales for Momusu!! A~h and to be above the B'z so amazing too!! ^ ^ Thank you for the sales update! =)


  45. Guldari says:

    Today, The new semester is start.@_@… I'm so tired ㅠ_ㅠnowadays, I saw japanese drama.Now I'm seeing 'Pride'I think Takuya's performance is very good 'ㅅ'b


  46. Ahhh~ I haven't watched a drama in awhile….I've sort of been engrossed in anime recently but I so want to see "Pride" too. I'm going to check to see if they sell it…..I *hope* so! =) I hope you can get lots of rest and be ready for your new semester!….and I totally know what you mean about feeling tired, I really need to get more *sleep*~…(u_u*).


  47. Guldari says:

    I'm sorry. During recently 3 days I was so busy, so I can't answer to youHave a lot of works to do too whether is so New Semester.Thank you for your cheer. Today was his funeral ceremony.The personage should like to rest comfortably.I am using new English-Korean Software now.Is it awkward?Could should like to talk with you without translation machine sometime.I conducted 'momochi' making video todayShe is very cute too.I tried Posting about it, should like to read if there is timehttp://kyron.tistory.com/entry/%EC%B8%A0%EA%B5%AC%EB%82%98%EA%B0%80-%EB%AA%A8%EB%AA%A8%EC%BD%94-4th-%EC%82%AC%EC%A7%84%EC%A7%91-%E3%80%8CMomochi%E3%80%8D-%EB%A9%94%EC%9D%B4%ED%82%B9-%EC%BA%A1%EC%B3%90Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 is fashion in the Korea now.I desire that you are healthy.Then, see you later


  48. Oh no please please do not apologize….I for one am the most delinquent when it comes to keeping up with my blog and over this weekend I was barely online as life got busy so I totally understand. (*´∀`*) And school should definitely get the most of your attention now. =) I *pray* that he rests in peace too. It translates well…maybe sometimes a bit too literal?….but I can totally understand everything really well. =) I haven't received "Momochi" yet but I'm sure it's sooooo *adorable*! Lucky~!! It's so frightening how this virus is spreading and….now has new types..(;´□`). Thank you so much….and I hope for you to be *healthy* too always~. ^ ^


  49. Guldari says:

    Also, high school life is wearyOn today, We took a trial examPolitics and history seem to be difficultThese day, I often think that want to live in the foreign countries.How is Hawaii?I Think that Hawaii is really delightful place whenever see 'Alo-Hello'Then, let's see next againO Ya Su Mi~.


  50. I did love math, science and English studies much more than social studies and political history so I think I may know how you're feeling~. But always do your best ne~…to be the best student as it'll really help you with your entire life ahead. ^ ^Hawaii is really a most *wonderful* place to live and you'll get to meet so many different cultures all mixed in here~. The weather is really steady most of the year with sunshine although we do get our fair share of storms at times but no snow and it doesn't get anywhere nearly as warm as places in the Mainland but we do have very high humidity~. We have beaches all around and just about any activity you can think of. =)


  51. Guldari says:

    Ah, mathematics and science are subjects that I feel constraint most.In fact, I chose department of liberal arts.I Think that is funny although history is difficult.Do you know truth that there is '2009 Hello! Project Screen Festival in KOREA?'This is event that meaning is deep to Korea's fans.It is the very glad matter to play this event in the Korea, although I can not take part for the reflex inning that is testing period.Reflex inning is proceeded on September 26.


  52. Oh I've never heard of this….is it a live event? Sounds like a gathering of fans where a concert will be shone…ugh! I know what you mean about being so busy and not being able to attend something so exciting. But you seem to have a lot of H!P events in Korea so I imagine there'll be something else soon which you'll be able to attend for sure. =) Gambatte ne~!


  53. Guldari says:

    No, it is reflex inning only.Hello's Members do not take part.Only, 'Jang Da Yeon' takes part.There was concert of 'Moring Museme' last yearThere was mini live of Berryzkobo this year.Does 'C-ute' come next year?A lot of events are held in the Korea during recent years.If I finish high school and become a man, may enjoy variouser event.Thank you for encouraging always.Ja,Oyasumi~ あなたも 'Gambatte!!'


  54. I'm really curious to see how H!P/Tsunku decide to add Jang Da Yeon to a maybe a new group?….or unit? It's so wonderful how UFI is truly becoming international by having members from countries outside of Japan and it's really helping to grow their fan base as well as spread their diversity too I think~! =) It does sound like C-ute would be next to visit Korea….they were just here in Hawaii for their first FC event but it was only available to FC members from Japan so no one here could attend sadly. But still I love whenever H!P groups/artists visit Hawaii as it's fun to see them visiting familar places here as well as their accompanying "Alo-Hello!" releases which always follow!Have a *wonderful* week and thank you so much for your friendship~ o(*´∀`)o゛.


  55. Guldari says:

    I Got up at 5 o'clock this morning.I Did service activity for 'Jeonju international in-line marathon contest'Today, I was volunteer 'ㅅ'!It is like weary but worth work.To front, I become third-year student if is 3 months after.This year, I want to get into the good college studying hard in next year.Perhaps, then, it may be delayed that write you mail.I want to you get into good week.


  56. That's really *wonderful* that you volunteer for these events~! And to be a part of your community this way is definitely a gratifying experience for sure. Oh please always focus on your studies first as they'll mean so much for your future and success for whatever you choose to do in life~. We can talk whenever you have time here but please always do your very best in school first ne~. =) がんばって下さい!


  57. Guldari says:

    Thank you for giving support.And ..Tomorrow is a very significant day.Do you remember when Moring Museme were organized?Tomorrow is Mornig Museme formation 12 anniversaries.Is not it wonderful?They should like to show more and more good imageTo Moring Museme… O Me Te Tou!


  58. A~h the Asayan auditions ne~! Back then you just never imagined Momusu graduating members but looking back it really has helped to prolong the group so much and now over a decade later they're still so prominent in the music & entertainment industry. =) Hai~ congratulations so much to Momusu! \(^o^)/☆


  59. Guldari says:

    Today is weekend.!!!! +_+These day, it is busy because of studiesI am studying hard mathematics, results does not rise well.On the other hand, Korean that do not study is always top-level book.Also, I seem to fit in department of liberal arts.I heard that you liked science and mathematics.I envy you Because science is the most difficult subject to me – Specially, physiotherapy and chemistryYesterday, Tokunaga Chinami's 1st Photobook 「Chinami」 was released.Now, member who Photobook does not exist is 'Captain.'Her Photobook should like to be released fast.


  60. A~h! gambatte with your studies ne! So true, I just found those two subjects to be really interesting for me and somehow I did quite well in them although sadly I know that I've forgotten some of those study problems and formulas~…(u_u*)!So great ne~ that nearly all members in BK now have their very own solo shashinshuu!! I really hope that Captain gets a shashinshuu soon as it would seem odd if she doesn't have one….I would cry (;´□`) if she were left out. Chiichan's must be really *adorable* ne~! ^ ^


  61. Guldari says:

    'ㅅ'!and Tomorrow is Ai's Birthday.Now She is 23 years old.I think now, she is perfect leader.


  62. あっ!愛ちゃんへ誕生日おめでとうございます!!いつも、メンバーの誕生日をおぼえてね!あたしも。。。愛ちゃんの事はそう思っています。^ ^


  63. Guldari says:

    'ㅅ'!! 急に日本語!!実は日本語がもっと楽な点もある難しい漢字だけなければ大部分解釈が可能だしかし翻訳機は使う ㅠ_ㅠこの前には日本語は全然分からなかったが3年前にハロプロが分かるようになってから日本語実力がたくさん増えたと思う.勿論, まだ行く道が遠い今後とも熱心にします!


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