HelloStoreUSA coming soon!

Just heard this from Tautterkle!! And the long wait and prayers for an official store overseas here in the U.S. has finally been answered!! Next to H!P reopening their official store in Waikiki here in Hawaii…this is definitely the next best thing! This is real isn't it??? (・c_・;)?I do really *hope* so! If this is indeed not a most cruel joke (;´□`) it appears that in affiliation with Japan Files the soon to be opened HelloStoreUSA promises the sales of shirts, towels, books & photo sets and just think how much we'll be able to save on shipping charges! ( ̄▽ ̄)♥ And if UFI really wants to expand their merchandise availability more globally just imagine how much other special goodies that they could offer at this online site……bags, mugs, glasses, cell phone straps, wall tapestries, keychains and if UFI is really ambitious they could even offer special edition DVDs as in alternate FC releases to Japan's FC's versions as to keep them both still unique from one another~. *Dreaming~dreaming~*…..I know (゜∀゜)….ne~ but this is really an exciting start and my imagination is just expanding upon it a bit XD, that is if it's true to begin with! ^ ^  

I wonder if they'll produce goods especially and exclusive made for the U.S. as well…….just imagining and *hoping* for so many wonderful things right now. This is really exciting news ne~! As of right now there's just a welcome page as they're not quite open yet but if you'd like a peek here's the link. ^ ^

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10 Responses to HelloStoreUSA coming soon!

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    I have heard of Japan Files being the store to buy all Hello project
    Music is this a subsidiary of japan files? and more importantly can
    they be trusted? I never heard of anyone of these endorsed by hello
    project or UFA so make me wonder if they are legit. Sorry for being so untrustworthy but you can never be to careful ne~ (^_^)V


  2. They're linked directly to Japan Files' website…..but I I know what you mean about being cautious. I've heard that Japan Files is really pushing to help bring H!P closer to international markets and this looks to be another step in the right direction. =) E~hhhhh! but this better be real ne~! or I'll be so disappointed and afraid!!! :/ I'm just thinking that being that they're directly linked here to Japan Files that…..mmmmm I hope it's legit! And Paul Thomas is serving as Japan Files advisor and he's mentioned on their site so I further believe that this is real…..hope hope so! =)


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    lol yea i hope so to, that could save a lot of money on shipping as you stated before i normally go thru Amazon jpn and yesasia to get my stuff and it can get expensive of course i could solve all this by moving to japan ne~ (^_^)V


  4. The most exciting aspect of this…if it is indeed real are the special merchandise items that can't be purchased at other online retailer such as Amazon Japan, Cdjapan, HMV Japan or YesAsia….those being group and member T-shirts, towels and photo sets!! Up till a lot of us have been purchasing them through Ohta but it can be a bit pricey at times as there's a service charge going in between and this would solve so much of that. And if UFI really wants to get ambitious with international sales they might even consider selling their other special goodies such as wall tapestries, keychains, cell phone straps, ID holders, bags, uchiwa, mugs and special release DVDs which could bring the possibility of an internation FC into reality. If they created an international FC just imagine how many fans would sign up!…and the instant revenue they could bring in just by offering fans outside of Japan access to those special releases and they could even make them alternate versions in order to keep the Japanese FC versions still unique to their FC in Japan~. ^ ^ omg I'm rambling aren't I! XD Sorry….(._.;)


  5. Craig says:

    I want to believe too. Definitely a step in the right direction.


  6. LazyMan1 says:

    For them to open a business venture like that they would have to see a high return and im wondering if Japan tracks the overseas purchase of CD's? or do they just track the amount of CD's they distribute to the stores that sell them? if its the latter then it would be tough for them to determine the amount of overseas sales since all the stores i get my CD's from are based in japan and so they will not have any figures to determine if they can be lucrative in the foreign market i hope im wrong though cause i would love to be able to get J-pop here in America be easier on my wallet.


  7. Specktakus says:

    Japan Files posted on H!O back in late June that they are hosting HelloStoreUSA, so it's definitely true. JF has not been able to sell MP3's for some H!P singles/albums that contain cover songs (C-ute – Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu, Berryz – Dschinghis Khan, Momusu – both cover song albums, etc), so the chance that they're distributing H!P products without UFA's consent is close to zero.


  8. Thank you so much for confirming my hopes *Specktakus*!! Japan File is really doing so much to help bring H!P and J-Pop in general so much closer to fans outside of Japan and I applaud them so much for their efforts for all of us fans! o(*´∀`)o゛ So wonderful that they're affiliated this way too~…..and just by your mentioning about cover songs and rights here really confirms their legitimacy. \(^o^)/☆ Thank you so much again for clearing up so much worries and I can't wait to see what types of special merchandise in T-shirts, books and photo sets that they will offer on their site once their open….oh and the word "more" gives me this *feeling*………(゜∀゜)………。


  9. It's totally *real*!! and thanks to Specktakus for confirming everything here……happy H!P shopping days coming soon*. ^ ^


  10. I think from what Paul has said, Japan Files does track sales through their online song files being sold and now happily it's confirmed that they're definitely directly hosting this new sales site which will focus more on the specialty goods rather than CD sales. ^ ^ T-shirts, books and photo sets…although they do say 'more!' so I'm really looking forward to seeing what other merchandise they'll be offering here in the U.S. =) Paul did mention that at the recent anime expo in L.A. Momusu managed to sell out of all of their merchandise which included a commemorative T-shirt, photo sets, various grab bags, etc…..all except for some sort of wristband I think which sounded kind of generic for the event from what he said as that was all that was left….this must've been very encouraging for both Tsunku and UFI to see such overwhelming support coming from fans here in the U.S. and beyond and I'm thinking that it may have factored into them collaborating with Japan Files directly for this new online merchandise store as they now have seen the many fans that they have here and even further overseas as many traveled to the expo from various places around the world to see and support them ^ ^.


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