VAMPS to perform in Hawaii on September 13th!

Their performance is set for September 13th and will be held at the Battleship Missouri which I just heard was heading to dry dock? for maintenance. If I drive for just a few minutes I can see the Battleship Missouri in the distance… Their 10 day U.S. tour just began a few days ago in New York on July 11th and we look to be their final stop on their American tour before they return to Japan~.

HYDE is just amazing!!!…and although I haven't been following VAMPS releases I do love L'arc~en~ciel! I'm not sure what time the show is scheduled for but it is on a work night and I can't take off (;´□`)! Dou shiyou?!

The VAMPS have an official MySpace page here~.

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13 Responses to VAMPS to perform in Hawaii on September 13th!

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    Man i would like to see VAMPS in concert they rock. Love Addict is a personal favorite, rock on d(-_-)bLove Addict


  2. There were some music files to listen to on their MySpace homepage and I just heard that they're releasing I think….it was their fourth single?..and the extras will include footage from their current U.S. tour. I wonder if they'll include any footage from their finale here in Honolulu? I really love L'arc~en~ciel's style and sound which translates into HYDE's writing and vocals♥ so the VAMPS readily sounded wonderful to~. I'm not familiar with his band mate although I have heard the group name before that he's from but they do make a great group here for sure! It'll be an awesome concert….I wonder if I could go as it'll just be a short drive from where I live. ^ ^


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    Yea you should go I mean why not you will get to see a great band and as you stated its not that far from you so i encourage you to go plus i hear in 2011 L'arc~enciel is getting back together so this may be the last time you will see the vamps.


  4. Wow~ I so do hope that L'arc~en~ciel does reform!! \(^o^)/☆ If it's late I'm thinking about skipping sleep which will be painful the next day but so worth it ne~. They just announced this new date so I'm not sure when they'll begin selling tickets just yet….isn't it amazing how many times L'arc~en~ciel goes on hiatus and then returns?…..I sometimes wonder if HYDE gets somewhat burned out at times and that's why he takes so many breaks as I imagine that he must be making so much of their decisions but in any case such *wonderful* news!! And thank you so much for letting me know! ^ ^


  5. LazyMan1 says:

    no problem it just something i heard so i thought i would share. Usually when a band goes on hiatus its usually they may want to do there own music because in a band usually you don't have that kind of freedom since other band members may have input and change the structure of songs in away you may not agree with but in bands majority rules so they will sometimes take a break and go do their own thing just to get it out of there system then get back with there mates and go at it again.


  6. Alezra says:

    Waaah soo awesome! I would soo love to see them irl :'3 Hyde is such a hottie ne xD <3*Hugs*


  7. You're so knowledgeable ne~! ^ ^ This would explain so much of what goes on within bands and songwriters and musicians and I'm thinking it could be a constant struggle at times for some of them but happily they do co-exist to bring us such great music! =) You just reminded me of the White Album sessions between The Beatles where a lot of their separation began as the album is really a collaboration of solo projects more so than direct musical collaborations like how they would compose in the past with John and Paul helping to write each others songs so much~.


  8. I just heard that they announced this date for the end of their tour and I'm still wondering when they'll begin selling tickets as I think I surely surely must go~! I may have to sacrifice sleep to attend but…HYDE in Hawaii???!….this may not happen again ne~.^ ^


  9. Sofia says:

    Hyde's HOT (!), there is no doubt about it.


  10. I soooo agree!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。I was just reading IW's Pengie's report as she was able to sit just feet from HYDE during the VAMPS press conference!! So *lucky*!!…and she noted just how little they are. ^ ^ Just a bit taller than she is…….hmmm…I may be close in height too then! (*´∀`*)


  11. Sofia says:

    Ooooo….I'm so jealous! I wanna sit that close to him too…meh.Yeah…they are very little. But then again I am very short too, so..he he ^o^


  12. So *lucky* that they held a press conference that she could attend!! \(^o^)/☆ I feel so much the same way!!! (*´∀`*)…..I guess I never realized how tiny they were until reading her expo report and much like you when it comes to being tiny I can so relate! ^ ^


  13. Sofia says:

    Soooo lucky. He he…yeah being tiny is the best ^-^.


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