…and the winner of Airiin’s photo book is~!

The Chicagoland race really threw so many monkey wrenches into the mix in the final laps making for a most exciting finish to it all! First and foremost Mark Martin was the driver to beat as he clearly dominated the entire race for much of the laps but even he fell back towards the end but quickly reached the front of the field again taking the lead in dramatic fashion~. Jimmie Johnson led the second most laps and even looked to have a chance to win…..until the jack slipped on a late restart and that was only the beginning of his problems as a later run in with one Mr. Busch…not Kyle but his brother Kurt instead added to him falling back and eventually recovering for an 8th place finish *luckily*!! =)

Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin & Tony Stewart who all had good finishes were in numerous entries so with Kyle and Kurt Busch's on track problems it really came down to Tautterkle and Nayoko-Kihara in the final laps going for the win as they had nearly identical driver choices with Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart being on both of their fantasy teams lending to it becoming a battle between Mark Martin (Nayoko-Kihara's pick) and Carl Edwards (Tautterkle's pick) to see whom would finish best~. When Martin fell back late in the race with Edwards up to 9th with less than 25 laps to go it was either entries chance to win….with Martin eventually prevailing in 1st and Edwards dropping back to a 14th place finish~. Rebear I did try to contact you in a reply to remind you that I still needed to receive your 3rd secret driver in a PM but it wasn't received :(……..you had chosen Tony Stewart & Jimmie Johnson both of whom finished really well so you definitely had a chance to tie Nayoko-Kihara for a chance at a tie breaking race off.

Here are the final standing……and congratulations to Nayoko-Kihara as you've just won a new copy of Airiin's latest shashinshuu release "Aoiro." \(^o^)/☆ I'll be sending you a PM for your shipping instructions soon~. ^ ^

1. Nayoko-Kihara—–Drivers Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson & Mark Martin finished 4th, 8th & 1st respectfully for a combined average finish of 4.3

2. Tautterkle—–Drivers Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson & Carl Edwards finished 4th, 8th & 14th respectfully for a combined average finish of 8.6

3. Slasha—–Drivers Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson & Mark Martin finished 33rd, 8th & 1st respectfully for a combined average finish of 14.

4. Anise & Cloves—–Drivers Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch & Juan Pablo Montoya finished 17th, 33rd & 10th respectfullt for a combined average finish of 20.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to …and the winner of Airiin’s photo book is~!

  1. Tautterkle says:

    Congrats Nayoko-Kihara! Wow, that was pretty close~! ^.^


  2. James says:

    Congratulations Nayoko-Kihara ~! You'll love it 🙂 And MB, nice race wrap up 😀


  3. matsuzy says:

    uwahhh airiin's pb~.. i shouldve known there was a contest.. arrghh school.. i never get to go online anymore.. sorry for ranting.. ^^;;


  4. A~hhh I know how life can get so busy but gambatte with your studies! ^ ^…and I *hope* you're doing well ne~. =)


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