Mikitty is married in Hawaii~! \(^o^)/

If you're like me the past hours have been really saddening with the announcement of Kannachan leaving Hello! Project with so much still shrouded in a cloud of vagueness for lack of a better description…….however there is also some very *happy* news to hear as Chocobliss just PM'd me this Yahoo! Japan news article!! Thank you Chocobliss as this really helps to cheer me up so much in this very sad time~. ^ ^ The article says that Mikitty was married to Shouji Tomoharu in Hawaii and it looks to be that their wedding details were kept under wraps quite well leading up to their big day~. I suffered a kanji snafu there with the details of the actual wedding date as it occurred a week ago on the 3rd with their official registration being filed on the 11th. I listen/understand much better than I read Japanese… (*´艸`) Baka ne~ (._.;). A few wedding photos are posted here at the Oricon Style page.

And this goes way back to May of 2007 when Friday magazine first "Friday'd" them together with Mikitty spending time at his home….leading to her stepping down as Momusu's leader. =( Mikitty's perseverance and her outright defiance of the perhaps unwritten "do not date clause" which affects so many idols has shone through!! \(^o^)/☆…as she moves to the next phase of her life~! And it's so wonderful and symbolic that she's now married to the very person that began all of that unnecessary drama and penalties which she suffered back then. Omedetou~~! Mikitty!! I'm so *happy* for you!! o(*´∀`)o゛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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22 Responses to Mikitty is married in Hawaii~! \(^o^)/

  1. Craig says:

    Yeah in the game of life I'd say Miki wins here, definitely not UFA with all their nonsense. (I'm sure Kanna will be fine.)


  2. chocobliss says:

    aaah….surely Mikichan couldve gotten married in Maui on the 4th. I wanna catch the bouquet! Congrats, Miki!


  3. Henkka says:

    Hooray for Miki! Though on the other hand I'm still jealous of the whole thing… Ah well. Good for her I suppose!Anyway MB, I want to drop by and let you know that we've brought tin tee back! Same addy as last time. You're of course welcome to post whenever you'd like if you care to. 🙂


  4. It's really wonderful to see perseverance like this prevail~! Congratulations to Mikitty!!!…and your hubby of course! (*´∀`*)♥


  5. So much was kept under wraps it seems until their big day…..A~h! you were here so near to their wedding day too! They look like such a beautiful couple together and I'm just so happy that their love prevailed all else! ^ ^


  6. Hi Henkka♥. Awww don't be jealous of Mikitty…there's still Girls Generation to chase after ne~. (。ーωー。) But in all seriousness isn't it just so wonderful that they stayed together and Mikitty looks so *gorgeous* in those photos!! So when's your big wedding day?…(^q^) You know you could fly here to Hawaii too o(*´∀`)o゛!A~h I was a bit puzzled when it went 'dead' awhile ago and thank you for thinking of me as part of the *family* there. But you do know that I only have silly things to write ne~….such is the life of being a bit odd. ( ̄▽ ̄)


  7. Henkka says:

    Well you do have a point… And to be perfectly honest (don't smack me for this!), while Mikitty is indeed insanely hot, there might be one or two in Girls' Generation that top even her! But you're right, it is sweet that they managed to stick together after all that. I'm happy for them. 🙂 MB, we've talked about this. I'm sorry, our wedding is not going to happen! 😛 But Hawaii wouldn't be a bad place to be, wedding or not…Oh you're definitely part of the family. 🙂 Hey, silly stuff is what we all post in there. No one expects anyone to be serious at tin tee! 😛 I demand that you post sometime when inspiration strikes. 🙂


  8. LOL I would never think to *smack* you unless it were ♥smack♥ you~. XD You're really……um into Girls Generation ne~ and does this now mean that Sayu is safe?…(^q^) きゃぁーっっっちょっと酷いですね~(/∇\*)!ほんとに信じられない!。。。あたしたちの事。(´⌒`。)Hai~….okay! ( ̄▽ ̄) Thank you for feeling that way….see you are *fluffy* on the inside…(^q^)♥


  9. Henkka says:

    酷いじゃないよ! MB, I'm not saying I won't give you my everlasting, unconditional love but we're not going to waste all that money on just getting people free drinks and food and ourselves some outfits we'll only wear once in our lives, and I definitely don't want us to waste our time just proving to other people that we love each other. I really don't care about other people enough to bother with that. :POh and no, Sayu will never be safe from me for as long as I live! I'm sorry Sayu! ♥ See, I'm not at all fluffy on the inside! :PAlso MB, what on earth is that penguin thing on the side of your blog here?! Why are they following my cursor?! I can move them!! This is madness. Silly penguins! I want them to come live at my house….


  10. LOL….so no traditional wedding…hmmm…………you do know how important a day this is lol! XD OMG for a second there I thought you were going to call the wedding a party! 😮 They are most expensive though ne~…..well there's always Las Vegas and a drive through chapel…… ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。! But the real question is whether you'd *melt* in my mouth and not in my hand? XD Sorry I just saw an ad for M&M's. (。ーωー。) As long as Sayu's undergarments are safe!! Awww aren't they the *cutest*!!! You must agree or the real ♥Pengie♥ will be upset with you! =) I adore penguins….they're so *cute*!!!! Hey stop doing that to the little ones!!! 😮


  11. Actually I think I misread the details as she actually was married I think the very same weekend that you were here in Hawaii…..the 11th is referring to their certification I think? My kanji reading is really poor!!! (._.;) I listen much better…(>_<);


  12. LazyMan1 says:

    Don't worry even the japanese have trouble with kanji to many to memorize ne~


  13. Henkka says:

    No, no traditional wedding… but then why have any wedding at all? 😛 If it's just the ring, I'll get you a ring for fun anyways! You can pretend. 😛 Oh, I'm not the melting type at all. Feel free to take me out of the refrigerator and keep me warm, I won't melt. 😛 No comment on the fate of Sayu's panties…But the little ones are the cutest! *click… click…* Aww!


  14. chocobliss says:

    Hahaha…. I'm sorry. What I meant to say is, I can't speak or read japanese! Even when I dream in japanese, it's only ten words being repeated over and over and over…. but I'll be working on that soon.


  15. Slasha says:

    I was just thinking about her and Shouji not too long ago. A few days after that, I learned that they got married. That was weird, huh? But I'm glad to see that they stayed a happy couple. I hope that they stay happy together for the rest of their lives.


  16. LOL that was sort of boneheaded of me~…(^q^) Thank you for *sympathizing* with my ineptness as I feel much better. =) Okay~..corrections made!


  17. (Imagines Henkka trying to get a ring out of one of those quarter toy machines…..) (・_・); The ceremony is so important though…I cannot believe you wouldn't want a proper wedding~. XD But since I don't eat cake you'd have to eat our slice entirely if that's okay! 😛 Idol undergarments will be off limits once we're married…..um you do you ne~!…(^q^) Please feed my koi too! (*´∀`*)


  18. My grandmother and I would watch TV shows together and I was able to learn much of my Japanese that way….and then she'd help me translate songs later. It was sort of funny though as I don't think she really liked the music I was asking her to help me with…(・_・) But when it comes to reading it does take me awhile with all the kanji characters to learn and I'm really clumsy this way~. (;´□`) There's some really great ways to learn languages now and I'm cheering you on!! Gambatte ne! \(^o^)/


  19. A~h you had a special connection there (*´∀`*)……it all came so suddenly to me as I was clueless of their engagement and I only knew of them still being together. I second that!! I *wish* them all the happiness and a long and prosperous life together~. ^ ^


  20. James says:

    First off, I love it when you and Henkka start chatting XD OK, now, that wedding dress is fluffy cute 😀 and even little parts of Hawaii look beautiful =] You really do live in a beautiful place. It's always nice to see people happy, and a wedding should always be a happy event =D And glad you're cheered up ^-^ Ja ne~


  21. LOL he always knows how to crack me up…(^q^) and were just having a bit of a fun *moment* there! XD They look absolutely radiant and gorgeous in their photos and Hawaii has some really great places for couples to get engaged and married….and if the weather cooperates then it's really lovely. Awww but those are exceptional places…but it is really beautiful here for sure and I'd never take it for granted. =) I guess that's why H!P likes to visit Hawaii so much ne~…although I can never see them when they're here. (;´□`)!


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