Arashi “Everything”

I was in such a panic when I first realized that Cdjapan was indeed already noting Arashi's latest single as "out of print"…and in just a few hours since their new release newsletters were sent out! きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!So I quickly searched YesAsia and (*sigh*…) luckily they always seem to still have Arashi available even when other sites sell out so quickly….thank goodness! (*´∀`*) Just shows just how popular Arashi is!!!! It did take a bit longer to arrive from YesAsia but just knowing that Arashi is on the way kept me in happy suspense!

Debuted at #1 on the Oricon…check!…..with first day sales already topping the 135,000 mark! Sugoi~ne!

Arashi's "Everything" RE CD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

While YesAsia is also out of stock of the LE, the RE as well as a LE Korean version w/DVD can be still ordered here at YesAsia.

Arashi's "Everything" RE can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

Just continuing to ♥ Arashi CD releases including their music videos!…..H!P..(hint! hint!) Both the limited edition and regular editions have quite similar cover artwork with the LE being set on a beach while the RE was shot with a bit of greenery which looks to be just a bit further away from the shorline~. While the LE includes said *wonderful* pv the RE includes karaoke tracks for both title track and coupling with songs which is a rather nice touch.

I'm so hesitant to describe "Everything" as purely a ballad as its song structure is rather well driven and upbeat all the while making me *misty* eyed by its beautifully euphoric feeling ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!! which resonates clearly in its melody♪♪~. The second verse in particular is a most favorited part of mine as the member solos really show off their strong and so unique vocals~. And leave it to Riida to raise *everything* to further heights during the bridge portion. =) "Everything" will be such a crowd pleaser in concert where I can imagine the entire arena seranading in unison~.

From the slightly grainy feeling of the film, to the pv's in studio setting, the circle of mics in addition to the casual attire you just get such a feeling of *warmth* along with an underlying aura of realism to the overall style and look of the pv~. Add in the walking scenes shot in the glow of the sunset and this is absolute joy to watch! Simply, no one does it any better than Arashi~.

Vlcsnap-86976Vlcsnap-87080Vlcsnap-87100Arashi in "Everything"Vlcsnap-87254Vlcsnap-87303Arashi♥Vlcsnap-87448Vlcsnap-87550Vlcsnap-87681Vlcsnap-87946Vlcsnap-88156Vlcsnap-88219Vlcsnap-88883Vlcsnap-88921Vlcsnap-89158

The coupling track "season" will make you *smile* too…such a ultra genki song~ kiite ne~! ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to Arashi “Everything”

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    I take it your a big fan ne~. The song is not bad at all and that is a compliment from me since when i listen to male bands it is a bit more with the hard rock element. for example….少女-ロリヰタ-23区


  2. LazyMan1 says:

    Oh Yea got mine on. (^_-)VDrink Me!


  3. chocobliss says:

    lol YesAsia saves your butt again! MatsuJun is looking cute as always.


  4. Ummm….sort of obsessed! Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!!!lol my next goal may be to turn you into an Arashi fan then! =) Hmm…may be difficult though ne~ as they're not so much a rock group, um not at all but they're sooooooo *awesome*!!! You must believe me! ^ ^ Sorry, just had a moment…(。ーωー。)Shoujo Lolita23Q is really great and this song is so catchy! Let's see…a few of my rock ♥'z would be Glay, Luna Sea and L'arc~en~ciel for guy bands. =)


  5. I just saw the pre-order information for this single…..I'm a bit hesitant though as I'm curious about the 'featuring' in its description. I'm not familiar with "Sweet Black" and whether their a group? I really saw Gomaki becoming purely a solo artist for Avex and I'm sure she will be……or is this her group perhaps and she's the main vocalist?


  6. It's just so scary how quickly Arashi LE's sell out!! (・д・`*) I don't think I've ever witnessed another groups' LE's going out of print within just a few hours after being posted for pre-order so it's always a wild scramble to gey my order in before they're all gone. (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ!! YesAsia saved me once again when I was too slow….otherwise I would've had to search Yahoo! Japan Auctions most likely as I have done in the past before I knew about YesAsia~. XD The bangs definitely suit him ne~♥….um any look is great though when it comes to Matsujun! (*´∀`*)


  7. LazyMan1 says:

    Actually Sweet Black is a project that Maki Goto has started.The Sweet Black Project is a cross media collaboration between J-WAVE,
    Avex and Mixi. Maki Goto herself chose the logo and the name, which is meant
    to reflect the “positive and negative” side of the life of today’s


  8. Sorry for having so many questions.(>_<);…I'm thinking now that this is really a solo Gomaki release? Or is she a part of this project with other vocalists and musicians? I'm very much more intrigued now as she really to date is one of the most talented and expressive vocalist that H!P has been home to. I've seen her appear in Avex concerts with other artists but I would so love to hear/see her perform solo once again as she's so capable and amazing~. =)


  9. LazyMan1 says:

    It's alright i love finding the answers to questions. This is what i know its her debut mini album featuring 8 new tracks (can you call that a mini album?) so her previous tracks with her collaborating with other artists i believe will not be on here. The title on the album says Sweet Black featuring Maki Goto. But i wouldn't read into that much because Sweet Black is a collaboration of Goto and a young lyricist named Hitomi Kanehara. So i believe Maki Goto is the sole singer on this album but thats not a definite since artists tend to team up with popular singers on a song or two on there albums. Sorry i could not get you more but im relying on others for my info and since Im not at the learning a new language portion of my degree my vocabulary for Japanese is equivalent to a three year old….To all the 3 year olds i just compared my self to Gomen. (^_^)V


  10. LazyMan1 says:

    This has absolutely no relation to our previous topic above but…I have grown very frustrated lately. Probably the greatest song i ever heard a song i absolutely adore a song i really really want is out of reach and no matter what i do to try to get it its all for not i meet with failure sorry for the rant. (Ò_Ó) My Failure (^_^) lol


  11. Oh no thank you so much for finding all of these details as I'm really thinking about pre-ordering her album now that there is hope that it'll be a solo effort. ^ ^ I appreciate all of the information your sharing and I'm looking at the LE edition as extras are always so much of a plus! My reading of kanji would make me a very young equivalent too!! XD


  12. Wow Melon Kinenbi teaming up with Beat Crusaders!! I've always loved their rock approach as much as their pop songs with "Onegai miwaku no target" being a most favorite♥ song of mine~. And their still on Up Front Works…..very awesome live clip!! A~h is the song that difficult to find? Perhaps it could be found on auctions or second hand shops in Japan as there are some great online sites to search. =)


  13. LazyMan1 says:

    Yea its pretty difficult it was a Tower Records release only and my japanese is not that good so im lost on there web site but i will keep a look out hopefully it will show up soon from some second hand shop or something Ganbatte!! (^_^)V


  14. I had no idea that Melon Kinenbi was selling their latest singles exclusively through a record store chain……hai~! look what I found here!! It's still sealed and at only 900 yen so far with four days left in this auction. =) You could ask Ohta to bid on this single for you by telling him what your maximum bid would be in yen. He's very trustworthy and reliable with auctions as I've asked him to bid on a few items in the past too. If you're interested I can PM you his e-mail address so that you can contact him before the auction ends. ^ ^


  15. LazyMan1 says:

    Thank you that's so sweet of you to do that, but i may be able to get it with out bothering anyone to much. I have a friend who may finally be making a trip to japan to visit relatives even though she does not speak Japanese but she said she will stop by Tower Records and pick it up for me lets hope she does not lose her nerves and chickens out lol, But again thanks for the offer i might have taken it if i didn't happen to be whining about it today to her for a couple hours hence why she made the offer, to shut me up lol.


  16. That's so *wonderful* and I hope your dear friend gets you their single~! ^ ^ I love the cover where Melon Kinenbi is holding up signs in front of their faces!..just like the musicians in their pv~. =)


  17. LazyMan1 says:

    hai so desu ne~ maybe she can pick up the second single release while she is there ne~.


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