Seems like only yesterday you entered my world through your very first indies video release~

Seems like only yesterday you made C-ute complete~

Seems like only yesterday you touched me with your performance of "I Wish"~

Seems like only yesterday your performance in those battle concerts moved me so much~

Seems like only yesterday you kicked Riichan's butt in bowling~

Seems like only yesterday you made me ( ̄▽ ̄) so much~

Seems like only yesterday the most rude of fans refused to shake your hand at a meet & greet event~ (´⌒`。)

Seems like only yesterday that many voted for you to be their very first pick on our imaginary little league teams~

Seems like only yesterday you fought through so much~ \(^o^)/☆

Seems like only yesterday your *adorableness* brightened Hello! Project so much~

Seems like only yesterday a 6nin lineup was unthinkable~

Seems like only yesterday you were sidelined with an ailment with us all  eagerly awaiting your return~

Seems like only yesterday you've been gone too long~ (;´□`)

~May you smile always and know in your heart that we all ♥ you so much~

The past two singles were just not the same without you there. First with Megumi and now with your departure C-ute will once again be forever changed. Just know that in your heart of ♥'s you will be so missed and from my deepest of thoughts I will never forget you~. with ♥

So many things went through my mind as I read both Charmy Risuzu's PM & Strawberrie's comment here……like how did we reach here?

How our dear Kannachan must have contemplated so much in her absence. The daily grind that must have been overwhelming at times. How much scrutiny and criticism can one take. Maybe fans should be more caring and careful with their words and actions. From fan sites to actual meetings surely one must put themselves into another's shoes before laying such judgments or words on another. How much did those "fans" truly affect her psyche when they blatantly brought her to tears in purposely ignoring her at meet & greet events? Do idols read or get translations of fan sites where words can often be piercing and hurtful? Whether that's true or not all authors who contribute to this most wonderful thing we know as the worldwide web share in a responsibility. Maybe to heed mom's words which resonate…if you have only hurtful words to share about someone, maybe it's best to not express them at times. We're all very much the same…we all dream, hurt, & love~.

But how did we truly reach here? At 16 most are free to mature and grow up out of the spotlight. Without needing to adhere to those perhaps unwritten rules……no dating publicly. There was Kannachans's dating Hashimoto Ryosuke. How during her absence might have she dreamed and finally realized that a life outside of daily scrutiny and overbearing rules was what she longed for the most. She would be able to date freely. Free without tabloid attacks. Free without unflattering press. Free. But if not entirely for a normal social life she may have also contemplated long forgotten goals….those that we each think up and aspire to at an early age when our teachers present us with career workshops. Just from the outside the life of an idol/artist looks so demanding. Rigorous schedules…dance rehearsals…stage preparation….musicals….voice lessons….photo shoots….fan events….constant travel….unimaginable pressure to perform….and so much time spent away from *home*. Perhaps there is a *solace* to be found there…..or for some elsewhere. Another career direction and lifestyle eagerly awaiting her. o(*´∀`)o゛

Kannachan also celebrated a birthday while on hiatus….away from the daily spotlight and demands. And in the end, it may have been in blowing out those very candles under normal cirumstances…where her dreams truly lay~.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to 栞菜ちゃんへ。。。

  1. James says:

    A very lovely post……. lovely, yet sad. *hug* Kana-chan will truely
    be missed. But if she's happier now, then I'm glad for her 🙂 ……. a sad sort of glad. Now ℃-ute
    will feel a little empty ;__; I was just waiting for her return, and now today– wow T__T *hug*


  2. La-Rush says:

    this post resemble my lonely heart for Kanna-chanshe is my fav member of C-utejust miss her totallythanks for this*wipe tears*


  3. Guldari says:

    I can't believe it…We will miss her…Sayonara, 'Kanna' ㅠ.ㅠ


  4. I'm just really thinking that with all that was going on before her hiatus and with so much time to focus and ponder on her career she may have just found that the idol life was maybe not suited to her as much as she once found it. I so *wish* for her to have made this decision to better her happiness and nothing else….but I know it's been difficult for her with a few instances leading up to this. C-ute is really shrinking ne~ (;´□`) First Megumichan and now Kannachan. (´⌒`。)


  5. I was just so shocked and taken by this most sad news….it actually took me awhile to be able to gather my thoughts and write something that would be readable. I *adore* her so much too and H!P just lost such a great member yesterday. (;´□`) I *wish* Kannachan the very best and I hope she finds happiness~.^ ^


  6. I just never imagined C-ute becoming a 6 member group as I just really thought that Kannachan would return no doubt after recovering. So much time passed and I have to think that she must have pondered this decision so much before making it final. It must have been so difficult to decide but perhaps her heart wasn't in it anymore to be an idol. We'll miss you Kannachan. I hope you capture your *happiness*. ^ ^


  7. LazyMan1 says:

    Well what ever the reason she left it really is nothing new. I will really miss her but ever since Fukuda Asuka left Morning Musume to now girls either decide the life style is not for them or know that being an Idol is a fleeting moment and so to be able to survive in the world they have to get a set of skills to get a job like konkon leaving to attend college. Very few idols continue to have a successful career beyond the age of 25 plus years maybe kanna-chan figured that all out and wants to secure a stable and secure living. What ever the reason I hope for the best for her. Ganbatte!!! V(^_^)V


  8. Absolutely all great points as only some members will be able to go on to further careers in the entertainment business…..like perhaps with Aichan being the golden choice right now as she can no doubt lead a career in acting or singing even after H!P. =) So true as I hinted above with career workshops at an early age…..surely she must have career aspirations and maybe it was just time to begin those outside of idol life. ^ ^


  9. That was a very lovely post as I was very heartbroken when she left and It was like the world was ending for me.But I actually loved everyone in C-ute and I don't look that much at h!p that often anymore but I still do look at them often but that's because american idol and akb48 fandom has taken me away from it somehow. XD But I don't want to leave.


  10. Hello!Jessie says:

    That was such a sad post!
    I really cant beleive that she isnt in H!P anymore. I heard the rumors but still…The thing that stinks is that I wasnt really a fan of hers at first but then I watched more things (like her I wish preformance) and toke more notice of her…and now she isnt coming back =[


  11. So much time had passed since her hiatus began and her return I just kept thinking would be soon. It came as such a shock to me as well and I just hope that the other members are doing okay as it surely must be most difficult for them. (;´□`) Just be true to yourself with your love of music♪♪~ as there's so much out there to experience and hear. ^ ^


  12. I was having a difficult time at first writing this as I needed to get some tissues…..shhhh don't tell anyone that I kept tearing up~. (´⌒`。)I think it may have been that way for other fans too. I really hope that this was done purely on her own terms and that it didn't have anything to do with relationship issues or such as it would be really saddening if something like that forced her out instead. In any case I think the experiences of being in an idol group could only have made her stronger and much more prepared for whatever endeavors she decides to set her heart upon from now on~. (*´∀`*) I'll miss her too.


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