~Covergirl Maimi, a vision from Conan O’Brien & an invasion of Miya’s bedroom~ ( ̄▽ ̄)

Um….more from Conan later…..but first…

..I received a most *endearing* e-mail earlier this morning from a most dear friend in the UK….which has got me through today in a most happy and euphoric mood…please forgive my strangeness which may show tonight while I type this~ (。ーωー。) ♪♪~

I'm currently watching an older anime series "Comic Party" that a friend sent me awhile back so I promise to try not babble for too long! ( ̄O ̄*)!

UTB continues to return to grand form and by that I do mean in my most biased of senses….as H!P is really being featured much more as they used to once absolutely fill this publication with member/group features from cover to cover. =) The highlight first and foremost being the latest issue's *covergirl* Maimichan! \(^o^)/☆ Also it's notable to say that if you're a fan of AKB48 you'd surely find this idol magazine a worthy read as they're regularly featured in every issue…a trend which has lasted for at least the last few months till now and it doesn't appear to be fading away anytime soon either~! Hmm….I'm a bit puzzled by the appearance of SKE48….dare desuka? (・c_・;)?A mini unit? Shuffle group? Has Tsunku gotten to them too? (^o^)!!

Even the new spine of UTB says it all……awesome quality & long gravure! Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)!Or should I say longer gravure as the main idol features have certainly grown in length….add in glossy covers, flat style spine, 110 pages+, beautiful photography, informative articles, idol games, idol news and Yes~! lots of H!P! =)

Subscriptions to UTB are available at Cdjapan.

Individual issues of UTB are also available at Amazon Japan.

While the beloved DVD extra is no longer included the return or those cute trading cards has commenced and in each issue you'll receive a total of five cards….randomly inserted from three possible sets (scanned above). UTB does a great job at separating all that a fan may love with the idol's being featured as for example if there are three H!P members, each set will then include one of their cards each so no matter which set you end up receiving you're assured to find a most *adored* member waiting there for you in that little pouch midway through each issue~. My issue included set A w/ Maimichan! ^ ^

C-ute's Yajima Maimi headlines the issue with the very first idol feature and as has been with the past few issues her photos aren't off shots from her recent shashinshuu but rather 100% original~. As always *seifuku*= ~♥~

A girl just can't be more beautiful can she!


You see awhile back I asked Mr. O'Brien for some most needed help in finding out just what will occur in the coming years as the Hello! Project Eggs grown and mature and he was so eager and *kind* back then to lend a hand…his mind..and a very special crystal ball which sees into the future ala: "…In the year 2000" fame~!

We learned many valuable truths including likd how…in the year 2012….Tsunku will become Berryz Koubou's 8th member while stealing the member color pink from a stunned Momo and also of the creation of Tsunku's most grand shuffle group ever who'll bear the name "Asudawamanairosekitty!!" And the clocks really ticking Conan so we better see some of these come true soon ne~……."love triangles?!!"…."mistaken identity cosplay?!….now I know you're  most intrigued ne and just in case you missed it earlier you can read on for more of  Mr. O'Brien's predictions here~. XD

Me: So have you had any new visions of Hello! Project recently Conan?

Conan: Andy stop playing with your chicken!…sheesh where's Max when you really need him?!! E Street Band? Tour? I didn't know they were still around! (ducks! XD)….

Me: Ano ne~….

Conan: I think the movers lost our future seeing turbans when we moved! And no crystal ball either?!! Oh I did have one vision come to me while I was shaving this morning wearing only boxer briefs~….

Me: O_o……

Conan:…….(Cues the darkness and hand held flashlights…) In the year 2010 the one named little Maimai will shoot her very first photo book. I once received a lomi~lomi and ate Mahi~mahi while on vacation in Hawaii~…but what the heck is a Mai~mai?! Can you eat it…..I hope so as it sounds absolutely delicious!~ =D


Seems that Conan was just looking through the lates issue of UTB……we really need to find those turbans and quick! =)……………without them he's just making stuff up!………

……As most readers of UTB know that a photo feature appearance in these pages in most most cases means that a shashinshuu is in the works…on the way……being thought up……or at least is an inkling in Tsunku's never resting mind~. And here's Maimai in UTB…….I wonder if Conan could be right ne~? (・c_・;)?

~Conan has left the building…..~

Was it politically incorrect to call this feature…"Let's Invade (insert idol's name)'s room?" Seeing that how this long running feature has been renamed…..hmm…..most likely at some time or another we've all found ourselves pondering things like…."does Junjun really have banana shaped furniture in her bedroom?"….or "is there anything else in Kohachan's tiny refrigerator besides Red Bull & Amp Enery drinks?"…and "is Kamei's room really that ~♥messy♥~?!!!!………or is it just me? (。ーωー。)~

Well….at the very least we do get a peak inside of the goings on in Miya's most adorable room! o(*´∀`)o゛♥ The diagram Miya drew of her bedroom is most awesome!!! *Cute* & cozy! ^ ^

My scanner seems to be having a *moment*….why is that image so crooked?!! O_o?! It's Maimichan's new pb event with fans~! =)

And how does Maimi manage to ward off evil?…..should one pack just a cross or silver bullets & holy water as well?

For those answers to such burning questions and more you'll just have to subscribe~!..(*´艸`)

Hirano Aya also gets a two page article featuring here new shashinshuu release titled "Girlfriend" which was just given away here this past Saturday~. ^ ^ Here there's a most adorable photo of Ayachan holding said most *cute* photo book at her shashinshuu release event! =) ↓↓↓

….And remember no "runing" around the pool! XD Who stole the "n?"


And last but definitely not least!!! is Airiin with some most *adorable* off shots from her latest shashinshuu release "Aoiro" which will be given away this Saturday night….with live coverage of the race being televised! =)


Sayu will also be releasing a new shashinshuu on July 13th!↓↓↓↓


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to ~Covergirl Maimi, a vision from Conan O’Brien & an invasion of Miya’s bedroom~ ( ̄▽ ̄)

  1. James says:

    As always I'm envious XD Maimi looks perfect as usual, and….Maimai~! Soooooooo needs a PB :3 Hope Conan is right XP She's so cute and adorable. I like this "Room inv– check" thing 😀 It's neat to see little things like that. And I'm always happy to see Airi-chan ^o^ I can't wait to get a subscription 😀 Hirano Aya is also most adorable. Also…..>_>…..<_<…….. I stole the "n", muhahahaha, *cough* *cough* 😛 This magazine makes you let out a low "Awwwwww" when you open it XD Hope you've had a nice week =] Ja ne~


  2. maiZe says:

    Awww…. Maimi's the cover girl?! T__T I told you that I went to Kinokunia on my last day in LA… Unfortunately it seems like all the H!P fans got there before me and cleaned out their UTB stock. The only issue they had left was the October 2008 issue, which I had seen in NYC last year when I met up with Ray, wu and pengie in October.


  3. Slasha says:

    Yay Maimi for being that covergirl. I think she has some of the best photos. Also thank you MB for the Conan reference. I watched his show for years and to see him and H!P together…pure awesomeness.
    Can't wait to see Sayu's new PB and I can't wait to see if Maimai will release one soon.


  4. LazyMan1 says:

    Seems Like HP is making a push again to dominate the idol world again. I guess they are not relying on their name to sell but actually putting an effort to put out their idols so everyone will know who they are and get to liking them. They have the good music i think they just need to get more exposure for their idols and things will be looking up for them again. (^_^)V


  5. I hope they carry UTB at the expo your going to soon~! I think you'd be really impressed by it's format and quality as it's really one of the *prettiest* of idol publications. Hmmm…..lol I'm still waiting for Conan's other predictions to come true!…(^q^) I guess I just thought that perhaps Ume would have a pb first or well….next but you really never know when it's H!P! =) It's one of their most interesting and fun features…used to be two pages before though but still it's fun to be able to see how your favorite idol's have their bedrooms designed and where all of their furniture and plushies are~! A~h you're going to subscribe?!! With the re-emergence of so much H!P in UTB though I think it'll be so worth it and that way you'll never miss an issue~. lol…so that's where the "n" went! (。ーωー。)


  6. I'm always under suspense whenever I go to pick up a subscription….wondering who's going to be on the cover???…will it be a H!P member??? There was such a drought for H!P being featured on UTB covers that I just never really expect it recently. When I think "Covergirl", Maimichan is just so *perfect*! =) Kinokunia…a bookstore chain? Like Bookoff? Kyaaaa! I can't believe that they bought them all?! (;´□`)I hope IndigoSkies can find UTB in New York for you and if you want to purchase individual issues Amazon Japan has most of the recent issues still available. ^ ^ I used to not like scanning books or magazines as they really lose their shape by the time you're done…..but I sort of stack some books on them afterward and they seem to be okay~. =)


  7. UTB has been doing quite a few original photo features on Maimi in the past few issues….using photos not from off shots which is sometimes rare whenever an idol has a new pb just released. =) I was having sort of a Conan *moment* there which then leads to silly things…(^q^) I love watching his late show too….ugh! it's just that I don't see it very often now with my early work schedule. (;´□`) So I usually only see it on Fridays now with the weekends being off days for me. =) He's just so spontaenously original and so funny with his monologue always♥! I wonder if Triumph made the trip to California??? H!P pbs just never end it seems~! There's like a new one every few weeks being released! Sayu is always so *adorable*!!….and I wonder if Conan is correct about Maimai??? (・c_・;)?


  8. UFA going to UFI was an early sign and hopefully for things to continue this way~. =) Just imagine the possibilities that H!P has if they really want to expand in a more worldwide sense like with making their merchandise readily available to international fans in more different countries. Still *wishing*…International FC! (*´∀`*) And so great to have such a popular publication company like Wani Books supporting them so much as they specialize in idol publications~. Maimichan looks so *gorgeous* as their covergirl! ^ ^


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