“The Legend of the Shadowless Sword” (Highly recommended viewing)

……………just re-watched this last night and it's still highly recommended viewing~!

I don't often recommend films here but the impact this film left on me was much to powerful to not mention. I won't go into deep detail regarding the storyline which is nothing short of sensational as I wouldn't want to spoil anything for a first time viewer. The title "The Legend of the Shadowless Sword" is an adapted U.S. version release title as the film is originally titled "Shadowless Sword" as it was released in Korea. Although the story is based in ancient Korea, the film was shot on location in China utilizing their often breathtaking landscapes as the perfect backdrop to this epic story. Choreography wise..think "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" meets "Shinobi" meets "The House of Flying Daggers" but add in an extra intense sense of visual realism as the battle scenes are shot without the need to soften the bloodshed giving the film an intense impact on the viewer throughout. Often times martial arts films tend to pad the audience from the bloodshed and lopping off of limbs but here the director had no such agenda and while "gore" itself doesn't necessarily automatically give an action film or anything within the genre instant validation…here it's done in an almost necessary tone giving "The Legend of the Shadowless Sword" just that whether intentional or not. The engaging storyline also sets this film apart from some of its predecessors as the main characters are given ample time to be developed before the audience, all while not slowing down this on the edge epic in any way. The wire work is spectacular and nothing short of what the very best choreography can produce complimenting the film without ever giving one the sense that it's being overdone in any sense and be prepared to view one of the most dazzling underwater shot battle scenes ever produced in cinema.

Briefly, the story is set in ancient Korea in a time when the very throne and country's future lay at stake with the ongoing assassinations of heirs and possible future heirs to the country's throne. A dark army has but one heir left to kill…enter in…

the main female lead, "Soha" (played by Yoon Soy/ Yoon So-Yi) as she is given the deadly task of locating and safely guiding…

…"Prince Jung-Hyun" (played by Lee Seo Jin) and you can imagine his reluctancy to return quietly as heir to the throne given the ongoing assassinations to that very seat. An aspect that I really love about this film is that the main female lead (Yoon So-Yi) is by far the #1 butt kicking character in the entire film and in addition to her wonderful deadliness is the fact that Yoon So-Yi is drop dead beautiful! What better way to portray the film's strong lead heroine than with an actress of such striking beauty…casting gets an A+ for this alone. ("Azumi" would be another fine example of sensational casting with Ueto Aya) And likewise, one of her nemesis is along the same league in striking appearance although I definitely give the overwhelming edge to Yoon So-Yi without a doubt. And if you get your hands on the U.S. version, in addition to a making of featurette there's also the inclusion of interviews with the main three actors in the story…you won't believe what Yoon So-Yi is like out of character! She really really embraced the role and it's just amazing to see her looks and demeanor in an outside setting. Okay so I haven't given away too much right?…and hopefully just enough to whet your appetite I hope!


And just to be sure you'll want to watch, here's both an original music video as well as the trailer below…enjoy! ^-^


Click play! ^ ^

I've never been a fan of Korean music but I do love the emotions of this song a lot. ^-^



Click play! =)

And the trailer…don't you ever wonder how "movie voice" guy (narrator) came to be…?

Yes evil never looked so attractive…but still she's got nothing on Yoon So-Yi!…

…..oh, and be on the lookout for a substantial cameo appearance by a very very familar face in Korean dramas and cinema, Choi Ji Woo (seen above in a production shot from the making of featurette)…now you know this film has everything!

"The Legend of the Shadowless Sword" can be purchased here at Amazon.com.

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4 Responses to “The Legend of the Shadowless Sword” (Highly recommended viewing)

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    Gotta love a movie with cute girls with swords and a lot bloodshed the perfect combo for a movie. (^_^)V


  2. I was soooo impressed by every aspect of this movie!! And I just love martial arts action films of all sorts whether they're of the fantasy or historical genre~. This was so well done…the perfect blend of great storyline, character development and actors all brought together with breathtaking choreography to mesh it all! Oh yes and it's very *pretty* too~. ^ ^


  3. Alezra says:

    Waaah they are all so beautiful! O.O And the movie seems really cool! I soo have to buy this one! XD ❤ Totally!*Hugs*


  4. What's great is that it was released outside of Korea as well so even the extra featurettes are subtitled and it's not too expensive. =) The actors and actresses are really amazing and when you see/hear them out of character in their interviews you really realize how transformed they were in character! It's totally worth it!!…I think you'll love this movie too~! ^ ^


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