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A~hhhh I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth in case you’re wondering! (。ーωー。) It’s just been a busy week and I know that I haven’t posted here for so long. (;´□`) Work and a few family get togethers … Continue reading

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Taking a *bite* out of life~ ( ̄◇ ̄*)

Everytime we’re at the beach at least one friend will say that I’m wayyyy too thin!!!! (・_・)? Guys usually don’t have any comments so you never know what they’re thinking most of the time….why is that? Hmmm….just another nonsense post … Continue reading

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Hello! Project’s ♥”Chample 1~ Happy Marriage Song Cover shuu~”♥

チャンプル1~ハッピーマリッジソングカバー集~ ~The cast~ "Chample1~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~" "Chample1~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~" album (first press) Hello! Project's latest all cover song~ release puts a modern spin on some very notable songs from Japan's yesteryear~….and just about everyone's invited for … Continue reading

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Now listening♪♪….watching…..hoping to find the time to watch/listen…..( ̄O ̄*)!

Cdjapan order… I think I'm most looking forward to Sayu's kick boxing which is in the track listing on her newly released "20's time" DVD as Sayu + any type of sports = ( ̄▽ ̄)♥. Her accompanying shashinshuu "20sai 7Gatsu 13Nichi" … Continue reading

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HelloStoreUSA coming soon!

HelloStoreUSA Just heard this from Tautterkle!! And the long wait and prayers for an official store overseas here in the U.S. has finally been answered!! Next to H!P reopening their official store in Waikiki here in Hawaii…this is definitely the … Continue reading

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VAMPS to perform in Hawaii on September 13th!

HYDE Their performance is set for September 13th and will be held at the Battleship Missouri which I just heard was heading to dry dock? for maintenance. If I drive for just a few minutes I can see the Battleship … Continue reading

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Haruhi & Mikuru

Suzumiya Haruhi & *friends* When it comes to collecting figures I can become sort of obsessed at times when either a game or anime series really *moves* me and while the standard figures are nice what I really ♥ are … Continue reading

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…and the winner of Airiin’s photo book is~!

~Suzuki Airi giveaway shashinshuu~ The Chicagoland race really threw so many monkey wrenches into the mix in the final laps making for a most exciting finish to it all! First and foremost Mark Martin was the driver to beat as … Continue reading

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Mikitty is married in Hawaii~! \(^o^)/

If you're like me the past hours have been really saddening with the announcement of Kannachan leaving Hello! Project with so much still shrouded in a cloud of vagueness for lack of a better description…….however there is also some very … Continue reading

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Arashi “Everything”

Arashi in "Everything" Arashi "Everything" LE w/DVD & RE CDs I was in such a panic when I first realized that Cdjapan was indeed already noting Arashi's latest single as "out of print"…and in just a few hours since their … Continue reading

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