Miso, ogo, tofu, soba and a *pretty* continental salad~! Oh and one very dear little friend! o(*´∀`)o゛Not all for me of course!!….and a friend of mine keeps referring to this style of eating as "viking"…..lol it's rather the way the Japanese refer to a buffet as we call it here in America. "Bainkingu…."

Whenever there's soba I'm always in ♥~! I can't even explain how much I love soba!! And it doesn't matter how it's prepared or pretty much what it's eaten with. Yakisoba and any kind of udon noodles….but my most favorite has to be zarusoba! We even have those pretty serving dishes for them as there was a time when zarusoba was eaten a minimum of at least 5 times week every week for dinner! ………(゜∀゜)………。And ramen of course must be mentioned….the only thing being that I for one cannot seem to capture the enjoyment of ramen quite the way other Japanese do. What I mean is how they're able to *slurp*~*slurp*~*slurp*~~~~~~them up so quickly especially when they're so hot!!!! (゜Д゜;) And seemingly without burning themselves too! 😮 Here I am blowing on them first! (。ーωー。) When I was little my grandmother used to tell me that all of that *slurping* sounds that you hear means that the person is truly enjoying their meal and a compliment to its preparer! (*´∀`*)♪♪ I fail so badly here and I fear that the cook may think me rude as there isn't much sound to speak of when I eat ramen~.

So what's your favorite noodle? ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to 今日。。。

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    All i can say is Yummy!!! V(^_^)V


  2. We're having mochiko chicken tonight but now I want to have soba again. Gomen!..I so love food! XD


  3. anninjapan says:

    バイキング面白いですね。食えるだけ、食べます。 😉


  4. そう私も、ちょっと若い時の思い出。。。あたしね寿司がほんとに大嫌い!ええ!!生の食べ物???!(・д・`*)! 食べられないと、ずっとたべられないと。でも、今寿司は大好き!。あたしばかね~。(^q^)


  5. CK says:

    Whenever I am in Japan I always remember to "slurp" my noodles. It's fun! Most all of the sushi restaurants give you a soup with your meal. And they usually have the thick noodles (is that soba?) along with onions and pork. Awww, MB…now I want to go back to Japan to have lunch! Actually, I would love to be at the other end of that little spread of yours. (Hehe!)


  6. pettomomo says:

    I just had GreenTea cha soba at Sushi Tei a few days ago.. It has salmon fish and ikura (fish roe) on it. Cho Oishiiiiiii desu ne!!!
    I am addicted to Cha Soba. I love them more than ramen actually =D


  7. James says:

    You and your little friend looks like you were in for a delicious meal 😀
    I haven't had good noodles in donkey years~! It sucks living where I do; can't get decent Japanese food….. in fact none at all T__T So I have to make my own and that never ends well 😛 But, if I remember right then my favourite noodles are ramen (… Also, the slurping adds in air to the food and does something to the flavour…
    apparently 😀 I just like being able to enjoy noodles without having to
    be *polite* to other people XD …) and maybe soba if my memory isn't failing XD Also, you're über cute in the picture :3


  8. I would no doubt fair in comparison to your *slurping* abilities!! (・д・`*)!! Hmm..I think you're enjoying udon…I love those too! A~h! you're so lucky to have been there so many times already! \(^o^)/☆Awwww..but don't forget what a simple cook I still am!…(^q^) But when it comes to soba this is one thing that I can prepare rather well~. =)


  9. They just do it so quickly that it astounds me…..I'm thinking..still hot! still hot! (;´□`) I've burned the top of my mouth that way before just trying which caused some laughter at the table…hmmm not mentioning any names though! XD The flat style of noodles are great too~! My mom sometimes cooks chow fun with them with bean sprouts, carrots and a few other vegetables…yummy!!


  10. I looooove salmon!!! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ and green tea!!! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ A~h! that sounds so delicious!! The combination must be incredible I imagine and now I want to eat noodles again! XD


  11. We don't always get to eat like that so it was really extra special~~! E~~h?!!! 'donkey years?' I was hoping that some markets there would import Japanese food items although I imagine that could be quite expensive and maybe it's holding some back from selling them? Oh but you're trying and I think that's great of you! I'm like the world's worst slurper! (;´□`)! You'd think I'd be much better as I've been raised around noodles and especially ramen noodles all my life. (・_・) You're so sweet♥!! but you did mean the little one didn't you? XD


  12. James says:

    Woops XD Ah, "donkey years" must be either colloquially Australian or just my family. It means a really, really long time 😀 I forget that things you say aren't always wildily known XD Well, they do have some Asian food items at our local supermarket, but it's mostly Thai and Chinese. Although they do have a few Japanese noodles and Miso paste (… mind you, the miso paste is something new that they've gotten in XD …) and Sushi ingredients, although I rarely get to make sushi T_T I'm hoping to find a nice Japanese restaurant in Sydney when I go down. Got any suggestions of what I should order if I happen to find one? ^-^ You need more slurping practice then XD And I always mean you~ ^ ^


  13. Alezra says:

    I slurp alot to hahahah XD I argue alot with my sis… she's really sensitive…well she hates when someone is sweaty, slurping soup or what ever… when someone is glaring at her…. So i do it even more just to be a pain in the butt… It's really fun actually XDOh i love ramen XD Totally yummy!And you are soooo cute!!!!!! ❤ Omigosh that picture looks totally cozy! <3*Big hugs*


  14. LOL! I was sort of guessing that but wasn't too sure! XD Do donkeys live long lives??? (・c_・;)?You needn't have to answer that~! 😛 Oh a Thai restaurant just opened up nearby to us! I…um still need to visit but I really do love Thai food a lot! Chinese food is great too! And my mom really loves getting Chinese as often as we can! Hmm….it's difficult to suggest unless I really know your tastes properly………this is silly but I would order tsukiyaki!….red miso soup!….zarusoba!..with a pretty salad! Hmm..that may be too much food! ^ ^ If you love raw fish then maguro would be great too or sashimi~! lol Pinky was so happy though!…(^q^)


  15. OMG that sounds so funny!!…(^q^) Just trying to picture you and your sister having staring wars and um…..sweaty soup eating! XD That is definitely one of the downfalls of eating ramen especially during the summer when I'm already sweating without doing anything. (;´□`) But still I want it!!! Yummy!! Yummy!! We only eat like that a few times in a month so it's always something to so look forward to~! And you're so *sweet*! (*´∀`*) I think you have much prettier facial features as I'm more on the ordinary looking side~! ^ ^


  16. James says:

    I have no idea how long donkeys live for o_o Hold on a sec……………. [1] <= answers your question ^o^ It really is an odd expression XD Not quite sure where it came from. I don't hate Thai or Chinese food, it's quite nice actually, but it's not my favourite. It probably sounds silly, but I like how Japanese food is homely….. if that makes sense ^-^ Thanks for the suggestions, I just have to find a place to order them from now ^ ^ yay~


  17. '25 to 30 years'!!! I'd love my donkey plenty! XD In authentic
    restaurants it's amazing how everything is served separately and before
    you know it your entire table is covered with little containers!
    (*´∀`*) It's all about the presentation! Food tastes even better when
    it's presented in a *pretty* fashion…..although I've had great messy
    food as well! 😛 I hope Sydney has some great Japanese restaurants for
    you to eat at! Gambatte ne~! ^


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