C-ute’s “Music V Tokushuu 2 Cutie Visual” DVD & time to start your very own C-ute fantasy league~.

There’s nothing like having all of your favorite♥ music videos all in one place! Convenience and a *cute* package as C-ute has just released their 2nd pv compilation collection on June 24th.

The DVD has a running time of approximately 77 minutes and in addition to the original versions for all of their major label release singles  from “Sakura chirari” to “Bye Bye Bye!” you’ll also find dance shot versions for all 8 singles and for songs like “Sakura chirari” which didn’t see a dance shot version the first time around on either their CD or pv DVD single releases this little bit makes it a worthwhile addition in addition of course to the convenience and prettyness of having them all together~. Also included are separate TV-spots in both 15 and 30 second versions for all eight singles and TV-spots for their album releases “2 mini~生きるというか~”, “3rd~LOVE エスカレーション!~” and “憧れMY STAR.” I love when these are voiced by the members themselves which makes for cute ads~!

C-ute’s “Music V Tokushuu 2 Cutie Visual” DVD can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

C-ute’s “Music V Tokushuu 2 Cutie Visual” DVD can be ordered here at YesAsia.

The nicest treat though was finding an all “C-ute Version” music video of their special release single “Koero! Rakuten Eagles” on this DVD! The Pucchi Best 9 DVD previously included the original version of this pv, however…..

……now instead of……………



..and this.

We now get…..

~♥This!!……oh dear Kannachan where art thou?

So it’s draft day for your little league team and you have the #1 pick! Whom would make your roster first?

Please click~* here for Vizu poll.

Now isn’t that much better!!♥


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to C-ute’s “Music V Tokushuu 2 Cutie Visual” DVD & time to start your very own C-ute fantasy league~.

  1. La-Rush says:

    i miss Kannaand she appears herethank u!!


  2. Alezra says:

    Awwwwwwwh they are the cutest ever XD <3Oh the first one i would pick would totally be Maimi XD She's soo soo so…….beautiful and tottaly cute!…they all are though :3 huhuhu!I love to play baseball btw…. though i always play with the boys…. D: I'm the only tomboy…. No one from my girlfriends like to play sports-_-….. well except from basket and tennis :3 But i cant help liking boyish things so whatever ne XD <3…. And what is boyish things anyway…who said cars are only for boys and and fotball OoO I mean girls drive cars alsow and plays fotball ne XD So why not call driffting or whatever girly XD Hhahaha well what ever sorry for the big text with alot of my blag´h blah XD*Big Hugs* :3 to u hun'


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    Thats a nice handy dandy DVD to get. I would have a blast watching all there videos in one sitting, i really cant wait for more DVD magazines from cute. (^_^)


  4. Me too. (´⌒`。) I hope she returns to C-ute/H!P soon…seems like she's been gone for so long now. 😦


  5. Maimichan is so beautiful! If it were girls against the boys I think she definitely could….um distract them! XD She's really athletic and very quick too…..although I don't think she could hit a baseball very well. 😛 I can't either so I feel her pain! A~h you're awesome to be able to play with them!! \(^o^)/☆ I'd probably fair much better at tennis than anything else. XD Just wish I were taller though! (._.;)So true~! We really can enjoy the very same things and also excel at them too! Hai~! hai~! o(*´∀`)o゛♥


  6. I just love getting compilations and H!P always manages to add in a few extras and new versions which were previously unreleased. They release so many DVD Magazines!!! I love when they play games in them especially! So funny…I'm sort of simple minded like that! XD


  7. LazyMan1 says:

    Wow that makes me simple minded as well then cause i to like when they play games, they make me laugh. It so fun being simple minded living in my own little perfect world, i invite all to come play in my cute little HP world yay!!! (^_^)V


  8. I'm always like E~H?! where did they think up something like that!!…(^q^) The most fun and the most strange games come from Japan for sure! It's true, it's fun being simple~. So happy that it's Friday ne~! =)


  9. LazyMan1 says:

    that is why i am going to study abroad in japan i love all there cool ideas even though they may be a bit strange sometimes it makes for such a refreshing way of life. (^_^)d


  10. You're so *lucky*!! I wish I could live there too~. So much to learn, experience and see. I think I'd visit a hot springs right away just to *feel* what I see on TV so often and in dramas. Takoyaki stand…..sake~…….lol now I sound really simple minded! XD


  11. LazyMan1 says:

    lol well us simple minded people have all the fun. I hear there are a lot of nudists going to onsens lately a little tidbit i though you might want to know. When i go to japan i would like to go to a music concert there (preferably a HP concert) and visit the temples. (^_^)


  12. Hmmm…….on second thought I may steer clear of them now!!! 😮 Somehow that doesn't sound very good! XD My mom visited Hokkaido not too long ago but unfortunately I don't think there were that many temples there…..or perhaps she just didn't take photos of them! =) That would be amazing though!! I do plan to visit, hopefully soon and Yes! a H!P concert would definitely be a part of the planned schedule! If I could time it right and they're touring at the time I'd so want to see Mr.Children first and foremost!!


  13. LazyMan1 says:

    If i had to pick a concert besides anyone from HP i would love to see Ueto Aya. I hope you do get to visit japan soon i am sure you would have a fun time there maybe you can learn how to perform a tea ceremony i wish i could but i think its primarily associated with women now even though samurai used to learn in back the. I would love to learn caligraphy as well but yet again associated with women. (T_T)


  14. I so adore Ueto Aya Too! I began collecting her music releases a few years ago and she seems to take little breaks in between at times~. =) She's so popular and I can't even comprehend how she manages to get so much done!! A friend here on VOX got to see Ueto Aya in concert!! I believe it's amongst his most favorite concert experiences ever too~. He had great seats to…so up close to Ayaychan! So jealous!! XD Oh no it'd be really okay for a guy to learn the tea ceremony….as some of the most accomplished masters of the art are men. ^ ^ Caligraphy is sooooo difficult!!! (>_<); I'm afraid I would have the worst writing ever!


  15. LazyMan1 says:

    That would be neat to learn all those maybe ill see if i can do any of those while i am there. Also I am so envious of who ever went to Ueto-sans concert it really must have been a really enjoyful experience i hope to write of some similar experience to and maybe you can try to as well. There are so many great artists in japan though, i believe it would be kind of difficult to just pick one even though i love the HP girls and Ueto Aya thier are many more who i feel i would love to see as well that it makes my head spin guess thier is a bad side of being simple minded ne~. i have such broad range of music types that i like it could get a bit expensive going to all of them.


  16. James says:

    Oh, I'm really wanting to get this now just to have the "Koero! Rakuten Eagles" PV XD I loved that song/PV so much :D…… was sad when I found out you couldn't get it anymore XD……. Also, I like Baseball and having C-ute in those uniforms is heaven :3 I don't think I'll surprise you, but I picked Airi-chan as my #1 pick ^-^ Also, yay~! We get to see Kanna ^o^ She's really cute♥ and sorely missed .__.


  17. I can so relate to that~! So many artists that I love and if given the chance it would be most difficult to choose between them which ones to see. LOL! 'simple minded' can be complicated ne~! XD I'm sure the opportunity to experience the tea ceremony as well as calligraphy would present themselves on your stay there and I hope you do really well!! (*´∀`*)


  18. I had no idea that there was an alternate version from the one included on Pucchi Best 9 DVD but the members of C-ute batting in place of the actual Rakuten Eagles players…(sorry no offense to the baseball players! XD) is sooo much cuter ne~! They just look so giddy and they're having so much fun in the pv!! Even though it's simple it's so awesome!! Oh did they stop selling the CD on the official Rakuten Eagles website? Sometimes Ohta can find rare releases. =) I love the look of baseball uniforms!!! I actually have a snoopy White Sox one somewhere in storage…..they're really comfortable to *sleep* in. (*´∀`*) LOL! I knew it! XD It's getting to be pretty long with her absence from C-ute/H!P and it's so sad seeing the group with only 6 members in their releases but at least they have Kannachan on the DVD cover for this compilation as she's definitely a part of it all.^ ^


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