加護亜依 ファーストソロリリース”no hesitAtIon”

Just released on June 24th!! Kago Ai is finally back into the music scene releasing her very first solo effort which teams her with one of Japan's most accomplished composer/ producers in Nakanishi Keizo!

There's definitely a maturity to speak of in listening to both tracks which Aibon penned lyrics for both…and in particular with the coupling with song♪♪ "Children of the night" where much of the song is dominated with English lyrics~. A yearning and shining of *hope* glitters in her writing and with all of the life lessons and experiences Aibon has gone through from such an early age till now….surely a lot of which is read into her words can be without doubt be attributed to such experiences and pressures brought upon her in both joy and facing the ups and downs with consequences of life~.

Vocally Aibon still engulfs that wonderful youthfulness which H!P fans of long have embraced through her time in both Momusu and alongside long time partner in crime..(pun intended please don't throw tomatoes! XD) Nono. Much of the title track takes me back to Aibon's solo recording of Momusu's "Dadidudedodadi"…not in melody but rather in its rich and bright flavor along with that oh so unique voice which is unmistakable. The child inside of the woman which we now see before us is all grown up, but much of the aura of this feel good release still resides back there and it's a most welcome listening~.

Both tracks are composed with a folk/rock flavor to them with distinct undertones of optimism and Aibon's writing really benefits and collaborates well with Nakanishi's music expertise as both tracks sound rather like those of longtime pairings giving this debut a both memorable and highly impressionable sound. One cute little thing that I get a kick out of is Aibon's sweet interlude which occurs midway through "Children of the night"…all spoken in English, here she once again sounds so childlike that for a tiny instant one can imagine her once again as both a symbol of innocence in a time when Momusu was so different…unflappable without need for reform~.

Kago Ai's "no hesitAtIon" CD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Kago Ai's "no hesitAtIon" CD single can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Kago Ai's "no hesitAtIon" CD single can be ordered here at HMV Japan.

The first pressing's liner notes are in the form of a special 12 page color photo booklet and definitely worth getting!! Just as in her debut pv the photography captures both her youth and maturity in seamless states….all very gorgeous.

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12 Responses to 加護亜依 ファーストソロリリース”no hesitAtIon”

  1. CK says:

    Awww, mine is currently sitting in the SF customs office. As much as I want to hear the 2nd track, I will avoid clicking your link…I want to hear it for the first time when I get my CD. I'm sure you know what I mean MB. I love the title track, and I am so happy that the CD comes with that great little booklet!No matter what kind of press she gets, I will always support Aibon!


  2. LOL! you sound um……like I do! XD With releases I know the *feeling* that when you buy them it's really more exciting and special if you hear/see the songs and pvs for the very first time when your copy arrives. ^ ^ And I admire your willpower too~. =) This sounds like the beginning of something very special for Aibon and so promising with her collaboration with Nakanishi Keizo. ♥ both songs! (*´∀`*)


  3. Zush says:



  4. Slasha says:

    I'm glad to see Aibon's career and singing voice are just fine. I love the title track. It's cool just like I expected from Aibon. I still haven't listened to the 2nd track yet but I will. I bet it will be just as nice as the 1st one.


  5. lovelyarashi says:



  6. It looks like a wonderful book on Aibon~! I think so too…that her past is the past and really this is a new beginning for her in so many ways. Movie career and now back to music. ^ ^ Both tracks are awesome starts!..and yes~! especially the title track which has such a perfect *feel* to it. I'm really hoping that fans will support her and purchase her single too as this can be the beginning of something really special. =)


  7. It's like she never left as Aibon's voice hasn't missed a single cute nuance~. Hmm…I'm wondering if all of the surprise English lessons with Ayaka helped to prepare her for her English lyrics which are pretty plentiful in the coupling with song for this single. ^ ^ In any case her pronunciation is great and really adorable during that little middle interlude~. =)


  8. ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!<--私も!


  9. LazyMan1 says:

    really good singing for being off for so long and i think her singing will even improve if she keeps singing consistently. I am so glad she is back i really did miss her voice. Hopefully nothing will side track her from singing anymore and she just solely concentrates on singing and penning lyrics. I miss the days of her and nono together but this will suffice since i have always been a fan and supporter of kago-chan. Now lets hope Nono can come out with a single to. yay (^_^)V


  10. It just reminds me of listening to her solo version of "Dadidudedodadi"….not in likeness of melody but rather just how wonderful she sounds in this song too! I'm hoping that she'll be really focused as well but certainly I think her past is really behind her now and this is like an entirely new beginning. Other than appearing in H!P concerts of late I'm really wondering when Nono will appear again with an official music release. Would be great to have W back but I don't think there's any possibility of that happening especially based on comments by Nono awhile back.


  11. Rad♂ says:

    Having been stunned in Tokyo last January when Aibon, gold-clad in a classic sequinned idol outfit, sneak-previewed this song during a play in Ginza, I just cry like a baby every time I hear it. Aibon is one of the greatest of all singers who has ever lived. It's just the vibe she gives off. You end up not caring at all about her stormy days with Morning Musume, Hello! Project, W, etc. It all just melts away. I will never forget that moment when she let tloose with that song. And, yes, the flip side is even more chilling, triple-time, and … is that a verse in English? Lord, help me. I'm going to have a heart attack …


  12. Wow~! so lucky that you saw Aibon perform this live!!..and so early!! ^ ^ I agree as there's just something sweet and special about her vocals and her demeanor. I really felt that this firmly leaves everything behind….especially in the lyrics…she's really starting anew and all else is forgotten. =) Yes! love the coupling with song so much too!! I was impressed by how much English she composed into the song….Aibon surely has come a long way and she shines so *brightly* now! \(^o^)/☆


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