S/mile♥ge ぁまのじゃく

With Momusu's last two singles and now with S/mileage Tsunku has really gone back to the bright and fun sound of J-Pop♪♪~ which is always so welcome. I don't purchase too many indies singles but this one was a must have!!! I'm still wondering if there'll be an official pv and as I type this I'm most likely clueless to its existence already. XD

To be honest I had a most dumb moment when I first saw the name Tsunku had chosen for this new unit….I was like….."S"…."mileage?" (・c_・;)?"Mileage?" E~h? But then I removed my stupid cap and it's "Smile age"…or "Smileage."…(^q^) Okay dumb moment over! 😛 And happily Ohta was able to visit an official Hello! Project store in order to acquire a few copies! ^ ^

There are just some songs that can *brighten* and day with their genki energy and most alluring melody~. This is really a such a sweet debut single and Yay! for the Eggs in getting more chances to shine! \(^o^)/☆ I'm thinking that it has sort of a retro pop thing going for it and the four chosen ones…Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon & Ogawa Saki sing so wonderfully on this single! No doubt that Yuukachan and Kanon have had their fair share of attentions thus far but I can totally see why UFI has chosen to further feature them outside of Shugo Chara Egg!

And to put it mildy………this songs chorus is pure ~♥~. ………(゜∀゜)………。

01 aMa no Jaku

So far I've only watched this little pv preview clip with a bit of commentary from these most *adorable* Eggs. ^ ^ As it's an indies release I'm really not sure if hoping for an official pv release will be answered or not but for now this will do =)…..

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5 Responses to S/mile♥ge ぁまのじゃく

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    As long as Tsunku's name is on it im sure it will always be good lol. TNX is getting some impressive artists like The Possible and Tokito Ami to name a few. There goes Tsunku again releasing to many good things jeez i swear he driving me into the poor house. Im really interested in the hello project album but since im a fan of tsunku ill buy anything with his name on it. yay!!! peace from the poor house (^_^)V


  2. James says:

    I got Ohta's email newsletter announcing that you could order this from him and I was like"OH YEAH!!!"……… then realized I hadn't budgeted for it and I couldn't afford it at that time .____. So kicking myself now XD It's quite a ♥cutesy♥ (<= I remembered how to type hearts……… God help us all 😛 ) sounding song, much more cute than I would have guessed, but it's rather nice 😀 And I agree about Yuuka, Kanon *James points at self and mouths bias* ^_^ As well as the PV, if the preview is anything to go by, should be good when/if it is released. Ja ne~


  3. If only we could go outside…and walk or take a train to a nearby H!P store (*sigh*)…..just daydreaming~. But then there would be no more shipping or service costs. =) I purchased this single blindly as I'd only heard about them forming but didn't listen to or watch any clips of this song so it was a really really sweet surprise to hear such a *cute* song by them! I know what you mean as I always wonder with the younger units what type of songs will be written for them…..really kiddy?…..or something just more J-Pop oriented. This one definitely falls under the latter category. I had it on repeat yesterday for like 2 hours+ and the chorus♪♪ just melts me! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。I was surprised to see both Yuuka and Kanon in a new unit so soon but they're just so ready to be in permanent groups so it's perfect that they both were chosen for S/mileage…..I do wonder if this group will continue on as this is being called a "debut" release which would have me believing that there will be more releases by them. =) I'm guessing that the pv will most likely appear on the year end Pucchi DVD~.


  4. And what I'm so happy about lately is how Tsunku's writing style has seemingly gone full circle as he's back to writing/producing more purely "J-Pop" type songs♪♪~. So true as it's so difficult to keep up with every thing coming out so quickly and one after the other with so many artists & groups to follow. Even with the Elder's Club graduated there's a real abundance of new units popping up! A~h! me too!!! And like you saying with all of the older classic groups coming back with new members I now hear that it's going to be a compilation album with reformings of Mini Moni, Tanpopo, Pucchi Moni, Biyuuden and more. ^ ^ Tanoshimi desu ne!


  5. Hydeo says:

    u buy all the 3 versions ?? dont want send me one ? i love ama no jaku <3~~ the dance is so cuteand i need download the making off i forget aheaheahe


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