Alo-Hello! Berryz工房 in Hawaii Pt. 1

With a running time of 91 minutes!!!..Berryz Koubou's 1st Alo-Hello! DVD is the mammoth of all Alo-Hello! DVDs till this point!! Most usually average about an hour or less and at the price of only 3800 yen that means it'll cost you only 41.75 yen per minute of Berryz *goodness*~.

And they're in Hawaii♥ so many nearby and recognizable places! ヽ(。´▽`。)ノ。。!!

Berryz Koubou's "Alo-hello! Berryz Koubou DVD" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Berryz Koubou's "Alo-hello! Berryz Koubou DVD" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

I've included a 9 minute clip which gives a pretty good overview of what you can expect from the full length DVD in a much shortened manner and here's just a few fun surprises that you'll "see" along the way………

An outdoor live!!…….

A ukulele Mel Cabang moment!! (He's a long time popular comedian/musician of Hawaii♥)





Witness the art of a specialty chef!! ~♥♥♥~

Up close and *personal*


And food never looked so surprising!!……

…or exciting~!……


…..Momo has taken the words right out of my mouth!


Also an episode of "Speed" on the bus of terror!!

Keep it over 60 or the wotas will catch up!!


Beach fun!! Complete with dodge ball….watergun fights!….

……♥ making..

…and blindfolded melon surgery!


And then there's lots of shopping in English!

Chiichan: "……………..?"

Store clerk: "??"




Purikura fun!…

…minus the "kura?" :/

~Games~ (´∀`)

To the most frightening moment in all of BK history…
as they encounter a most sketchy looking figure
on their tour van!

Wait it was only the staff having some "fun"…
but upon reviewing the tape further
we find a much more disturbing truth behind the matter…


Oh the horror!!! (゜Д゜;)

Reactions were mixed on this day…..

…from horror…..well sort of..XD…..

…to disbelief..

..and the Captain was not happy! (._.;)


And last but certainly not least is the Riichan

crotch incident, and from what began

as an "accidental" paint dripping

soon grew to gargantuan proportions..

..all caught on camera…….



…..all done Hawaiian style~. ^ ^


Click play =)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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75 Responses to Alo-Hello! Berryz工房 in Hawaii Pt. 1

  1. Craig says:



  2. LazyMan1 says:

    WoW they look like they are having so much fun and man it seem they have so much energy, im glad they got to have fun American style. (^_^)V


  3. At first I was thinking how mean!!! (;゜□゜) But then he took some *sweet* photos with BK so then I was like ok~. ^ ^ And I guess without H!M the crew really needed to get some of their prankster angst out of their systems! XD You probably can tell…….I do not like fruit cake!…(^q^)


  4. Their first trip to Hawaii!! I always pray for great weather whenever a H!P artist or group visits as you just know that they'll be filming something outdoors at some point! ^ ^ So true as there's an abundance of running on this DVD and their games can get quiet competitive and frantic!! Dodgeball scares me though! XD


  5. LazyMan1 says:

    Ok I really love berryz but im torn. i either buy there dvd or buy the CD's i been planning on buying, that includes C-ute's and Kago Ai's new singles i dont know what to do. (>.<)


  6. Hmm…music♪♪ releases may have to come first although this DVD is ultra cute!! ^ ^ I'm really looking forward to hearing Aibon's single!! and I'm so happy that she's going to release music again!! (*´∀`*) Just about a week away now and I read that C-ute's new single will be a cover song and that should be amazing as well~. Both BK and these singles will undoubtably have great replay value…..but I'm leaning towards the music♪♪ releases first…I just don't know! XD


  7. LazyMan1 says:

    I think you are right cd's will have great replay value incase you missed it here is Aibons video for her single on youtubeKago Ai – No Hesitation


  8. OMG! Aibon has a pv already out?!!! \(^o^)/☆ So happy that this is a full production!! Thank you for the link….watching now……..


  9. Wow she looks so grown up in that black outfit! I love the styling and what a great upbeat and fun song to debut with! ………(゜∀゜)………。Very well written and *catchy* melody~. I think the LE comes with the pv??? I sure hope so! And hopefully there's a coupling with song too. Now I'm so excited for the 24th to arrive! ^ ^


  10. LazyMan1 says:

    Yea i liked it to and whats so cool about it is that Aibon wrote the lyrics to the song.


  11. That's so amazing!!! I didn't know that….and it really adds a sweet♥ touch to know that an artist wrote their own lyrics or music♪♪ or both~. I'm really blown away!! ( ̄◇ ̄)!!!


  12. LazyMan1 says:

    Well put. i also think it adds a bit more to it when they write there own music and/or lyrics gives it its own pulse. Im so glad aibon is back im looking for more comebacks as well like minimoni and puchimoni and my personal favorite tanpopo. I know it will be diffrent girls but hopefully the spirit will be th same. (^_^)V yay for combacks!!!


  13. Hopefully this is a growing trend with more idols/artists writing their own works or collaborating on them and it's really exciting that Tsunku is launching a new Minimoni! \(^o^)/☆ I haven't heard all of the details yet and I wonder if there'll be height requirements once again as that was really defining for the group although was Aichan too tall? XD It also means that possibly more Eggs will get a chance to *shine*~! I wonder who will lead them? I wonder if Nocchi is little enought to be Minimoni's new leader?…because that would be so awesome!!! Pucchimoni and Tanpopo were great units too! And Tanpopo's Beatles connection with their music style made them one of H!P's best for sure! I ~♥~ The Beatles!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。Hopefully they can keep that sound and style….Wow! and yes! definitely yay for comebacks!! \(^o^)/☆


  14. LazyMan1 says:

    I have no clue who the girls are going to be in each unit but i did hear that Linlin is going to be the leader of the new minimoni. (^_^)


  15. A~hhhhh! then they must have Junjun in Tanpopo!! It really is genius of them to revive these three units as there's not only the great history there but also some of H!P's greatest songs were released by them too~. =) I'm thinking please!!! cover songs♪♪~ now. ^ ^


  16. LazyMan1 says:

    I am in complete agreement (^_^)V


  17. Guldari says:

    'ㅅ' Do you love Berryz?
    I also Love Berry since Berryz Mini Live in Korea~
    モ モ 本当に可愛い


  18. Hello Guldari! I do love Berryz Koubou so much too!! (*´∀`*) I became a fan of theirs when their single "Piririto yukou!" was released and that love has grown and grown since! So awesome that you got to see them live in Korea~! \(^o^)/☆ And Momo is really the cutest!! Her voice and mannerisms so kawaii!! Nice to meet you. ^ ^


  19. Guldari says:

    wow!!"Piririto yukou" is released 2004.. isn't it?When I know berryz, Their new single is monkeydance!!I like them when they come to Korea to participate "Aisa Song festival"And… "Berryzkobo Mini Live in Korea" Made Me Love Berryz!!Next time, I will wirte comment Japanese~~!Nice to meet you! I think we can be good friend!


  20. Sounds like we've both been fans of BK for some time now! ^ ^ So awesome that you were able to attend such an exciting live with BK and that it led to you becoming a fan of theirs is even more awesome!! \(^o^)/☆Very nice to meet you too! (*´∀`*)


  21. Guldari says:

    By the way, Do you know 'BK Mini Live in Korea' Set List?It was fantastic…!1.スッペシャル ジェネレ~ション2.なんちゅう戀をやってるぅ YOU KNOW?3.ジリリ キテル 4.胸さわぎスカ-レット5.春バスガイド6.ライバル7.付き合ってるのに片思い8.笑っちゃおうよ BOYFRIEND (by Momo & Maasa)9.ファイティングポ-ズはダテじゃない! (by Saki & Chinami & Yurina)10.VERY BEAUTY (by Miyabi & Risako)11.あなたなしでは生きてゆけない12.戀の呪縛 13.友情 純情 oh 靑春14.ジンギスカン15.ピリリと行こう!16.ハピネス~幸福歡迎!17.そのすべての愛に 'ㅁ'


  22. Thank you for sharing their setlist! Let's see….so many favorites♥ that they performed here!….of course there's "Piririto yukou!" and also…"Dschinghis Khan", "VERY BEAUTY"!! really love this song so much!, "Koi no jubaku", "Fighting pose wa datejanai!", "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND", "Special Generation" still one of my favorite pvs..just love the choreography in this one!….and lol I'm going to end up naming the entire set list so I'll stop now! XD Also, so lucky you got to see them perform their new single "Rival" so soon!!! Love! Love! Love! this song!!! ^ ^ It must have been such an awesome show to attend… *lucky*!!!


  23. Guldari says:

    Yes, It was very impressive Live.Their stamina is so surprising!! and, I have a final Test – from Wednesday to Saturday!!ㅠ.ㅠ.I will do my best~~!!


  24. I just saw a flyer posted online for the event in Korea that you attended! ^o^ I hope you have many more concerts like these in the future too~! Hai~! gambatte ne! \(^o^)/☆


  25. Guldari says:

    First day's exam was P.E, Music,Math and earth science.and.. I got a nice grade in math!I'm so happy.. but, Tomorrow, I have a English exam!I want to speak English well like you. ㅠ.ㅠthank you for your cheer! ありがとう~and, I have a plan – When I graduate High School, I will go to Japan to see Berryz~~


  26. Omedetou~! \(^o^)/☆ I love math too! Well…I know I used to! XD It was one of my best subjects too which I really enjoyed. =) Your English is really good I think….and really perfect from our conversations. I think you'll do great tomorrow in your exams~. ^ ^ Gambatte kudasai! (*´∀`*) Sounds like a perfect *idea*~. =)


  27. Guldari says:

    Thank you!and, I have a question.What do you mean, 'XD'?I


  28. A~h XD…is just a squinted eyed-tongued emoticon sometimes showing the emotions of silliness and sometimes embarrassment~. ^ ^


  29. Guldari says:

    oh, really?I know 'XD' now.and, I must study hard for tomorrow exam from now~!


  30. Guldari says:

    Today's English exam was quite difficult, but I think I got a not bad score.and.. tomorrow, I have Japanese exam!


  31. I'm sure you did very well~! (*´∀`*) I would never have known that English was a second language to you had you not mentioned it before…..I think you express and understand English really well! Sugoi!! You're learning so much!! Gambatte ne! =)


  32. Guldari says:

    Thank you!and.. Do you know 'Morning Museme 10th Anniversary Live Tour in Korea'?I see this concert last year.. and It was also very impressive.especially, Niigaki Risa who is my favorite member in momus speaks Korean Very well, and her Korean was so Cute!Even thought, She sang 'furusato'by Korean – of course, Most of parts are Japanese.And her Live was so powerful and special.


  33. OH so lucky that you get concerts there that allow the general public to attend!! Here we've only been getting FC events so only those traveling from Japan with Momusu can attend these. :/ Maybe C-ute will perform in Korea next? I saw a clip of Gakisan speaking in Korean!! =) So cute!! and yes! she speaks really well I thought although I don't understand the language….what am I saying? 😛 Aichan and Gakisan sound really wonderful in concert and especially together… of my most favorite performances still has to be their versions of "Koe" performed together~.


  34. Guldari says:

    Many Korean fans wait to C-ute comes to Korea.Especially, Maimi and Airi – they are very popular member in Korea"Koe" is also my favorite song.and, Today I have a Japanese exam. I got a Perfect score!!I'm so happy! +_+and, next day, the exam is final!Tomorrow, I will see Concert DVD such as Berryzkobo or Mornig Museme or Buono.


  35. So lucky if you can see C-ute as well in Korea!! I so agree!!!….they're definitely the most popular! I knew you'd do well!! Wow a perfect score! Awesome!! If you have Buono!'s "Hybrid Punch" concert DVD then I'd definitely recommend watching that one for sure! ^ ^


  36. Guldari says:

    Oh, I already see "Hybrid Punch".It was so nice!!,Lotta Love Lotta Love,I need you,Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! and so on…and.. They ate Pizza in Concert Hall!It was so Cute…!!!And.. I didn't saw 'Buono DVD Magazine', so I don't Know why Momo is Buono's Leader. Do you know?


  37. Guldari says:

    Oh, and Today is Maasa's BirthDAY +_+


  38. Really an awesome concert ne~!! I was quite surprised by its packaging too….it's been quite a long time since one of their concert DVDs didn't come in a standard sized DVD case. But that means that it'll fit on my CD shelf with my other older H!P DVDs which came in jewel cases. =)A~h! I wish I could enjoy pizza too! Cheese doesn't agree with me too much though so I have to hold myself back if there's any ever around! XDHmm…..I did watch one of them but I can't seem to remember seeing something like that on it. Maybe someone else will know….I'll see if I can find out. 茉麻ちゃんへ,誕生日おめでとうございます!!\(^o^)/♥


  39. Guldari says: you know this site?It is a BerryzKobo Fan ability TestI got a 71 Point!! it is A rank!!


  40. きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!Berryz工房のクイズがほんとに難しいですね!(・д・`*) 例えば、メンバーの血液型の事は。。。え~!しらなかった!(>_<);さ~あたしが66点だけのです。(;´□`)。。。けどクイズは楽しみです!ありがとうね!o(*´∀`)o゛


  41. Guldari says:

    +_+日本語ですね!え.. ぼくは 漢文には 弱いです. ㅠ.ㅠけど, やっぱり 英語より日本語が やさしいですね!一つ不便な点は 日本語は入力が 難しいです.


  42. Guldari says:

    and.. Today, The final test is over!!!!


  43. You must be so relieved and happy~! (*´∀`*) Yokatta desu ne! =)


  44. Guldari says:

    Yes. Yesterday, I saw Hybrid★Punch and Berryzkobo DVDs.and.. I have a Question.Which Concert They sing a 'ギャグ100回分愛してください'?I just saw 'Sakura Mankai Live' and 'Berrykore'


  45. Oh I so love that song!!! It's totally a Momo♥ song!!!…she sings so cutely~! …..(goes to check the shelf………) Okay it's on "Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2007 Natsu~Welcome! Berryz Kyuuden~." Here's a link to the DVD details at Cdjapan. ^ ^


  46. Guldari says:

    Do you think so?Yes, Momo's Voice so Cute.I can't believe she is older than me 'ㅅ';;


  47. In some ways I hope that Momo's vocals don't mature too much as she just sounds so *cute* in their songs♪♪~!! I think a lot of fans are surprised when they find out that Momo is actually one of the older members in BK! That voice and demeanor just fools you! XD


  48. Guldari says:

    Yes, He is second oldest in BK 'ㅅ'and.. Nowadays I listen Berryz's Music a lot.By the way, who is your favorite member in berryz?


  49. I remember being so surprised when I saw their birth dates!!! Who would've thought that Momo was an elder member in BK?!! Especially with that adorable voice~! =) My favorite BK member has been between 3 members since I first became a fan and recently it's a battle between Momo & Riichan……here I attempted to find a favorite~. =)


  50. Guldari says:

    Oh, Risako is my original favorite member!But now, Momo is best in my mind.and.. your Photo book Battle is so nice!They are very cute and beauty, so I can't tell who is exactly best member in Berryz!


  51. At first after seeing "Fighting pose wa datejanai" and "Piririto Yukou!" Miyabi was my most favorite member but now it's definitely between Riichan and Momo~. I just had a bit of fun with their photo books there XD….and the whole group is awesome so totally *adore* all of the members too!! ^ ^


  52. Guldari says:

    Hmm…Indeed, I love all members~~!!!in Live, Saki's dance was fantastic and Miya's voice was cool.Especially, Yurina was really tall!!She is as old as me;; But she is taller than me!! ㅠ.ㅠ


  53. きゃぁーっっっ(/∇\*)!Kumachan's much taller than me too!! XD I wonder if she's still growing as it's already so cute whenever she stands next to Momo!…their height difference is just sooooo much! ^ ^


  54. Guldari says:

    I think Momo and Yurina is nice couple!!When Momo stands next to Yurina, She is so Cute! 'ㅅ'and so does Saki! – She is Captain, but she is Kawai!!!!!


  55. I'm always just so amazed at how Tsunku can spot talent and *kawaiiness* from any given age…I mean he's got such a talent and eye for it~! BK is so perfect the way they are…..I just miss Maiha though and I hope she's doing great too! ^ ^


  56. Guldari says:

    I know Maiha left BK to study. I also hope she does her best!

    and.. Nowadays, I listen 'Rival' a lot.

    Do you have a Rival?

    I have a Rival when I was Middle school student.

    I usually play computer games with my friend.

    In 'FIFA Online', I always Win

    but, In 'Starcraft'. He always Win.

    We were… Rival!!


  57. It was so surprising….just like when Asuka left Momusu way back then. 😮 I hope she's doing well in her studies and I'm still hoping that one day we'll get to see a reunion event where past members meet up with the rest of the groups~. =) I love "Rival!!!" so much!!! It's definitely one of BK's best singles to date! Hmmm….when I was little and in grade school I was a sort of quick runner and that led to maybe having rivals with some of the boys during recess. Some of them had a difficult time catching me and I think it may have bothered some of them a little itty bit~. XD


  58. Guldari says:

    wow.. you are very fast!and If you see BK mini Live, are some pictures.


  59. Thanks so much for sharing these!!! At first I was like E~h?!!!! you could take photos of the concert? But H!P is really strict with a no photos allowed policy ne~…..these are great news press photos!! I love that they signed their photos in Korean!! Were you able to purchase a set as they look really awesome?! And Tsunku was present too~….thank you again for sharing!! ^ ^


  60. Guldari says:

    Oh, i didn't take this picture!the 'NEWSIS' taken the picture.and I bought Official, Miya's,Momo's and Risako's.I


  61. Guldari says:

    and.. this concert, Tsunku announced 'VS Tokyo Girls' – which is Hello! Project Korean Audition's successful candidateHer name is 'Jand Da Yeon' and Tsunku Presented Trunk for her!It was very touchable…


  62. I really love the UFI photos and it's great to see them in Korean~! Must have been so cute to have heard them speak in Korean too I imagine!! ^ ^ A~h and those are my favorite 3 BK members too. =) It'll be interesting ne~ to see how Tsunku plans to fit her into H!P like in a new group or unit. He has such a knack for spotting awesome talent so I'm sure Jand Da Yeon must be a most amazing girl for Tsunku to have chosen her from the auditions. Ice creamusume is awesome so I'm sure Tsunku will have something wonderful planned for Jand Da Yeon too~. So *happy* to see UFI really expanding and becoming so global with each of these steps. =)


  63. Guldari says:

    I also hope her success!and.. Ha!Ha!Ha!!Summer Vacation has come~~ since 07/17~Although I am High School Student, so I must go to school in summer vacation,I'm so excited!!


  64. Awww I miss summer vacations! (*´∀`*) Now it's work work work for me…(u_u*) I hope you have a wonderful summer break~. =)


  65. Guldari says:

    thank you.I know this summer vacation will very special~~I want to see many DVDs… such as Berryzkobo DVD magazine.I want to see this DVD, but there is no Subtitle.Of Course,I can understand half of them.But I want to completely understand!


  66. I purchased Berryz Koubou's DVD Magazine vol.15 and was just going to watch it……it looks to have camera scenes done by each member themselves of a fellow member as their model plus some challenges~. The FC and concert DVDs always have a little extra to them so they're definitely worth collecting I think. ^ ^


  67. Guldari says:

    Oh.. I hope I See that Magazine 'ㅅ'!!Indeed, I saw Moring Museme's Magazine than Berryz'sBecause, My first Favorite group was Morning Museme.and especially, I love Risa and Eri.Gaki★Kame is fantastic combi!!and I also love Ai, I think her singing abililty is No.1 in Hello~


  68. It's amazing how many they've released over the years…so difficult to keep up with them! I so adore GakiKame♥ and especially because Kamei's my most favorite member in H!P next to Aichan. They really have a special *chemistry* between them that's so natural and funny as well…….those latter episodes of HM@ really showed how great of a pair they really are. And lol! those stair climbing "CM" face time challenges were a bit strange but still so funny with the two of them always~. Aichan is definitley the best in Momusu's current member lineup with other H!P vocalist favorites♥ of mine being Ayaya ( whom I think was H!P's best) along with Gomaki, Nacchi and Mikitty~. ^ ^


  69. Guldari says:

    Oh, I also Love Ayaya and Mikitty!!in Elder Club, Ayaya and Mikitty is my favorite member, So do 'GAM'I think Ayaya's Singing ability is amazing.When I listen 'Omoi Aufurete' or 'Beautifulday', or other songs, I think her voive is so charmful,powerful and fantastic!


  70. GAM was such a *wonderful* collaboration of vocal talent and sexiness~…..they were active far too short ne~. One of my all time favorite H!P album releases to date is still Ayaya's "Naked Songs" release which included an amazing DVD with really candid in studio footage of selected songs~. =) And I'm so so looking forward to her post H!P career as surely she'll be releasing more music in the future…I have to hope so! ^ ^


  71. Guldari says:

    ㅜ.ㅜNext day, I go to school~~and, Today, i saw Morning Museme Concert Tour 2009 春 DVDDid you see?It was fantastic Concert~~Especially, They have a solo song.. Of course, Eri and Risa have!!


  72. Oh I just received Momusu's ~Platinum 9 DISCO~ DVD a few days ago and will watch soon!! ^ ^ GakiKamei!♥ The setlist looks amazing and yay! for the solo performances and pairings~! A lot of great songs here for sure! =)


  73. A~hhhh and I forgot to mention…..I'm so looking forward to Aichan's performance of her single "Yume kara samete." \(^o^)/☆!! Gambatte with your studies ne~. ^ ^


  74. Guldari says:

    Thank you for your cheer.and.. Do you listen "チャンプル~ハッピーマリッジソングカバー集~"s Songs?I think '守ってあげたい' is very nice… it is Gakikame's song~~or Only you – in my opinion, Risako's Voice is very charmful.Ah.. いい歌ですよ~


  75. o(*´∀`)o゛! A~h! I just posted H!P's marriage album a few hours ago at the top of the blog… can find it here. I actually received the album awhile ago but was a bit late in posting my thoughts. I too love the tracks "Mamotte agetai" and "ONLY YOU"…..more of my thoughts can be found in the post linked above. ^ ^


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