Sometimes words aren’t necessary…Aichan♥ in “私”

This was supposed to be my very first silent post where I shut up~ but I'm such a blabbermouth….so (*´艸`) just a few words…….. 😛

Hmm…who am I kidding….lol I can't shut up! XD

Not even Rikachan could hold back the H!P shashinshuu *princess* as Aichan released her 10th~! solo photo book on May 25th surpassing even Rikachan's current total. And without doubt they are the two most celebrated H!P idols when it comes to visual releases as they've long dominated this front of idol fanfare~.

I personally couldn't think of anyone more deserving either…..(although Kamei does creep into mind rather loudly though! ( ̄▽ ̄)!) Still Aichan is the constant upholder of professionalism in H!P making her along with perhaps Yukosan the two best leaders that Momusu has enjoyed over their long tenure. Other thoughts that instantaneously come to mind when I think of Aichan and all that she's represented and meant to Momusu/H!P as a whole are: role model…exquisite dancer..mentor..vocalist..artist..leader..performer..actress..♥quirky♥……..and one need only view Momusu's stage musical "Ribbon no kishi" to bear witness to her full arsenal of talent on display~. =)

And of course, perfect beauty! (*´∀`*)

I think I've spoken too much for a "silent" post…(。ーωー。) ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪~……….

Takahashi Ai's "Watashi" pb can be ordered here at YesAsia.

Takahashi Ai's "Watashi" pb can be ordered here at Amazon Japan.

I've chosen 35 of my favorite images from Aichan's "Watashi" shashinshuu to scan below……my scanner is now exhausted lol! 😛

oh and just in case you'd be interested in owning this *beautiful* shashinshuu be on the lookout for an upcoming Aichan shashinshuu giveaway where I'll award someone a new sealed copy of Aichan's "Watashi" pb as my mini NASCAR fantasy league of sorts rolls on some time after the current JunJun/C-ute pv DVD single giveway finishes this weekend at Pocono Raceway~. Someone's going to win…it may as well be you ne~. ^ ^Also a special limited idol/voice actress alarm clock as well as another *cute* shashinshuu will follow in future giveaways~….tanoshimi kudasai. =)

A~h I almost forgot to mention..Aichan's in Hawaii and here on the island of Oahu. It's always fun to recognize familiar sights whenever a H!P member visits here~. I still need to go *hug* that sign post which Kamei was leaning on~. XD

Although I needn't mention, "Watashi" is one of the most *pretty* idol releases yet!! And so much of Aichan's personality comes through in these photos..I'm in a state of adore-overload! o(*´∀`)o゛♥

Um…those are a bit short ne~ (・_・)

And lastly just a few screencaps from the accompanying making of DVD…just a little note that the DVD is actually just over 19 minutes although the dust jacket says it's only 10 minutes.

Seeing this DVD just makes me think oh why couldn't I have been at that park or in that supermarket or at that beach or near that fire hydrant or in China Town when Aichan was there…(;´□`)……(*sigh*) if only I could be that lucky!  ^ ^





Samui!!!! (・д・`*)

Vlcsnap-71742Vlcsnap-72297Vlcsnap-72388Vlcsnap-72786Vlcsnap-72947Aichan♥ in "私"...




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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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30 Responses to Sometimes words aren’t necessary…Aichan♥ in “私”

  1. Mikey says:



  2. James says:

    Yep, I'm getting this 😀 And sooner rather than later now. Maybe next week *wallet gets even lighter* .__. She's beautiful and soo
    cute~! ^-^ I see you've gotten hooked on giveaways which is nice ^_^ That alarm clock sounds so neat
    XD You make things fun. *hug* Ja ne~


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    Beauty is not just in Ai's voice but is also in her appearance. Takahashi-san is absolutely stunning and if their is any girl in this world i would love to have as a girlfriend Ai-chan would be it or atleast a model for it. Im not a big photobook buyer but this is one i absolutely have to get…oh P.S. I think their is nothing Ai-chan can wear that is to short. (~_^)V


  4. chocobliss says:

    wow. that pose right before the screencaps is so model-like! I really like her fashion this time. my favorites are the ice cream outfit and the aloha hawaii outfit. I just love ruffle-y skirts. but about those overalls…… ne~? Then again, she is in bikinis….. demo…….


  5. I sort of miss riding in shopping carts like when I was little~ XD. Those overalls are definitely stir worthy….Aichan has gotten a bit racier maybe? Although she is wearing a bikini underneath so…um lol! 😛 I sort of missed this t.v. show but I did see some re-runs and it's always amazing to see how much the Oahu landscape has changed over the years from before I was born. =)


  6. I hope James isn't collecting too much! (・_・) "Watashi" really ranks pretty high I think next to her previous shashinshuu releases. In a funny way looking through an idol's pb releases especially if they began releasing them earlier in their career….in some way is sort of like having a very beautiful document or rather like a photo album albeit totally professionally done. =) The seiyuu alarm clock is really *cute* and was a limited production so I hope that will be a fun item to look forward to…..just in a very tinny small way I hope to help spread adorable with these little giveaways~. (*´∀`*)


  7. That's a wonderful revelation~.. =) I so agree with all of your points as Aichan's definitely one of the most *beautiful*….I'm thinking that on a visit to Japan you could possibly meet your "Aichan"…I mean the girl of your dreams* ( ̄▽ ̄) A~h those overalls are so revealing though! (。ーωー。)♪♪ ♪♪….


  8. She's really grown into such a professional~ ne….and I bet her photographers must have such an easy time capturing the poses they envision with Aichan's experience. =) Her arch is so *perfect*. I love♥ the ruffles too…..she and Reinachan really match that look so well I think. ^ ^ When I first saw those overall pages…..I was like Whoa! (・_・)…but then so true she is wearing a bikini underneath. XD


  9. James says:

    I like collecting :3 I've never thought of it like that. They are
    rather like pro photo albums XD That's neat. I also have to agree in
    saying those overalls are perfect ^_^ But then again, I'm weird
    :P…… and male XP You are quite positively awesome with your
    game-giveaways, they're brilliant 😀 You're doing a great job at
    spreading adorable.


  10. LazyMan1 says:

    That Would be a Dream Come true. (♥_♥)


  11. It's really true with idols whom have consecutive shashinshuu releases which are rather close together from early on as they're visuals of them gradually growing up~. =) LOL those overalls are rather *something*! You are speaking of the overalls themselves and not something else ne~…(^q^) It keeps things fun I hope….arigatou ne~. (*´∀`*)


  12. \(^o^)/☆~♥…gambatte ne!


  13. Alezra says:

    Omiiigosh sooo cute! <3333333 Awhhh Awhhh *Wushi Wushi* Uh love the pictures at the ice cream shop! ❤ So adorable! <3*Hugs*


  14. OMG,I Love this photobook already!
    Thanks for the sneak peeks!


  15. Hello!Jessie says:

    Ai-chan!!!She is amazing, she has done so much^^I agree with the leader comment, i beleive she is one of the best leaders of MM.omg! An Ai-chan giveaway???ok, lol i WILL join that one!


  16. Mikey says:



  17. Mikey says:

    Jawbone II! – So no Book'em Danno for you!


  18. Hi Alezra!…I'm so sorry that I haven't been online for the past few days and I'm replying so late! >_<; "Watshi" is really adorable and I often find myself going back and forth over which pbs are the *cutest*…this one lends itself to more of my uncertainty~. XD


  19. I tried scanning most of my favorites♥ here but I think you'll find more *adorable* surprises ahead when you see the entire photo book~. =) It's really one of Aichan's and H!P's best so far I think!


  20. Hi Jessie! Aichan is really amazing ne~….just looking at her career resume so far and just how talented she is at every thing she pursues you just know that she can achieve so much in whatever direction she decides to go with in the future….even after H!P. =) But no no no no…I don't want to see her graduate anytime soon!!! That's for sure!!! One of my favorite♥ Aichan performances is still her rendition of "Koe" along with Gakisan~….just love that performance and song so much! Aichan's "Watashi" pb giveaway details should be up soon….wish you *luck*~. ^ ^


  21. LOL I think I may have a fear of that~! XD…well if it goes too fast!! I've been looking at a few different hands free bluetooth headsets but I still haven't decided on one to get. Thank you for the link!…I shall read up on this model. =) I'm actually not too bad with being on my cell while driving as I tend to just let most calls during those times go to my voicemail…..and my greeting is in Japanese so I think it wards off some of the wrong numbers or possible crank calls too. XD


  22. Mikey says:

    I promise to drive you slow in the cart… unless you misbehave! 😛
    Maybe have it answer "Honolulu Police Department. How may I direct you?" That should cut down on unwanted callers! ^^

    Must be vice to be on an island as far as signal strength goes! 🙂
    I got a picture of a Jimmy Johnson "48" truck from on the way to work! I must post it!!


  23. Mikey says:

    Here it is! It's a parts delievery truck, not sure how affiliated, barely had time to get my iPhone out! I knew that you;d want a pic! 🙂


  24. Mikey says:

    Sorry to keep bugging you, but this looks interesting! About bloggers blogging about Hawaii! 🙂


  25. LOL…I think the Japanese message works okay~….I think it bewilders some people if they do happen to call my number by mistake! XD A~h you saw a Jimmie fan♥ on the way to work?! I've seen a few here and some are really creatively done!!…especially this #8 Budweiser Dale Jr. Monte Carlo, the only sad thing being that he's now no longer with that team, # or sponsor. :/ Still it was really *pretty*! I've also seen a black Monte Carlo in tribute his father Dale Sr. which was really nice! Oh wait I just saw your linki….


  26. Wow that's really awesome! Thank you so much for capturing this photo! It really does look like an official truck…I do wonder if they're affiliated. =) Thank you for the link! ^ ^


  27. Mikey says:

    OMG! I checked the address on the side of the truck and it's Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet!!! I really didn't know that. But see, I really am looking out for you! Even on the way to work! 😉
    If you ever come out to San Diego, I'll have that truck meet you! ^^
    Maybe you should get a shopping cart decked out in his colors! 😛


  28. Mikey says:

    His photostream! HERE


  29. Thank you so much for sharing the photo!..and that's so awesome and I didn't even know that he had his own dealership! I was just checking the links and I love the photos!! Thank you! (*´∀`*)


  30. Mikey says:

    So glad you liked! <3>


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