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~Giveaway schedule~

1. ~Hirano Aya photo book giveaway~"Girlfriend" ~Hirano Aya giveaway shashinshuu~.^ ^ Deadline to enter: by July 1st. (see "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."–平野綾♥ post to enter.) 2. ~Suzuki Airi photo book giveaway~"Aoiro" ~Suzuki Airi giveaway shashinshuu~ Deadline … Continue reading

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Suzuki Airi in “Aoiro” & your chance to take Airiin home..well sort of! =)

Airiin in "蒼色" 鈴木愛理 蒼色写真集 ” Released on June 25th, Airiin has released her already fourth shashinshuu! The weather in Taiwan met her with rainy circumstances throughout but nothing could cloud her genki side and that of so quirkiness that we … Continue reading

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Now scanning…..

鈴木愛理 蒼色写真集 ” 2nd copy to be a part of a giveaway to be posted soon! Send to a friend

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Miso, ogo, tofu, soba and a *pretty* continental salad~! Oh and one very dear little friend! o(*´∀`)o゛Not all for me of course!!….and a friend of mine keeps referring to this style of eating as "viking"… it's rather the way the … Continue reading

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C-ute’s “Music V Tokushuu 2 Cutie Visual” DVD & time to start your very own C-ute fantasy league~.

C-ute “Music V Tokushuu 2 Cutie Visual” DVD (DVD cover scan) C-ute’s “Music V Tokushuu 2 Cutie Visual” pv compilation DVD &C-ute-Rakuten Eagles collaboration CD There’s nothing like having all of your favorite♥ music videos all in one place! Convenience … Continue reading

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加護亜依 ファーストソロリリース”no hesitAtIon”

Kago Ai "no hesitAtIon" single (inner back cover scan) Kago Ai "no hesitAtIon" CD single (first pressing w/ photo card) Just released on June 24th!! Kago Ai is finally back into the music scene releasing her very first solo effort … Continue reading

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S/mile♥ge ぁまのじゃく

S/mileage "aMa no Jaku" CD single (cover scan) S/mileage "aMa no Jaku" CD single (inner liner notes scan) With Momusu's last two singles and now with S/mileage Tsunku has really gone back to the bright and fun sound of J-Pop♪♪~ … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Food! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ

わはははは♪ So you walk into your kitchen to find a late night snack one night but instead there's this waiting for you!……… (^q^) Creepy! (^q^) Creepy..but really amazing! (^q^) I'm suddenly reminded of the climatic scene in Shinobi….. 😮 (^q^) … Continue reading

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Alo-Hello! Berryz工房 in Hawaii Pt. 1

Berryz工房 in Hawaii 1st FC tour! Alo-Hello! Berryz Koubou in Hawaii DVD With a running time of 91 minutes!!!..Berryz Koubou's 1st Alo-Hello! DVD is the mammoth of all Alo-Hello! DVDs till this point!! Most usually average about an hour or … Continue reading

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“A Summer Day”

Moritaka Chisato "Natsu no hi" CD single (cover scan) Moritaka Chisato "Natsu no hi", "Do The Best", "Kibun Sokai" releases Summer is both beautiful and oh so warm here in Hawaii……and perfect for the occasion here's one my most beloved … Continue reading

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