“Platinum 9″ T-shirts, Phenylalanine & the *effects* of watching Arashi…(^q^)

Sometimes little realizations come to mind at the most random of times….take for instance me watching an Arashi concert DVD and suddenly thinking to myself just a few *things*…….like why didn't I own a single Aichan or Gakisan shirt of any kind until now?..(._.;). With both being long time favorite members it's also quite wacky of me~ :P. That and why didn't I find out about rice milk earlier in life~? Tastes like skim milk and without any bad (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ effects!

*Cereal* officially has a best friend once again. o(*´∀`)o゛♥……….

…and why does the line you choose to stand in at the supermarket always inevitably seem to take the longest? (price check? (・_・) )…what exactly is a "body pillow" supposed to be for?…(^q^)…..was I hooked on dial up for much too long? :P…….could I really ever be happy enough to appear in one of those "Windows Mojave" video clips?……why does *popcorn* always taste better w/ friends & a movie?……..how old is Keith Richards really??? (・c_・;)?…..and will he actually outlive everyone including the cockroaches…eww!!…..and what is "phenylketonurics?" which is said to contain "Phenylalanine"..maybe I should call 1-800 WRIGLEY to find out. (。ーωー。)  ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪~…as it seems to be in everything that's sugar free…….and why don't psychics win the lottery all the time?..or attend horse races where lots can be won? (Lady Cleo anyone? XD)….and if man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?….what exactly is Grimace anyway? O_o……and why does Tarzan not have a beard?..does he secretly shave with three blades or four? (Gillette should contact him asap~!)…….why isn't H!P/Momusu available on blu-ray?……why can't Big Papi hit the ball anymore?………and if salmon isn't actually salmon colored before we color it to make it pretty, why is it called salmon?…..when will the $ stop sinking?!! (;´□`)…..and would a guy really trade his girlfriend for a couple of BK Star Trek glasses? ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。…surely this cannot be…ne~.

Oh and before I forget here are scans of Aichan & Gakisan's UFI photos which came with the Platinum 9 T-shirt sets…..I wonder if I could send Roger Federer one of these cute wristbands to wish him *luck* at Roland Garros? =)…………………..something tells me that I maybe should watch more Arashi concerts more often. 😛

Both Aichan & Gakisan are soooooo *adorable* in these photos! ("fight!! photos always get to me! ♥~)…and photo sets which accompany merchandise which the members are either wearing or holding in them seems to make them a bit more warm and *fuzzy* it seems~. XD


Gakisan looks so wickedly sweet here and I just ♥!! the accents of her eye makeup! (*´∀`*)♪♪~

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to “Platinum 9″ T-shirts, Phenylalanine & the *effects* of watching Arashi…(^q^)

  1. James says:

    OK, now this is a rather wacky post you've put together MB XD 😛 Good to hear you and cereal have made nice and are friends again =] You should definitely send Federer a wrist band, damn the Nike consequences :3 Oh, I also agree with you about the whole H!P/Momusu-blu-ray thingy, rather strange if you ask me~! And no, a guy wouldn't (… well, I wouldn't in any case …)Also, those Aichan & Gakisan photos are indeed adorable ^-^


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    I imagine you just threw the question there without really wanting an answer, but anyway… Evolution doesn't say men evolved from any of the ape species you'd find in the present. That would be a paradox, because if those apes are alive at the same time we are, and all species come from a single parent, then all species that exist today, including the apes, need to have evolved for just as long as we have. Evolution says that current monkeys and humans share a common "parent" somewhere back in the process. So, we're "brothers", not "sons", and it's perfectly reasonable we're around at the same time.Oh, and of course, you can consider any two species as "brothers" if you go all the way back to the very first as being the "parent", but monkeys would be our closest relatives (considering the species that still exist).Probably, I'm not a biologist. But I'm quite sure of this much. There was a post on common misconceptions about evolution on Pharyngula that talked about this, but I'm too lazy to look for that.And about the guy trading his girlfriend for some Star Trek glasses, I guess it'd depend on the glasses and the girlfriend, but I'm more interested in how that relationship began. I don't usually think someone who's high enough on the nerd scale to consider this trade would be able to get a girlfriend. Maybe their relationship wasn't going that well to begin with?


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    Jeez they are so cute Gakisan is a personal favorite of mine i think im keen to her over reactions lol. I always wanted to get her photobooks since i think she is absolutely gorgeous but alas i have to save money up for my study abroad tuition fees so thier will be no Riisa photobooks in my future….sigh


  4. LOL….awww but then he'll lose sponsorship! XD I have strange days..yesterday was one~. (。ーωー。) You should see our kitchen now….it's filled with cereal and it's so odd as we normally don't have any due to the whole lactose thing. 😛 I'm noticing more and more artists in Japan releasing their concerts in the Bluray format so it's very encouraging….I just wonder if the demographic is right to release H!P on Bluray at this moment. It'll look much *prettier* though for sure! =) But then I'd need to get a Bluray drive for the pc too ne. A glass vs. a girlfriend….hmmm lol! XD They're both so pretty and such great friends…it's easy to see why they both consistently appear near or at the top of Momusu favorite member lists~. ^ ^


  5. Wow there's so much here that I wasn't aware of…:P..I was sort of meaning that figuratively like how man still finds it to be a great idea to honk his horn or whistle while driving by in a car in hopes that maybe she'll…..um go chasing after the car because she was just waiting for a guy to do that to her all of her life~. XD Gomen..I have a strange sense of humor sometimes. 😛 But in truth I really don't know much about evolution so I've learned a lot here..thank you~! (*´∀`*)Awww….I just crack up every time that I see this commercial and her expression is absolutely *priceless* when he tells the King-ons why don't you just take her…..XD Maybe not so much a trade ne…but rather a total loss!! 😮 I bet you can tell that I watch way tooooooo much t.v.!…(^q^)


  6. It's so true~…Gakisan is so animated in her reactions many times! (*´∀`*) But I love when she's not familiar with something too well and especially on t.v. variety shows like Music Fighter where the hosts always make the most of the opportunity although Gakisan does a lot of it on her very own. ( ̄▽ ̄)♥ A~h you definitely have much more important ways to save and spend for…studying overseas? In Japan?


  7. Slasha says:

    Nice post MB! Ai and Gaki look so awesome in their Platinum 9 shirts and your random questions (Keith Richards, lol) made me chuckle. I like the "fight" poses too. They're pretty cute XD. That 2nd Gaki picture looks like she's thinking, "Maybe if I pose like this, they'll give me cake"


  8. Hi Slasha!…..was having sort of a *moment* the other day (。ーωー。)♪♪…but isn't it so amazing how The Rolling Stones have persevered..I'm always like Wow~! LOL now I'll always associate cake with this photo! XD


  9. Midori says:



  10. Lime green♥ does look *pretty* ne~! (*´∀`*)Ohta's eBay store does H!P pre-order T-shirt sets whenever the new tours begin for Momusu, Berryz Koubou & C-ute~. I have his store link at the top right of this page…..but also if you browse H!P's official website store and see any other T-shirts or merchandise that you'd like to get you can also e-mail him directly and he'll purchase them for you and mail them to you with a service charge. He also offers help with Yahoo! Japan Auctions in case you find something rare there that you'd like….being that most of the sellers there won't ship internationally his service is really worth it! I've purchased quite a lot of H!P/idol merchandise through Ohta in the past and he's very trustworthy and communicates with you very well~. Please let me know if you'd like his direct e-mail address and I can PM it to you here or if you have any other questions about acquiring H!P merchandise.


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