「Featured Post」36 reasons why I ♥ Dragon Half ( ̄▽ ̄)

Sooo what to do in the whee early morning hours??? Watch Dragon Half!

This is so much one of my most favorite animes ever!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it continues to crack me up no matter how many times I’ve watched it! XD

So many funny oddities and unique things make it so enjoyable……the writing so offbeat and awesome~! And just the way the characters are drawn is sure to make you chuckle but they’re also a very important aspect to how the story is told. Dragon Half is split into just two separate episodes with a running time of approximately 50 minutes. Just be sure to watch in the original Japanese dialog w/ subtitles as the English track doesn’t do this anime any justice….as is the case with all animes I think~.

Although Dragon Half appears to be long out of print, there are numerous sellers associated with Amazon.com whom have both newly sealed as well as used copies to sell!

Here’s a link to sellers associated with Amazon.com whom have available copies of Dragon Half on DVD to sell. Please read the descriptions carefully first as they detail the condition of the DVD being offered. I ended up purchasing a newly sealed copy just to be safe though. =)


Because Mink’s father is a knight!…..


…and Mink’s mom is a dragon!


And Mink’s future father was actually sent to kill Mink’s future mom….but they got married instead. Awwwww♥ love can appear so unexpectedly ne~.


Because Dick Saucer is soooooo…………..

………………*dreamy* ………(゜∀゜)………♥


Because the King looks like a manapua! \(^o^)/☆…………


…..and Dick Saucer is known as “the sausage guy” back at home.


Because poison darts should never be inhaled “accidentally!” 😮


And family domestics never looked so *cute!!*……..


…..isn’t Mink’s mom so adorable in human form! Now stop beating up daddy~! XD


Because of how the awesome animation quickly and seamlessly moves between dead on serious!!……

…..to over the top wacky~!! 😛 in order to depict silly dialog at any given moment! ( ̄▽ ̄)…….


And how Dick Saucer sings about slaying dragons on his most coveted CDs!


Then there are those questionable “fighting” tactics which are always abound!….(tickling?!!! no fair! (・д・`*)!!)


And “luckily” Damaramu’s brain is….erm very “compact”….

…….thus allowing for ultimate survival!…even through something like this!!…(^q^)


And even a ferocious little fellow like this one…………

…..can be seduced by….

……..the old candy trick~! XD


And a well timed (she was about it kick his butt!)….Dick Saucer ticket….

…….can save a life!…..

………………while making a girl oh so so *happy*! (*´∀`*)♥


And how that most scary scary figure Rosario uses dry ice to make his…….um grand entrance…..

…and exit. 😮


To catch a glimpse of Princess Vina providing a really really accurate “description” of her…….

………husband. Yep! the resemblance is uncanny!


And how Princess Vina is actually a 1/2 slime which means……..

…their first child is…..um slime. 😮 Funny the child must take after their father. Manapua, manapua, manapua. XD


To learn how Mink’s father is actually sukebe! (;´□`)


And how sometimes even the best laid evil plans go awry!………..

……..and through it all luckily we get to witness numerous diabolical & sinister plots deep into their staging phase. Such a rare treat! XD


In hindsight though, using 3 poison darts does seem a bit excessive. 😮


And using the old “you have a hole in your pants!” trick will never grow weary ever!…..I guess. XD


Because even dragon half girls have…………..

…bellybuttons, despite the whole being hatched thingie~! =)


And not even Cinderella’s storyline is left alone! 😮


O~h! and anger management was never more needed I’m afraid!


And that thing falling from the sky = stew~……….

…and dinner was never this simple! Find rock, throw with extreme force……..and enjoy! Don’t forget to notify the family…your relatives…and everyone you know! XD


Because anything being called “The Brutal, Killer Martial Arts Tournament” is must-see-t.v.!


And how many animes use Ex-Lax so freely?….the ensuing Ex-Lax dance is the absolute best!!!……

…expect for maybe……if you’re Mr. Saucer who got it from an unaware and totally *innocent* Dragon Half~. =)


However an inadvertent *kiss* of the one you most adore…you know the “sausage” guy…

…while initially seeming like total *bliss*…….could later lead to…

…your very best friend wanting that said *kiss* from the “sausage guy” for herself as well…in the form of an “indirect” one from your very lips! (゜Д゜;)!!


Because love is blind, and not even a sword drawn towards you can stop true *love* ne~. 😮


And we were oh so close to finding out what exactly a “sausage spe…” no I mean “Saucer Special” is…if only not for his impending concert which calls~. :/


And then there’s the “dreaded” finger water gun! (._.;)


Or your very dear friend offering to sell you to a complete stranger for 10,000 Gamels in order to get to see the sausage guy. Oh dear where is the loyalty in true friendship?! lol! XD


And surely everyone can appreciate a little bit of perfectly timed “animated” *seduction*~. =)


And Dick Saucer makes me all *misty* eyed ………(゜∀゜)………。Whoops! wrong picture! 😛


And never has the removal…..

….or zapping of a girl’s top………..

….led to soooo much anger!……which can be….

……..oh quite hazardous to one’s well being!..

..Just don’t forget!…………

……………………to cover up~!…(^q^)


Dragon Half (ending credits theme subtitled)

And last but certainly not least is the ending theme song which is soooooo strange that it’s awesomely cute! Well strange really but who’d ever imagine that Beethoven could be utilized in such a way before! Hmm….click play above to learn what all the fuss is about “eggs.” (the video clip is subtitled and may take awhile to buffer depending on the speed of your connection) にゃんにゃん。


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to 「Featured Post」36 reasons why I ♥ Dragon Half ( ̄▽ ̄)

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    This Anime seems so familiar but i can not remember if i have ever seen it before but it does look like…oh ok i did a quick google on it and i used to read the Manga when it was in Dragon Magazine i might i have a few issues about still somewhere in this chaos i call home. (^_^)


  2. I had no idea that this was from a manga…but I guess I probably should have guessed it~. XD Oh there was a 'Dragon Magazine?' Manga stories? Mink is really a memorable character for sure…..her little tail and wings…so *cute*! =) Just don't make her angry ne~…but if you get a chance you'll laugh so much with this anime!! It's really really funny! (^q^)!


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    Dragon Magazine was a magazine that revolved around roleplaying games most notably Dungeons and Dragons the Manga was published monthly i forget what year it came out but i believe it was around the late 80's and continued thru the early 90's. I guess they got it cause it poked fun of the Fantasy genre which most of those games were based around.


  4. It sounds like a great magazine!…I'm only familiar with role playing games on the PS1 and PS2, well really only Final Fantasy actually which I love so much! The Dragon Half manga must have been really cute and funny..I do hope you are able to find it. Maybe that's why it cracks me up so much…that connection it has with role playing games and now that you mention this, the tournament at the end in Dragon Half is really played out like a rpg. ^ ^


  5. PQ says:

    I didn't think anyone remembered Dragon Half. It brings back a lot of memories. I loved Dragon Half back in the day! 😀 I bought it at an old comic book store back in the late 90s on VHS. Back then it was hard to find a lot of anime so I was happy to find it dubbed. Once I moved I sold it because I no longer had a VHS player and also because I outgrew the whole Dub thing (eww). D: What made me buy the anime in the first place was the ending, I LOVED the ending and was happy it stayed in its original subbed form. Kotono Mitsuishi is insane when she wants to be. I'd only known her from Sailormoon and Evangelion. It was one of my top most
    played songs in the late 90s on my discman. It's a shame they never finished the
    anime OVA series though, I liked it.


  6. LazyMan1 says:

    Dungeons and Dragons was the first rpg were you actually would role play the character and you would use funny little dice and rule books to play. It was all done with imagination and you would usually get together with friends and create characters and there would be one called the Dungeon Master who would referee the game as well as narrate the story. This was before they started making rpg video games it was a past time for many kids back then. Dragon Half was a funny story i never knew they animated it lol.


  7. Ah I still have it on VHS….silly I know but the plastic casing is sort of *pretty*. XD My VHS is in Japanese and I wasn't event aware of a dubbed English version until I found this DVD at Amazon Japan through one of their associated sellers. =) But sooo true…..the original Japanese language is always best..dubbed so bad! (;´□`) Oh before I go on….hello~ and it's so wonderful to meet someone who remembers and loves this anime so much too~! o(*´∀`)o゛The ending theme song is so wonderfully wacky! Her vocals and the lyrics just crack me up so much….all the you can have these but not my eggs~! XD Wow so lucky you had the soundtrack with this song? I'd love to own it too one day..it's just so out there that's it's pure ~♥~. Oh is there an additional series to these two parts? I'm so clueless when it comes to anime as I only own a few series….I hope I didn't misunderstand. Thank you for reminiscing with me ………(゜∀゜)………。


  8. I wonder if I would have been any good at it…I'm rather unlucky with dice though~. XD But the premise sounds interesting and fun..very imaginative however maybe it's complicated? It must have been really popular though I imagine as there's so many series in video games which probably are in some way inspired or influenced even if indirectly by the original game series you've described. Thank you! =) Oh then you must watch!! You'll love it I promise~..it's so funny and with all of your knowledge and background on rpgs you'll probably find it even funnier. ^ ^


  9. LazyMan1 says:

    I had good imagination but i also was unlucky when it came to dice and yea it was fun but the games always ended in fights for who got what magical item lol. Well you talked me into watching ill see if i can download it or see if their is a DVD version that i can buy out there. ohhh and i saw your sleeping pic Kawaiiiii. (^_^)V…. Im listening to Nakazawa Yuko's Urara while i write this d^_^b


  10. Oh no that doesn't sound good!! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ Maybe the person narrating the story needed to referee emotions? In the link I have above there are some really low cost copies being sold by Amazon affiliates….I think some were under $10 which is great considering that the DVD's out of print. I do wonder why though…they really should keep this anime in print because it's just so funny! Yukosan has such a warm voice and she really sounded great performing enka too in her early solo singles. My favorite by her still has to be "Koi no kioku"..one of the best b-sides ever I think from H!P and it just makes me think of her graduation concert so much too…and it was so much the perfect song both musically and lyrically for her final concert as a member of Momusu~. The *warm* memories and all of the love♥~. o(*´∀`)o゛


  11. LazyMan1 says:

    Nakazawa-san has such a well rounded singing voice i believe she can sing anything and do it well. Tsunku sure knows how to pick them ne~ and thanks for the links.


  12. PQ says:

    They only made the two OVA episodes. The rumors were many back in the day, one being that they company that made the series went bankrupt because of corruption, but another more plausible one (and the one I believe) is that the OVAs didn't sell well so they didn't make anymore of the series. I didn't have the album, just the song. I was evil and downloaded it. 😀 I don't think you could find the single or album today .


  13. It never ceases to amaze me at how uncanny Tsunku's ability is to scout talent~! On occasions I've been admittedly not quite sure about some of his choices but each and every time every H!P member he's chosen is *perfect*. =) I totally…totally agree..Yukosan's vocals are so versatile. I hope you get to watch this anime. ^ ^


  14. Awww..I guess it wasn't meant to be then although I do wonder if those episodes are available anywhere. Something tells me that I'd still crack up watching them especially if the same writer was involved…(^q^) It must be so rare ne~….I'd love to find a copy although it's most unlikely. XD


  15. Alezra says:

    ;________; Awh…..Hhahaha They are sooo cute and totally nuts! XD Hhaha i watched an episode and i laughed lots and lots! Really cute!!! ❤ XD The mum and the dad are..LOL XD ❤ I think i'll watch this anime XD <3*Hugs*


  16. The writing is just so hilarious and out there for sure! And I love how they make the characters look so funny during all of the silly dialog…..anime series like Dragon Half and Tenchi Muyo! are really my favorite types to watch. I guess I prefer for the most part the humor over most anything else although an older movie like Ninja Scroll was really amazing too!


  17. This brings back memories! ♥ If I remember correctly, the tamago song was one of the first songs in japanese I memorized by heart, it was so funny.If you wanna read the manga: I dl-ed my scanlations from the great Ahojed, if you wanna read it online, it's on OneManga.


  18. I've only watched a few anime series but there truly is no song like this ending theme~! Wow you're so awesome to have learned it and now you've got me wondering if this song could be found in a karaoke directory. =) Thank you so much for the links!! (*´∀`*)It'll be my very first manga as I've only watched anime based on manga till now and with these characters and hopefully the same author I'm sure it's really a fun read~!…(^q^) Thank you again! ^ ^


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