Utaban…television so *good*, it’ll bring you to tears (´⌒`。)

Perhaps no show has been more supportive…nurturing…and yet so…..um eager to torture Momusu on a week to week basis as ♥Utaban♥ has over the years~. XD And where timing can be so key to one's success both Momusu and Utaban were so new together, coinciding perfectly as they each grew on their own and of course *together*. (*´∀`*)♥

Ichii Sayaka "kaasan" had just departed the group….the group lineup in the following clips are the "Happy Summer Wedding" group so Gen.4 was brand new with Tsuji/Kago (yet to be nicknamed Nono/Aibon) being sooooo *adorable* here and of course there's a very cute Yossi & Rikachan rounding out the rookies of the group~. =)

Finding and collecting t.v. show clips back then was absolutely nothing like it is today….with the internet not yet being the amazing file sharing land that it has grown into in time, if you lived outside of Japan then finding clips on your own was really a case of exploring the shelves of your local Japanese video store and hoping to find the most recent t.v. shows there amongst the rows and rows of VHS tapes~. And if you were lucky the quality would be sort of decent on some accounts but for the most part you'd end up with at least a bit of graininess to cope with when you returned home with your newly found *treasures* to watch~. After all we're weren't yet capable of home DVD transfers of video so being digital was out of the question as of yet. (Gomen ne~…the caps and video clips are on the *fuzzier* side due to the VHS source tape.) So I was watching some old tapes during this past week and I came across some priceless old Utaban clips which I haven't viewed in what seems like ages so it was time to make sure that the VCR was still alive and…..wallah~!………….

…It all seems so innocent really, we have Nakaikun with his erm buzzer thingie~…………….

…………..which when *buzzed* then alerts a calm and thoughtful Taka-san to turn on a member's air tank thus filling balloons up to dimensions they were never intended for….XD…….well………

………….he's sort of innocent and calm looking……

…….until "provoked!!" (゜Д゜;)!!…….and about those balloons..I almost forgot to mention…

  …they're clipped on to each member of the group…(^q^) Here Rikachan after finding herself "speechless" in trying to remember the word order gets a bit of Taka-san's "air" love♥~. XD

Wait…I'm getting a bit ahead here as the "game" being played involves word memorization set to a specific theme which changes after a member is unable to come up with the right words in the correct order in which they are spoken……thus the over inflated balloon~. 😮 For example if the given theme were to be something like "things you find in a bento box…", the first member (from left to right the order then circles back to member on the left..on and on until a mistake is made or a member is unable to think of a word which fits the criteria) could say "salmon"..the next member would then have to say "salmon" and then add her item and on down the line as the chain of words keeps growing longer and longer making it more difficult to remember the correct order or come up with one's own new words to add!~. 😮

From the very start though a few things seem to be amiss…..however as we know this is Utaban so they're rather definitely by design! 😛 Such as Yukosan's (*sigh* I miss Yukosan so much!…I think she was the best leader Momusu ever had…o(*´∀`)o゛♥) having a slight issue with her positioning in the seat arrangement and the producers of Utaban….XD…..

….and then there's the un-inflated balloons themselves which as noted by Kaorin and Gomaki ("Gocchin"…she always had the cutest nicknames! with the former one reminding me of a Gotou "sush roll" if such a thing exists =) ) have something in them?!! (*´艸`)!!

And even after exploding once (here Yukosan's explodes all on its own mysteriously! 😮 ) these balloons which are "affectionately" called "doubles" by Nakaikun & Taka-san continue to be inflated with a second life all their own~. (・д・`*)!!!………

…..with some reaching freakishly huge sizes!!! Note the usual suspects which Utaban routinely loves to "torture"!!….Kaorin, Yukosan, Keisan and well they tried Gocchin from the very beginning although that didn't seem to last very long as she would later have none of it!!! XD Hmmm..funny when some balloons are capable of reaching much greater heights of abomination~! than others…(^q^)

After transferring VHS to DVD I've uploaded this Utaban gem below ^ ^…..I apologize again for the lesser quality and I needed to divide the original 30 minute clip into 3 parts here due to the giant size of the file which I don't think YouTube would accept as a single upload..gomen ne~)…………

So sit back…..relax……and enjoy all of the wild balloon madness which only a show like Utaban is truly capable of bringing into our living rooms on a regular basis week after week! \(^o^)/☆ Some fun things to take note of while watching these 3 clips are: When asked to present "good" adjectives about Taka-san ("良所") "iitokoro", Yuko lets out a gasp of "EHHH?!!" and hilarity ensues! / "Super Slow" mo footage is just hilarious and their voices sound low growls!…(^q^) / Yossi has the funniest expression when her balloon is heading towards inevitable explosion! / each member's air tank has their name written upon it…how ♥sweet♥! XD / Gocchin's, Kaorin's & Yuko's balloons become unspeakably large!!! / a great nostalgic performance of "Happy Summer Wedding"!!! / the "Johnson" nickname is already in regular use!!..to unlock the mysteries to Kaorin's *special* nickname visit here. =) / both Nakaikun and Takasan have a soft spot for Tsuji ('Nono") which rears itself to the dismay of her fellow members XD / Gocchin loses a sandal! / Kaorin names an entire continent when the theme was asking for "countries" instead! 😛 / Special balloons are known as "doubles" ♥♥♥~ / Taka-san remarks on there…."being more room" in those very *special* balloons* when they haven't yet reached their bursting point! / Tsuji ("Nono") does the sweetest thing when Gocchin's balloon is about to explode by trying her best to hold it away from Gocchin…awww this was really the sweetest!!~ (note: when asked by Nakaikun what she was doing afterwards she replies…"fuseideta" which means to "protect;defend" o(*´∀`)o゛♥) / Yuko's chair gets further and further away whenever a fellow member is having a bit of difficulty in remembering the order of words or coming up with a new one XD / Gocchin is definitely the most terrified of oversized balloons….but really who wouldn't be! 😛 Still her reactions are the truest of them all alongside Johnson's & Yuko's of course!~

Just be sure to beware of Taka-san's……um actions after Gocchin's exploding balloon as I'm not entirely sure of what exactly he's doing here……..(・c_・;)?And something tells me that I so don't want to know!! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ


So now here's "Fuusen wari kokon touzai game!!" on Utaban……………

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


…Utaban…television so *good*, it'll bring you to tears~. (´⌒`。)

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4 Responses to Utaban…television so *good*, it’ll bring you to tears (´⌒`。)

  1. LazyMan1 says:

    Uhhh you still own a VCR (-_-)


  2. I really need to keep one still as I have several shelves of dramas recorded onto VHS mostly from the 90's when DVD recording wasn't yet possible……what I'm hoping to do is transfer them all to DVD as I now have one of those dual deck VHS/DVD recorders to use. And then there's so many tapes of various music t.v. shows from over the years too which I'd like to transfer to DVD also……lol I don't know if I can manage all of it though….maybe it's more of a *dream* to complete~. XD When I started watching Japanese dramas and listening to J-Pop back then there was only VHS so I really need to keep one still~. =)


  3. LazyMan1 says:

    Back then when i was a young lad i remember having the choice of Beta or VHS lol well i hope your dream comes true in being able to transfer your VHS to DVD format ill being cheering for you yay… even when you have to change from DVD to Bluray lol Ganbatte!!!


  4. LOL don't even get me started about Bluray! XD I started with the HD format but then that went away….so funny though as I now have an HD player but only a few HD DVDs to watch on it. 😛 "Heroes" season 1 though was a must have in HD so I don't regret that at all……..hmmm as far as Bluray goes it may be awhile before I dive into that one I think. Silly me does own one most beloved movie though on Bluray….."Shinobi"…I purchased it just because Amazon was offering it at such a discount so I couldn't resist. LOL but now that means that I surely must purchase a Bluray player eventually. =)


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