Hello! Project in UTB Vol. 191 June 2009 & two upcoming shashinshuu releases~

Although it's about twice the cost of an issue of Kindai, UTB really proves its worth not only in its beautiful photography…but also in the magazine's aesthetics as well which is printed on thicker stock glossy pages (note: a small portion of news and some features are in black & white in each issue), features a flat spine design and UTB has also long offered special extras with each issue. =)

The current extra being the inclusion and return of the photo trading cards~! UTB & Bomb! magazine really revolutionized the idol trading card/ magazine relationship back in the mid to late nineties and along the way UTB through it's numerous restructurings has offered extras such as clear files, posters and one of their most ingenious to date still remains their special DVDs which really brought to *life* each issue through "up♥dates", gravure photo shoots, idol games, etc…which featured the idols included in each issue~. Also notable are how extended each of the main photo features have become as they're now 8-10 pages in length!

And for any AKB48 fans…they've now appeared regularly for the past few issues….and in this issue alone AKB48 have five features including four of them being solo~.  ^ ^

Subscriptions to UTB which is published bi-monthly can be purchased here at Cdjapan.

UTB's trading cards are randomly included between 3 possible sets of five cards per issue…….one great thing for all H!P fans is that the trend so far has been separating H!P member cards between the three sets….so matter which set your issue includes you can rest assured to receive at least one of them! =) My issue included "set C" or the "Airiin" set~.

Manoeri, Airiin and Maimichan are featured in photo shoots for this issue….here are the scans…

Manoeri continues to be an UTB favorite~♥….her photogenic personality and natural *adorableness* surely great reasons!

~Airiin~ ^ ^

And some exciting news as this article mentions that Airiin will be releasing a new shashinshuu on June 25th!! =)

Manoeri's debut shashinshuu & major label music release is also covered…what's so awesome about these events is not only how close up fans get to their favorite idols but there are also usually signing opportunities as well~.

Berryz Koubou's Riichan shares a timeline from her birth up to her recent 15th birthday and it's cutely presented in a board game like format~. =)

~Nakki & Ume~

…and I just thought that it was so *cute* that Momose Misaki has the kanji character for "peach" in her last name (*´∀`*)~♥……

~UTB also always features off shots from idol's recent shashinshuu…here are a few taken from Maimichan's "17" pb~



….and in just a little over two weeks, Aichan will be releasing what will be her 10th solo shashinshuu!..
..one of H!P's most beautiful~!..

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to Hello! Project in UTB Vol. 191 June 2009 & two upcoming shashinshuu releases~

  1. Alezra says:

    Woaah! Cuteness all of them!!! >u< I want an school uniform too!!! >O< So cute!
    *big hugs*


  2. LazyMan1 says:

    WoW a Barrage of Cuteness gotta love that. (^_^)


  3. James says:

    Manoeri is always adorable ^-^ She just takes a photo well, no matter what. And Airi ❤ Well, need more be said :P………. another Airi PB! :3 *James will be destitute very soon* Oh well ^_^Oh, and now I see what the photo cards are like 😀 My decision is now very hard XD


  4. Zush says:

    hah, now when I'm not subscribing UTB any more it's getting better. Does this June issue have also Captain? I've some Saki magazine scans and I think they are from UTB.


  5. I sooo agree~….seifuku is really *cute*!! This issue was extra special I thought with so much H!P in it too!! I did save one idol/artist though for a later post. =)


  6. UTB is like a *cute* magnet~……I'm happy that you liked these features! =)


  7. (Imagines James *excitement*!!)…\(^o^)/☆ H!P pbs just never seem to end and with so many members there seems to be a new release just around the corner all the time~. =) Airiin always so adorable!!!…tanoshimi ne~! (*´∀`*) A~h gomen nasai!!!..(._.;)!Ohh I know it can be difficult to decide between publications…..UTB, Bomb! and Kindai all such wonderful magazines. =)


  8. UTB after their most recent restructuring have been featuring more H!P features again like they used to. For awhile it was difficult to see what direction the publication was heading towards but as Wani Books is H!P's best supporter when it comes to pbs I was so hoping that they'd return to featuring more H!P once again. The photo cards are great too although I'm still hoping to see their DVD make it's reappearance as that's still UTB's most innovative, insightful and fun feature for sure~. Hmm…..sadly no Sakichan in this issue..now I'm curious..(・c_・;)?


  9. Zush says:

    Some checking and now we know it: Captain is in new BLT U-17 issue ( 桜庭ななみ、横山ルリカ、清水佐紀、鈴木愛理、夏帆、山下リオ、桃瀬美咲、安井レイ、AKB48 )
    …starting to think maybe I should subscribe UTB magazine again. And BLT with it.


  10. Both are really *pretty* magazines….I just wish that the shipping charges were a bit lower~. A~h, I wonder if that image was removed as the link appears to be empty or perhaps my browser is acting strangely?


  11. Zush says:

    sorry, didn't remember that HelloOnline uploader doesn't allow direct linking. Here is that adorable picture of Saki.


  12. Really really beautiful photo~!!..and the blossoms are out too! =) The Captain looks really elegant here..thank you for sharing! (*´∀`*)


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