「Featured post」“..a tale as old as time…..”

Last weekend I found myself re-watching one of my most *favorite* animated movies “Beauty and the Beast”…….one of the highlights being of course their dance in that elegant ballroom~….and the movie’s opening which is musical perfection!!

And with such amazing songwriting surely there’ll be recordings of cover versions by other artists…..Sakurai Tomo’s rendition being the ~♥sweetest♥~ I think and she being involved with anime voices you just know that she’s going to have the cuuutest voice and it’s in Japanese~!! o(*´∀`)o゛ What’s so impressive though is her elegant touch and range in her vocals. She’s just very very sweet♪♪~! If you never imagined that “Beauty and the Beast” could sound so wonderful in Japanese please give Tomochan’s version a listen below…..

Sakurai Tomo is primarily known as a seiyuu or “voice actress” and she also has such an idol like following in the truest sense…I’ll keep this brief here though tonight, as I previously posted about her career and releases here on VOX~. For more on Sakurai Tomochan visit this ~link~ for cover artwork scans, mp3s and live performances~. =)

~Sakurai Tomo “Beauty and the Beast” mp3~

Vlcsnap-73144Vlcsnap-73433Vlcsnap-73801~Beauty and the Beast~Vlcsnap-73967

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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7 Responses to 「Featured post」“..a tale as old as time…..”

  1. OMG! MB i adore this movie.
    the song is really good too!


  2. Great Movie! -I like a good Disney catoon every so often…!


  3. I was thinking of this movie as well two weeks ago…cant believe you posted this today…..happy …d——o_0——-b…two thumbs up!!!


  4. I thought it was so great to hear "Beauty and the Beast" performed in Japanese~!! =) Just love her voice! I've watched this movie sooo many times….it's just *perfect*!


  5. I hope you were able to listen to Sakuraichan's version of the theme song as it sounds so wonderful in Japanese~….and yes! so true!….I love the older classics sometimes to watch and Beauty and the Beast is near the top of my favorites. =) "The Little Mermaid" is adorable too and with such great storytelling.  ^ ^


  6. A~hh~! we both had this movie in mind!! =) I love how they re-wrote the lyrics in Japanese here………so beautiful and Sakuraichan's voice is so immaculate!


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