滝沢秀明 “シャ ラ ラ” / ”無限の羽” double-A side release~!

When the post office left a notice saying that a parcel was too large to fit into our lock boxes I was guessing it was due to the inclusion of a poster coming with Tackey's latest single release……but what I didn't anticipate was just how large those posters would turn out to be!! 😮 In the past CDjapan has sent along with first press editions other special posters but they've always fit into out lock boxes…….these two posters (photographed below) however measure approximately a whopping 40 1/2" X 28 1/2"!!…and yes there was absolutely no way that anything that long would fit!

Both are definitely suitable for framing…with a really large frame!~…and both prints of Tackey are completely mesmerizing!!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。

Order Takizawa Hideaki's "Sha la la"/ "Mugen no hane" LE type A CD single here at Cdjapan. (note: as of 8 pm May 6th…first press poster type A is still available)

Order Takizawa Hideaki's "Sha la la"/ "Mugen no hane" LE type B CD single here at Cdjapan. (note: as of 8 pm May 6th…first press poster type B is still available.)

Order Takizawa Hideaki's "Sha la la"/ "Mugen no hane" CD single RE here at Cdjapan.

Order Takizawa Hideaki's "Sha la la"/ "Mugen no hane" LE type A CD single here at YesAsia.

Order Takizawa Hideaki's "Sha la la"/ "Mugen no hane" LE type B CD single here at YesAsia.

Order Takizawa Hideaki's "Sha la la"/ "Mugen no hane" RE CD single here at YesAsia.

….I have really no wall space anywhere to hang these up so sadly they'll remain rolled up in storage for now. :/ These are two of the most visually stunning posters that I have ever seen!!….and they're so gigantic!..it's amazing! =)

Purchasing all three editions for a single release probably sounds a bit crazy……but in my um defense they were all must haves due to the included extras that each edition offered~. XD Jacket type A includes a bonus DVD with the pv for the title track and also an "Off Shot" extra clip for an approximate running time of 8 minutes…….jacket B includes the pv for the coupling with track "Mugen no hane" (Tackey Special Version)~……and yes! even the "Regular Edition" has extras to boast which includes a bonus song♪♪ not included on either jackets A or B and also karaoke versions of all three tracks just in case you decide to take your *show* on the road and need a bit of practice time or perhaps just a personal concert in the comforts of your *shower*~. =)


Following up after such an impressive debut single release which introduced fans to Tackey's musical writing talent is another perfect double A side with the title track "Sha la la" (pv clip is above) and "Mugen no hane" with the latter's lyrics & music being credited to Tackey solely~. Avex just seems to lend themselves to incredible budgets when it comes to any of their flagship productions and the sheer beauty of "Sha la la"'s pv is readily evident in slick and complex dance choreography complete with professional dancers…..an eye catching bar/club set..all in working harmony with the jazzy big band flavored track~. T&T has long favored dance choreography with showtune like distinctions which lends so seamlessly here…..throw in a flashback composition that's heavily Glenn Miller inspired..add all of the *trimmings*…and "Sha la la" is a big band *dream* come true~ both aesthetically and musically♪♪~.


Type A's DVD also provides a look behind the scenes with its "Off Shot" clip (above) which has a running time of the track's length itself….and although it's rather dialog light the focus on the dance choreography and filming production is an absolute *delight* to watch here!! =) Tackey's sense of humor long been one of the very best in Johnny's groups and I think you'll probably agree that he's so great to look at as well~.(*´∀`*)


….oh and did I mention that this is indeed a double A-side~! "Mugen no hane" was penned completely by Tackey himself and in no way does if fair to it's counterpart!! This song is so purely *sexy* with a lovely moodyness in its verses and chorus~….just ~♥~ the melody♪♪ so much as this one's a love at first listen. Its pv clip (above) is included with the type B release and the visuals switch between color and black & white giving the video a *sweet* warm appeal~ throughout. The video is presented as a kind of in studio recording/writing session showing Tackey both at the mic and the mixing boards with personal notes being jotted down….and a cute little touch added throughout is this cute little friend of Tackey's whose presence lingers in animation…well actually at first I had no idea what she was but it becomes evident near the end of the clip~. =)



03 YOU yacchainayo!!
Takizawa Hideaki

As aforementioned the regular edition includes in addition to 3 karaoke tracks, a bonus track! Often times Johnny's releases just find the perfect balance of offering much varied genres in a single release…..and to go along with the big band *goodness* of "Sha la la" and the *sweet* moods of "Mugen no hane", "YOU yacchainayo!!" is written in that distinctly familiar Johnny's upbeat euphoria which fans are so accustomed to hearing which dates back to Smap and beyond~. I'll just call this one the *fun* track for now! ^ ^

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4 Responses to 滝沢秀明 “シャ ラ ラ” / ”無限の羽” double-A side release~!

  1. Alezra says:

    TACKEY!!!!!! Omigooosh! I soooo soo want it! O.O Both of them! (posters) and the cd… Why is he so stunning >.< It's driving me nuts!!!
    Holy *beep* that's is alot of cds O.O And a lot of Tackey pictures… WANT!!!
    I'll totally put this on my wish list XD ❤
    *Big hugs*


  2. It's so awesome that Tackey's finally releasing solo works now~! And his songwriting♪♪ ability is so amazing too! Of course I still ~♥~ Tackey with Tsubasa so much too! XD The posters were really a surprise as they're larger than I ever would have imagined…I just don't have any wall space left that large to fit either of them. (;´□`) Johnny's seems to have derived a plan to take all of our money away! :o…by releasing three versions and having each with so tempting extras unique to each of them…..I just couldn't resist here~! XD I hope the videos uploaded here to VOX play okay for your….sometimes they take a bit longer to buffer but they should hopefully play okay. It took me awhile to get them to display at the right size….it was trial and error for awhile there but I sometimes upload them to VOX instead of YouTube as some videos tend to be removed from YouTube such as Avex releases I notice…..sadly all of my Amurochan pv are now gone from there so I now load them up here sometimes if I don't think they'll be okay on YouTube. Hmm….I am wanting to promote their artists so hopefully they don't mind. =)


  3. Reiko says:

    Ohhhh lordy…I bought this cd as well…couldn't resist buyin' all 3 of them just like u. lol Wow, I bought them from cdjapan. ~__~ From now on, maybe I'll reconsider buyin' them elsewhere ne. lol I was worried that I wouldn't get the posters if I ordered from them elsewhere other than cdjapan that's y.U forgot to mention how SEXY the covers were of this Shalala singles…Tono being half-hadaka w/the body paint all over him. *dies* God, it took like 4 hrs. to do too of all things. I would've given ANYTHING to be the artist who painted his body like that, esp. for 4 freakin' hours. @,@ I'd be melting all the while painting his body w/a paint brush. lol 😛 In fact, I'd kiss him passionately first b4 I started the paint-job. That way, we can always continue the body paint later. *runs* Of coz, we'd never get the job done and the cds would have to be released at a later date. (hahahaha)The off-shot pics you made on here, I hope once again you don't mind me taking. I promise not to reupld elsewhere w/o crediting you. Also, Tono wearing that blk jacket w/white shirt unbuttoned like that wearing jiji-specs (glasses)…makes my mouth water again. *dies* Dun do this to meeeee!!! lmao I'm goin' crazy here!And let me tell you…I would've LOVED to be that lady in the MV. Nevermind her…she really looks 'bitchy'-looking in it; I dunno y. >.< And the makeup on her looked sort-of too much too. Too red of a lipstick shade 4 this MV! That's all I was looking at when they showed her. >.< And his shirt unbuttoned like that ALOT…wow~ @@@@ ♥♥I wonder if that woman knew how to speak Japanese like him too. I read somewhere in a recent Popolo interview that he wouldn't marry a 'gaijin', that he'd prefer to marry someone of his own nationality.And the Mugen no Hane MV shots are really nice on your site too. Can't compare to mine, I'll tell you that much. ~__~ (Do you use Photoshop to do ur pics?)Once again, thankx 4 sharing! ♥♥


  4. Oh what's wonderful is that now Cdjapan offers shipping through FedEx and by comparison if you order a bit more their shipping charges become significantly less than with the post office's EMS service which I used to use before. I hadn't anticipated the posters being so large and I think Tackey's are still the largest posters I've ever received with a new release~*. If only there were space to hang those up (/∇\*)!Sad they're both in a tube hiding :/. lol omg! you've just given me a visual!!! (*´艸`)。。!Oh thank you~* you're so considerate! A~hh the woman in the pv did make me jealous too…..hmm I speak okay but not totally fluently..(wonders if that'd be okay =) ) and that's interesting to know, I'm pure Japanese/Okinawan but I know I'm just dreaming~ (人∀`*)♥。Oh I haven't used any photoshop for the photos and they're just ones that I take…I'm sort of photo~happy~ ^ ^*!


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