Kindai June 2009 celebrates the season of the drama~.

So many dramas… little time~! Each issue of Kindai covers so many different aspects of Japan's entertainment culture as it's truly one of the most diverse male/female/idol/actor/group publications out there and monthly subscriptions can found at Cdjapan while Amazon Japan offers single issues for sale~. I've scanned just a few of the drama features including those on Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun, Ueto Aya and Toda Erika…to Tackey's current stage performance…and finally a few Hello! Project photo features including Momusu on their upcoming new single release~….Buono! on their sadly cancelled Stockholm Japan Expo appearance.. :(….Kindai's monthly feature guests Ume & Maimai…..Airiin's 15th birthday thoughts & well *wishes* including C-ute's thoughts on Golden Week~ and how each would like to spend a picnic…and lastly Manoeri's 18th birthday event~. =)

…….(*sigh*..)..Tackey's new single is currently at a nearby post office waiting for me as it didn't fit into our mail lock boxes so I'm thinking there's a poster maybe in there?….I forgot what the first press bonus was…:P…surely it must be a poster to not fit~. =)

….Can't wait to hear Momusu's latest single too~!….this is such a *pretty* photo shoot here!  ^ ^


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to Kindai June 2009 celebrates the season of the drama~.

  1. Alezra says:

    Waaah Tackey looks sooo cool >.< Wah handsome!!! ❤
    Erina is the cutest!!! ❤ She is really something special! She still reminds me of you XD ❤ Huhuhu!
    *big hugs* ^______^ ❤


  2. La-Rush says:

    huah…nice combinationarashi, MM, berryz, c-ute, aya ueto, erika toda XD


  3. strawberrie says:

    I have been watching Smile and The Quiz Show. Both are very interesting dramas. Matsumoto does a great job that I'm already tempted to buy the DVD box set when the pre-order button becomes available on Amazon JP.


  4. James says:

    You're so lucky to get these magazines~! 😀 I do have to say though that the guys aren't as interesting to me XP But the Morning Musume photoshoot is so nice and elegent looking. I am thinking of getting a subscription to it, the interviews and the news would be so cool to read (… once you understand Japanese that is XD …) ^__^


  5. He's been doing some dramatic plays recently…I watched one of them on DVD awhile back and he really does look amazing here!! E~hhh?!…..Manoeri = *cute*!!….me…um not so much! 😛


  6. Hi La-Rush~!…..yes! definitely some of my *favorites* here in the latest issue! =) Kindai really covers so many artists/idols every month and their photography is always so great too~! ( ̄▽ ̄)


  7. I totally agree~!'s just that the waiting for each new episode part is so difficult!! XD I'd love to own an official copy of "Smile" too when it's released…Matsujun's one of the most *wonderful* actors!! =)


  8. LOL!……..I guess that would make sense ne~!…(^q^) Kindai really is one of the most diverse group/idol/news publications as they cater to both the female and male fan with their features and photography~. So you'd have lots and lots of Johnny's groups & members too!! XD Although I know that's not really what you'd be looking forward to in each new issue. Kindai is also published monthly so the new issues arrive so soon it seems whereas UTB is published bi-montly now although it used to be a monthly publication to in the past. Overall quality of the aesthetics of the magazine itself would still go to UTB though with their thicker stock pages, glossy cover and flat spine design and UTB is more of a gravure photo magazine whereas Kindai is more of a news and update magazine….both really great and irresistible I think but if you love more of the photography then UTB may be more suited to your tastes but it does cost a bit more. They've also started to include 5 photo cards with each issue like they did a few years ago but I still do miss their inclusion of a DVD! Those were probably the best with "idol dates", games, interviews and photo shoot footage. Wani Books who is the publisher of UTB also publishes a great majority of Hello! Project shashinshuu so they're usually in most issues…..hmmm but Kindai has H!P in most issues too….lol it's sort of a toss up there although there's usually a bit of more of just pure photography in UTB since they're usually promoting a new pb release~. Another cute idol magazine to consider would be Bomb! magazine….it's smaller in size….not page wise but the magazine itself is just like a little digest size but the issues are quite thick! And they have tons and tons of idols in every issue. I just realized that I haven't posted much of any Bomb! magazine here as I used to subscribe a few years ago….it's a really awesome magazine for sure and I'd say that you'd 100% ~♥~ it! ^ ^


  9. James says:

    A bit late replying, sorry XD Are you implying I would just be looking at the pretty pictures?? :P….. It may be true, but the news would also interesting. That is once I get a handle on the language XD I'm thinking I might buy myself a magazine subscription for my birthday or Christmas 🙂 Got to put my thinking cap on.Hmmm, photo cards you say? Like little ones or larger? :O UTB use to come with a DVD!? I am familiar with the magazine DVD, and they are brilliant 😀 They're rather fun to watch =] Kinda sad that they don't do it anymore though 😦 It would be rather nice knowing what new PB's were being released….. or maybe not, I'd want to spend money to get them 😛 I'm liking you more and more as I get to know you~! Bomb! magazine is a rather nice magazine….. <_<……>_>….. :3 I love that you use to/still get Bomb!, it's brilliant XD I was actually going to get it before I found out about UTB and Kindai XD


  10. LOL…….um…….yes~!…(^q^) Demo ne….I ♥ the pretty pictures too. =) It's sort of difficult though to choose between so many great idol publications….gambatte ne~. ^ ^UTB's trading cards are I think the standard size….like baseball card size? Some used to be two sided with photos but these are just one sided with the idol's name only on the opposite side of the cards. Ohhh UTB's DVDs were really amazing!!! It really enhanced and brought to life the magazine's features themselves…….I wish they would bring those back for sure~. The great thing about UTB aside from it's aesthetic beauty is definitely the H!P connection as Wani Books tends to publish most H!P pbs overall. Awwww….you think I'm sweeter♥….or am I just causing you more spending woes?!! 😛 Oh you've seen Bomb! magazine before then? There's so much idol content in a single issue for sure and their photography and coverage is really amazing!!! I'd so recommend this magazine too~!!!! Gomen ne~…..I'm not really helping you decide am I?..(._.;)


  11. Reiko says:



  12. Love watching his stage~plays too! Also reminds me of how much I miss Kindai…it was a rather unique publication as they covered both male and female artists/celebrities each month, miss that. A~h I'm sometimes a bit afraid of going onto forums…(u_u*).


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