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Arashi 明日の記憶/ Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~

Arashi "Ashita no kioku"/ "Crazy Moon~kimi wa muteki~" Type 1 LE w/ DVD (jacket scan) Arashi "Ashita no kioku" / "Crazy Moon~kimi wa muteki~" Type 1 LE, Type 2 LE & RE CD singles With sales exceeding 400,000 and a … Continue reading

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My weekend delivered~ or maybe the entire week & the start of Riot Girl Days~ ^ ^

宝物 Arashi will be first into the player and if they keep releasing 3 versions of every single I'll have no money soon (;´□`)…and then there's Aichan's new shashinshuu "Watashi" which needs to be scanned….a cute little Arashi photo book … Continue reading

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“Platinum 9″ T-shirts, Phenylalanine & the *effects* of watching Arashi…(^q^)

高橋愛と新垣里沙Tシャツセット。 Aichan & Gakisan "Platinum 9" T-shirt sets (front & back) Sometimes little realizations come to mind at the most random of times….take for instance me watching an Arashi concert DVD and suddenly thinking to myself just a few *things*…….like … Continue reading

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Hello! Project digital photo book #53 Yajima Maimi (complete)

I always love looking through H!P's digital photo offerings as you get to see a wide array of offshots from recent member shashinshuu. Hello! Project sure knows how to maximize their photographic efforts~. Complete sets are comprised of fours separate … Continue reading

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JunJun cap/ C-ute pv DVD giveaway (race 1 of 3 standings)

Giveaway items… The rain shortened event at LMS saw jumbled results occur as a result of some teams electing to stay out on the track during what would eventually become the race's last caution which ended after a last lengthy … Continue reading

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「Featured Post」36 reasons why I ♥ Dragon Half ( ̄▽ ̄)

Dragon Half (DVD cover scan) Sooo what to do in the whee early morning hours??? Watch Dragon Half! This is so much one of my most favorite animes ever!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it continues … Continue reading

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Hamasaki Ayumi’s “NEXT LEVEL” on USB~

Hamasaki Ayumi "NEXT LEVEL" album release on USB Hamasaki Ayumi "NEXT LEVEL" album on USB We share the same last name but sadly (*sigh*…) we're not related…(u_u*) When I first heard that Ayu's latest album was going to be offered … Continue reading

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真野恵里菜 ”はじめての経験”

はじめての経験♪♪~ Manoeri "Hajimete no keiken" LE type A, B & C CD singles Hmmm…it may seem as if I'm in an all Manoeri mood recently but I assure you it's just due to the coincidental timing of these releases! o(*´∀`)o゛……. … Continue reading

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真野恵里菜 ”マノグアム”…..use only as directed. =)

真野恵里菜 Mano Erina "Manoguam" DVD Feeling like the *cute* in your life has been difficult to find lately?…like there's just not enough idol adorableness on your laptop or television to get you through your days? Well you may be like … Continue reading

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原田知世…sweet♥ J-Pop for your Sunday~

原田知世 原田知世 Harada Tomoyo, for much of the nineties balanced both a successful t.v. drama career along with a music career~. There’s a very soft and natural beauty about her which comes across in her acting…and the word that instantly … Continue reading

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