矢島舞美最新写真集 “17″

Yajima Maimi's shashinshuu "17" features scenic Guam which serves as a most welcome sight for her 3rd photographic effort~. C-ute's leader has long been one of H!P's most beautiful…..blessed with a natural *radiance* and qualities of overall beauty fitting of a model, Maimichan is also a picture perfect portrait of every thing that goes into the making of a role model for her fellow members…peers and young girls alike.

"17" is photographed is most mature light…….capturing Maimichan as she transcends from adolescence into adulthood, however one may not readily recognize the former as much of this pb is shot in thoughtful poses and atomosphere alike all the while still hinting in playful moments~ intermingled within. Much of her chosen wardrobe features cute youthful dresses, tops….to casual wear and whether much or any are actually part of her personal collection there's a seamless sincerity as nothing is presented out of character or "in character" in the sense of trying to re-create her very aura long known to fans. Elegant….picturesque….to athletic and playful all come to mind giving "17" a well rounded presentation……however perhaps most important, is the well thought out art direction through which Maimichan is brought to life through the camera lense in perfect eloquence.

Yajima Maimi's "17" shashinshuu can be ordered here at Amazon Japan.

Yajima Maimi's "17" shashinshuu can be ordered here at YesAsia.

…Less than six years ago ZYX released two singles..far too little I thought at the time as they were really one of H!P's most adorable and mighty little units ever! =) Maimichan has grown so much in just the past 6 years making her appearance in the screencap above appear so distant….wow~ time has surely flown by~!

And it was always so *cute* how Ume towered above everyone in the group…..most notably at the time..Marippe♥~ whom served as their fearless little leader♥~! ^ ^ …..all those years ago. =)

Before the 42 scans from "17" which I've chosen…..here's a little walk down memory lane~….six years ago…..not so long ago?….and yet seemingly so distant as I re-acquaint myself with a most *beloved* group…..

ZYX "Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH" original pv

…..the pv for "Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH."  ^ ^ ………….


………..~miss you Megumi~ (;´□`)

beauty n, pl : qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind: LOVELINESS.

~I love these….taken with just a pure white background…….~

~One of my most favorite photos~

….And just a few captures from the accompanying making of DVD which runs just over 18 minutes…



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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31 Responses to 矢島舞美最新写真集 “17″

  1. Shirow says:

    It looks so amazing, I cant wait to get my copy.This PB really shows people why she is my number 1 idol in H!P.I think its about time she got a 4th PB yes???Cheers for the scans MB, now I'm finding it hard to sleep …


  2. Zush says:



  3. LazyMan1 says:

    WoW 17 now, seems like only yesterday she was a kid and now she has grown into a young gorgeous women. Were does the time go? ^)_(^


  4. James says:

    Wow, this is amazing looking. I was all excited when I saw last night that you got a copy of 17 and were going to review it. I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to get this anytime soon, but you've pushed me over the edge. It's my next order ^-^Also, WOW~! It's amazing how much she's grown in those six years. I'm flabbergasted.


  5. Alezra says:

    She is soo beautiful! Really cute! Is she tall? It looks like she is at least 1.65 – 1.70 cm tall ^.^ Well anyways..she is really beautiful!
    Waah the song was really great >u< I like their style… It's street style inspired ne X3 ❤
    *Big hugs*


  6. Risuzu says:

    Maimi's gorgeous. I want to go up to her and give her a great big hug.:)Peace, Love, & Icecream


  7. LOL!….wait her third just was released!…(^q^) A~h your Maimichan fansite should have told me that she's your #1!! XD Um beauty can be distracting……I hope you were able to get some sleep though~! XD


  8. I so agree!!….her beauty is definitely perfection! =) I think I left though…more *sweet* surprises for anyone purchasing or waiting for this pb to arrive. ^ ^ So happy that you enjoyed these scans~. (´∀`)


  9. Time sure does fly doesn't it~! Just watching ZYX's pv the other day after so long…..it's amazing how much she has grown! She has such perfect facial features!!!….has me *envious*!! XD


  10. Hi James!…..I'm so happy that you'll be supporting Maimichan too~! =) And I only scanned some of it so thery'll be much more great photographs for you to look forward too……although….um most of my favorites are here. XD Sou sou~….just watching ZYX's pv really amazes me too……Maimichan is truly *blessed* with beauty genes!! ^ ^Gomen ne~….I may be causing you to spend more money. 😛 She is irresistible though I imagine. =)


  11. I love the way that they dressed up ZYX for their pv too~!! The hip hop look is soooo *cute* I thought…..and Maimichan's looks have changed so much over these past few years. I always thought that she was pretty but now she's just so soo much a beautiful woman~. =) I miss H!P releasing songs like "Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH"….and the melody♪♪ is so catchy ne~! I thought that I had her height written down somewhere although she may be taller now but I can't seem to find it at the moment… :/ …..she is tall…um lol especially to me as I'm soooooo short! (>_<);


  12. So so so true!!…and Maimichan's such a talented performer too~…I do hope that it leads to perhaps acting roles or future modeling if those are careers that she desires to venture into. =)


  13. LazyMan1 says:

    She is a Beauty, can make many a boys hearts skip a beat, but you should not be too envious of her, everyone has their own you unique features that makes them a beauty in their own right so be proud of your unique beauty. (^_^) "hokoritakai"


  14. You're much much too *kind* to even consider mentioning me in the same sentence with 'beauty'…….thank you~ (*´∀`*)..(*blushes*). Ordinary though is how I'm sort of described here by friends…perhaps one day I can live up to it..gambarimasu~. =)


  15. LazyMan1 says:

    doo itashimashite. Its a talent i have to see Beauty that others tend to miss when i say a girl is beautiful my friends usually listen…course they always push me down to the ground and go ask the girl out…I need to learn to keep my mouth shut around them. (>_<)


  16. James says:

    Well, yes. You've made me spend some money XD But, it's all good……. it's not like you really had to twist my arm to get me to do it XD She's just so photogenic~! :DAnd I just want to say that you are not ordinary…. far from it =]


  17. Beautiful scans, as usual!!!
    It makes me wonder if my music would do better if I included pictures of myself in a bikini!!! lol
    -That would probably scare away what few listeners I DO have!!!


  18. Aww that's so awful of them! (;´□`) A~h perhaps it's best to keep it a *secret* to yourself. XD Interestingly I think that girls can be even more competitive than guys are in general…or at least it seems that way~! Yet we gossip a lot more about beauty and *hotness* and then it can lead to a bit of jealousy~…(._.;)


  19. Ahh I'm so glad! =) I musn't cause James to spend too much as that would not be good!! 😦 The camera just loves some idols so much ne~…Maimichan's so beautiful!! (*´∀`*)Thank you so much~….ah a friend here just lightly slapped me on the head for saying such a thing……..but it's so true that they say this!!!!!! Ouch! itai!!…chotto ne~….I need to pinch her for this! XD ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


  20. Hai~hai! DK! Maimichan's so beautiful here! I sort of went overboard with the scans but there were just so many favorites that I wanted to share. =) Ahhh…board shorts can be great though! 'Bikini' + man….um lol! XD You're so funny!!…(^q^) I do wonder what sort of reaction that would get though now that you mention it~! 😛


  21. -I don't think I want to find out!!! lol


  22. Hai hai~…but now you have me sooo curious! I'm kidding!! XD


  23. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    she look like american, XD


  24. E~hhhh?!….honto? She's so *pretty* ne~…one of H!P's…no rather Japan's most beautiful. =)


  25. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    oh? japans most beautiful? wow,! what a achievement,:) she's so pretty,:)


  26. Awwww…really my own personal assessment though. But so true for sure~! =)


  27. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    haha,:) I think thats true for sure,:) btw? is she also an actress?


  28. Not yet…..but I do think that Maimichan has real potential if she so chooses to pursue a career in acting. =) Aichan of Momusu has probably shown the most potential thus far leading the way and hopefully other H!P members will follow~. =)


  29. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    I will search more about her,:)) haha,


  30. Aside from the wiki pages Maimichan has many fan sites out there to explore~. =)


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