C-ute’s “Bye Bye Bye!”♪♪

Hmmm…my (VOX neighborhood) *cuddle* post is just below but doesn't this photo of Ume above make you so want to *cuddle*?!!! o(*´∀`)o゛♥ While as fans we each are privileged to watch our favorite idols grow in the spotlight…..and now more than ever in a very gradual state as between commercial releases, FC releases, event footage, and a barrage of seemingly non stop photographs which document their lives with a seamless blanket of visuals, there are still poignant moments when you have to stop and say to yourself how stunning they've grown…."they're really growing up aren't they." =)

Just the aesthetics of C-ute's latest single (just released on April 15th) gives a striking vision of youth's eventual turn to maturity as every member…..I'm not quite sure of how to describe it but they all appear so much more mature somehow since the last time I saw them in a recent Kindai photo shoot. In particular Chisa, Maimai and Ume have my eyes seeing them in such a different light as I opened up this release and viewed their photographs within. Nakki seemed to leap out quite early in this sense awhile back while both Maimichan and Airiin whether it be a product of their up front presentation which has been C-ute's formula for awhile now, it's a much more subtle change.

The six member lineup does bring a sadness to me and while Kannachan's absence was announced awhile back, here I find the reality of its impact setting in as something just doesn't look right seeing a "much" smaller member lineup here…..C-ute truly isn't complete without her presence. I *hope* for her speedy recovery and return to occur as soon as possible.

Cute's "Bye Bye Bye!" LE w/DVD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Cute's "Bye Bye Bye!" RE single can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

C-ute's "Bye Bye Bye!" pv DVD single can be ordered here from Cdjapan. (to be released on April 22nd)

C-ute's "Bye Bye Bye!" LE can be ordered here at YesAsia.

C-ute's "Bye Bye Bye!" RE can be ordered here at YesAsia.

C=ute's "Bye Bye Bye!" pv DVD single can be ordered here at YesAsia. (to be released on April 22nd)

The LE includes a bonus DVD containing the "Dance Shot Version" of the pv while the both LE & RE first press releases include serial numbered even cards….valid only in Japan. While the accompanying pv DVD single is still a few days away…..a "dance shot version" will nearly almost always win over a "close up version" so I'm thankful for its inclusion here~! =)

The creamy pink colors of "Bye Bye Bye!" give the impression of a "softer" release however as one should never judge and interior by its exterior the title track is much to the contrary as Tsunku has penned for C-ute a stong mid tempo R&B track.

C-ute "Bye Bye Bye!" (Dance Shot Ver.) pv

Like the song itself the pv's atmosphere is most definitely heavily flavored with a distinct retro feel down to the lighting and simplistic set design. "Bye Bye Bye!" is channeling a funky 70's groove while the prominent keyboard riffs give the song a bit of an 80's twist. What's impressive about much of C-ute's latter catalog is how much their individual releases show musical/member growth coming in leaps and bounds from one to the next….here though "Bye Bye Bye!" in this sense is much more of a lateral move in musical terms as the song itself is complimentary to their already establised catalog while not necessary adding anything remarkably new. For several reasons….their earlier single "LA LA LA shiawase no uta" comes to mind…….that's not to say though that "Bye Bye Bye!" isn't an attractive track in its own right as I do find it to be quite the catchy *boogie wonderland*~. ^ ^


As always with C-ute their dance choreography is top notch as even Momusu has nothing on them in this aspect I think at this point….and each member's accomplished state lends to what I imagine to be a choreographer *dream*~ as difficulty or very complex routines create no barriers for C-ute as individuals or as a whole~.

The coupling with track "Go Go Go!" creates a sort of irony in the very sense of musical♪♪ growth as I while it may not have the same type of "bright" and readily visible impact of the title track which suits singles……I think it's by far a superior composition, it being rich with harmonies and vocal layers showcasing C-ute's vocal range and *feel* which are for the most part absent in "Bye Bye Bye!" it being a much more straight forward composition~…although not to fault the title track as it is was it is for a reason. =)

And the song♪♪ itself ("Go Go Go!") is much more in the vein of showcasing Tsunku's diverse creativity and ability to write music which transcends musical eras as he merges together the old and new in his always masterful craft~.


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13 Responses to C-ute’s “Bye Bye Bye!”♪♪

  1. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    why bbye? are they going to graduate??


  2. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    so thats a song okie,


  3. chocobliss says:

    aw, you have yours already/ I'm still waiting for mines in the mail. But look at MaiMai!!! She's gotten so big…. she's always been a little diva to me but she is really coming into her own. I miss Kanna though; I would love to see her perform this with all the others.


  4. James says:

    I have to say that I left this release out of my shopping cart D: I like it, but it didn't really catch my eye. Also, I sort of didn't like it because it doesn't have Kanna in it XD and Mai seems so much bigger and mature than the last time I saw her, it's amazing ^_^ But it's not just Mai, they all seem to have grown up so much :]


  5. Alezra says:

    Uhm.. this is really not my style of music but it was still kinda' cute ;3 ❤
    X3 ❤


  6. Oh no it's just their latest single's title….=) There's a bit of a more serious tone in this release but it's still quite a fun and energetic song~.


  7. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    not so melodic,but I like it to,


  8. I was a bit late in ordering and I was like oh no!!! when I found out that it was already out of print at Cdjapan, so I needed to order 'Bye Bye Bye!" through YesAsia so I was quite surprised when it arrived so quickly! There free international shipping is amazing too~! =) So true as Maimai has always seemed so ahead of her years in the way she carries herself as well as her looks too and her voice so uniquely cute! Miss Kannachan so much too…..(;´□`) I hope she gets well and returns soon. =) C-ute just isn't complete without her.


  9. It's sort of a neutral song for me as so many of their other releases are far better….although I do think that the coupling with song "Go Go Go!" is a much much better song and I would have so made it the title track with pv instead. =)


  10. So true~! they all look so much more grown up all of the sudden with this release! XD As fans we all watch them grow up gradually as there's so much coverage of groups now days and yet there are moments like these when some just seem to grow up in sudden spurts! 😮 "Bye Bye Bye!" really is more of a lateral single as it's nothing really ground breaking and the song is really basic……I so think that the coupling with song is so much better and I would have chosen it to be the title track instead I think. It has pretty harmonies and highlights their individual voices much better than the title track with the vocal arrangement they used……..(*sigh*)..now I'm wishing for a pv of the b-side! ^ ^


  11. I so agree….the title track is really not one of their better releases but I think you may like the coupling with track "Go Go Go!" much better. =) I would have reversed their roles in this single I'm thinking. ^ ^ 


  12. Matsu says:

    I wasn't too impressed with this release, but I think it would have been received better if it was released a bit after the new Buono! song that I thought was much more impressive than Bye Bye Bye.


  13. It's definitely not one of their better releases but I do love the coupling with song so much~! =) It has grown on me more though as I've listened to it a bit more. ^ ^ I can't wait to hear Buono!'s new single when it arrives soon!!


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