Tackey & Tsubasa reminiscing…..

When considering debut efforts, Tackey & Tsubasa's debut album "Hatachi" remains amongst the strongest that I've come across over the years of collecting J-Pop. The album contains 9 tracks and all are extremely well written and I don't find it to be a stretch to say all of them could have been singles in their own right. And while I do whole heartedly love all of their releases since which I've been busy collecting, there's a definite separation between the musical styles heard on "Hatachi" verses their later releases which can be pin pointed to the songwriters for T & T's early releases whom are no longer composing for them sadly. :/ Groups of course go through numerous phases, trends and styles throughout their careers but this is definitley one that I would have really loved to have seen stay around for just a bit longer. The melodies are just so instantly beautiful and attractive on this release beginning with "True Heart" continuing throughout the album till "Epilogue" and "True Heart"'s international version sung in English.

Tackey & Tsubasa releases can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

Tackey & Tsubasa releases can be ordered here from YesAsia. (note: Japanese & Korean release versions are listed together at YesAsia)

A beautiful tribute to New York and the terrible tragedy that occurred on 9/11 is shared in the stand out track "The world will never forget…" also making its release date a seemingly conscious thought. My first impression of Tackey & Tsubasa  was how well their voices compliment each others and how distinctly different they are all the while blending together so seamlessly. There's also a great bond between them as both have a great sense of humor while not taking themselves too seriously which lends itself into a endearing relationship between artist and fan all the while creating quite a different spin on the music scene in the form of a fresh breath of air while the contrary can sometimes be a turn off for some. Both are also active in t.v. dramas while Takizawa Hideaki takes a slight lead when it comes to overall popularity and exposure.

Tackey & Tsubasa (Takizawa Hideaki & Imai Tsubasa) are part of the "Johnny's Entertainment Group" and an interesting aspect of this is how it nearly mirrors the structure of Hello! Project in terms of member recruitment, grooming process, as well as group formation. JE's answer to H!P's Eggs are their Johnny's Jr. group. The familiar process of starting off as back up dancers/singers until finally becoming a part of a chosen group is very much the same as it is with H!P with the exception of widespread auditions. Johnny's Jr. however holds an edge when it comes to early performance exposure as H!P Eggs tend to remain well kept secrets until emerging in new units & groups with only minimal stage appearances during select H!P concert events. Tackey & Tsubasa debuted shortly after Arashi and were common members in the Johnny Jr.'s pool while going through the grooming process giving them a nice link to each other.

In the past I wasn't able to…or more specifically didn't have a clue as to how to share videos here on VOX so here's four personal pv favorites from their pv DVD collection "Takitsuba Clips" beginning with two tracks from "Hatachi." ^ ^






The world so needs more pvs like this one! o(*´∀`)o゛




Woaaah !!! It was sutch a long time ago i listened to these totally AWESOME guys! Uh they are absolutely one of my favourites… I actually had a little crush on Tackey haha XD ❤ I remember when i got my first cd from them (I think it was their first album) XD My mum thought i was going nuts… I was jumping around the house of happyness , i think i was screaming to >u< My friend bought me the cd on my birthday… I dont remember how old i was thought >.< But it was a while ago :3 I need to find the cd! when we moved to another place i kind of ''lost'' a lot of things sutch as cds >__< Uh!! ❤ Well anyways thank you sooo mutch for reminding me! ❤

Thank youuu!! X3 ❤ *big hugs*

That's so awesome that a friend gave you their debut CD for your *birthday*!! \(^o^)/☆ Tackey alone is definitely a reason to love them so much….and they sound so incredible together as they each sing so differently in a complimentary way~. =) I'm trying to remember if this was 6 or 7? years ago?……I need to check the release date to be sure. I got into them a bit late……funny I find myself trying to catch up to so many artists it seems…(^q^). I hope you can find your CD! =)

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