Hello!Blog H!P poll top 10.

Each year Paul Thomas at Hello!Blog is even more and more creative with his poll's design….this year's one being one of the most amazing yet!! It's still available to take until the 10th of this month here. ^ ^ Judging by the amount of votes this year that Paul has received so far, the results should quite reflective of the fan consensus outside of Japan as well an within as I believe he mentioned that his poll was linked in Japan as well. =) In any case I think it'll be more of the international fanbase being heard here…I can't wait to see the final results and I'm just hoping that perhaps a few of my favorites will show up~. (*´∀`*)♪♪

This was sooooooooooo difficult to complete! (・c_・;)?…as I repeatedly scrolled back and forth through the member choices. It was quite unprecedented for me to need to choose between all of H!P including their 3 "flagship groups", active Eggs, soloist and the entire Elder's club which sadly just officially graduated at the end of last month. (´⌒`。)

So in this sense this is also somewhat of a farewell poll as the Elder's Club has graduated and UFA looks to be headed in much more "idol/youth" direction.

My top 5 choices were somewhat easier choices than the final 5 which had me wanting repeatedly to add in Yukosan, Manoeri, Shibata Ayumi, Nakki, Airiin, Miya, Junjun…..and lol I should now stop before I name everyone in the poll…(^q^)

Let's see…..Nacchi for helping to put this all together, what we now know as H!P…..Kamei for her awesome cuddly quirkiness!~♥……Aichan for her upmost professionalism, vocals and role model qualities~………Maimichan for being soooo beatiful!!…..(okay not really having any deep thoughts right now but I didn't want to cause sleepiness from my otherwise over indulgence in reasoning 😛 )……..Ayaya for the best vocals in H!P (she'll be missed so much (;´□`) )…..Momo for being so adorable and so full of helium, may your voice always remain so cute!……Riichan for always making me smile and yes! that little button nose of hers =)……Gakisan for always being so wonderfully honest and *real*, think "Mechaike bakajo" test & her interesting ideas on an amusement park family getaway as shared on Music Figher~……Nocchi for being the cutest Egg who need so much more attention please! =)……..and lastly Kohachan, for without you Momusu/H!P would be so much less energized, ♥~frantically hyper~♥……and my goodness, how else would we sell all of this Red Bull? o(*´∀`)o゛



ah, so lovely to have you back online! sun is shining after all.

by the way, my Top-10 looks like this.

You scared me sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much~! 😀 So happy to see you again :3 I have to say, it's much nicer knowing you're still here :]

:O Where's Airi? 😛 This is the first time I've taken one of Pauls polls, and it was hard….. very difficult to just pick 10 out of everyone…… here's mine, feel like sharing 😀

Abe #1 😀

As for Arisa, I've not really seen a lot of her. I just watched her version of Come Together tho, she's so cute and animated.

Anyway, interesting picks. 🙂

I'm so happy to see you again!
I don't comment to much because this semester I'm graduating and I don't have much time, but really really really love your posts! To say the truth you were one of the reasons that I got into jpop ❤

thanks for returning!

Welcome back Miss Berryz.


😀 But how am I suppose to call you now? Still MB? ^^

Nacchi first! Well that wasn't exactly a surprise! XD Anyway I'm thinking if I do this too… Posting the results from Paul's poll is so popular so maybe I should too. 🙂 It was REALLY hard to choose for me too for after a few first ones…!


I'm so glad to see you're not disappearing! *Huggles*

(And I'm happy to see that my Nocchi made it onto another top 10! :D)

No Bunny in top ten? My Shock!:D



WB!! 😀

I came up from dinner, checked my e-mail and was like "Who's added me to vox? o_O" I've had a few people add me to their vox who I noticed were regular commenters from your other blog, so I was thinking it was another case of that. XD However, I was quite happily surprised when the page loaded up!! ^_^
My blogging reality is complete again! 😀
Also, OMG I LOLed at the caption to your blog, and LOLed again when I actually read what your url is. XD You absolutely crack me up! 😀
PS. do I call you 朝焼け now? o_O
PPS. I totally need to get around to posting my poll results. XD I did them almost 2 weeks ago… I have been a bad, bad lazy blogger. -_-;

You're top 10 chart is awesome!! There's so many members in yours that I wanted to select too but I just didn't have enough room in the end. :/ So happy to see Miya at #1! Wait that was for sure right?! XD And Riichan at #2….we also have Momo in common. =) I wish I could have included Manoeri and Chiichan and Airiin so much too~. Thank you Zush~ you're always so *sweet*. (*´∀`*)

Shhhhhhhh….I was in *disguise*..XD I wonder how Clark Kent gets away with it??? (・c_・;)?I mean…after all of these years his co-workers have no idea! XD I actually rarely wear glasses…..(*sigh*)…don't ask! 😛 I'm sorry!!!!! I was born too sensitive and I've been under attack from a friend here for the past few days (;´□`).

Oh I just had a look…….my thoughts are there. ^ ^ So true!!! this poll was the most difficult yet as everyone was in there! 😮 I'm still looking at mine and thinking….hmmmmmmm….. XD. I wanted to have Airiin in there so bad!!! It hurts now. 😦

I always have *Nacchi* on the brain….the doctor says it's most likely incurable at this point! …(u_u*)

I hope that Nocchi receives much more attention in the future and maybe they should have included Nocchi in the new Guardian group even if it's only temporary. Whenever I watch any of the Ongaku Gatas or FC DVDs with her in them I can't help but notice how outgoing and fun her personality is….now she just needs a larger stage to show it. =) "Come Together" is awesome! \(^o^)/☆

Hi Carol….it's so wonderful that we share J-Pop ♥ in common. Thank you, your words me so much to me….ほんとに嬉しいです!

Gambatte in school ne~! (*´∀`*)

Hi SB……so funny I didn't think anyone would recognize me. 😛 I guess silliness is easy to spot ne~. XD

Hmmm……that is a funny question. 😛 How about "朝焼け?" I wonder if that's too strange….but then again I'm supposed to be trying to start off new. =) lol I'm not doing a very good job of it so far. 😛

I hope you can post your results up soon~………..um I know who #1 is!!! lol okay that's not very impressive of me I know! 😛 I so much have *Nacchi* on the brain forever. (*´∀`*)

Haha, well, you're one of a kind so it's not hard to find out some how.

Hello~…..gomen ne. I'm so sorry that I haven't been around recently. >_<; I missed you too! I've had some friend rendered therapy recently……I need to be less sensitive I know. (;´□`)

I just had a look at your top ten H!P member choices…..my thoughts are there. =)

Ah~ Nocchi was a must!! I think she's one of the most outgoing and she possesses one of the brightest personalities too~! And she's a most *beautifully adorable* Egg! Now UFA just needs to allow Nocchi to shine more! I hope she gets into a group of her own very soon!

I've had a very good talking to from a friend recently and she's trying to toughen me up~! 😮 LOL I told her it's not working though….but I am trying. =)

I so wanted Bunny to be in there~! :/ I was having a most difficult time deciding…..lol I think I had that window at Paul's site open forever!…(^q^). Hmm……I wanted to shamelessly ask him to make it a top 12 instead so that Yukosan, Bunny or Manoeri could make it in too. XD

Hi maiZe!

………and then you were thinking who in the world is that?!!!! lol. 😛 I guess the glasses weren't enough of a *disguise* XD. You're always way too kind to your stupid friend here! (._.;) Oh dear I was having sort of a moment when I chose the url and then I thought…..* *. XD

I'm curious to see who #2 through 10 are….=) I can't be wrong about #1 can I? (*´∀`*) I can't wait to see the overall results too~! I wondering if any of my favorites will make it into anywhere in the top choices. (・c_・;)?Hmmmm…..would "Asayake" be too strange? I don't know. :/

*Thank you*….you're much much much too kind! (*´∀`*)


When I post my rankings, let me know if you were right about #1! XD Hopefully I'll get them up either tomorrow or Friday since I have a long weekend this weekend. We get Good Friday off in Canada, and schools (elementary & high school, and some universities) get Easter Monday off as well.

You glasses are so cute! And you were having an awesome moment when choosing your url! 😀

"Asayake" – is that the romanji of your new screen name? Sorry I know so little kanji. -_-; I do know the "ke" at the end. XD My Japanese classes have at least made me learn my hiragana and katakana pretty well. 😀


I nearly got blinded by that infra red rays from your eyes…>.<
I didn't know that fake CK can be this powerful too..:p

I won't tell its you if you don't, or you can use the Legion's ring to wipe my memory. 🙂

Here's My Top 10 .

??? Fake CK?


Hey Kiddo! I just want to tell you that I refused to shave until you restarted a blog. So thank you, I am starting to look pretty shaggy! I love that you included Nocchi in your top 10. She is great! Underutilized…for sure for sure!

When all others say it's hard to make top-10 lists for me it's quite easily done. Miya, Rii and also Reina are girls those stand there in my list like those stone faces in Easter Island. Not moving anywhere, just standing there… and looking awesome. It's quite simple: If you love someone, you really love someone.

who is kasumi koharu?? she's beautiful, :'-)


wow! abe natsumi,XD

I'm glad that your "final post" is not your final post.

glad to see you back, honto ni

You know, I thought it was weird that you were closing your blog. You always put a lot of effort in your previous one, and since you're not being paid, you either liked it or were just crazy. So if you ever closed it, I thought it'd be after a series of bad posts showing that you were getting tired of it, and I couldn't notice anything like that.
I'm obviously glad you're back o(^-^)o You usually post while I'm sleeping, so reading your blog and Dilbert before going to school/uni has been an habit for, I don't know, one year and something already. And then getting late if Henkka posted something too, those giant posts he always did… I didn't find anything else to read these past few days, so it's good that I don't have to anymore.
Oh, and I'll think of you as MB even if you change, it's been too long like that already. But I can still call you け if you prefer. And it would've been better if you maybe changed the blog's theme, and definitely not put up your photo, if you wanted to hide XD
Here's what my rank would be now. Most members who went down did so because I don't see them that much anymore. It's been a while since I last watched H!M… Nowadays the only contact I have with H!P is through Yaguchi Hitori (C), so Yagucchan went way up. And I found out I love Takitty after watching Q.E.D. three times, so yeah, she's there too. And Kamei, but I always knew I loved her.
Anyway, welcome back!

Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Yay! Welcome back, sugar!!! *Hugs and Hugs and Hugs*

Whaaaaaaat…… you were in disguise? lol! I've seriously been in a generally bad mood behind this. I'm REALLY glad you decided to continue your blog?

(How in the world can someone worry about someone they don't really know?!)

Here are my results, although my favorites change like the tide. I actually went from a strong dislike of Koha-chan to her being a near favorite in a matter of weeks (since the pv for Hapi Hapi Sunday popped up on the net).

Chocobliss's Top Ten flavors of the week

I hope I did that right! Anyway, glad to see you're well. *Hugs again*

Nope. I did it wrong.

Chocobliss's Top Ten flavors of the week

Sorry…unintentional confusion…
I was referring to Clark Kent …because of previous comments…:p

Ah~ you're so lucky to have today off!! ………(゜∀゜)………。We had an early start this morning and stupid me didn't get enough sleep once again. 😛 It was like I had a case of insomnia for the past two nights in a row…..funny, I have no idea how I'm still awake at this very moment. 😮

Okay the glasses are somewhat gone now~!……….as the whole changing my looks thing is pretty much out the window. XD The theme now is furry stuffed friends~♥ ( ̄▽ ̄). Okay before I have a look although I don't know if you've posted your chart yet………..my intuition tells me that maiZe's top 2 would be Ayaya #1 and Miya for #2. =) Um..am I way off? lol 😛 At first I thought Miya would be #1 but then I remembered something.

Hai~ that is the reading for that kanji as I was trying to stay with a "morning" theme…..not very subtle I know! 😛 It's so great that you're taking Japanese classes!! Gambatte ne~!

LOL…I have to admit that at first I was really confused too~! (・c_・;)?I was thinking "CK" also as in Chris but silly me actually made the comment earlier about the caped one! (._.;) Um…..I think I've already blown my own cover…but it's okay. =)

I just saw your rankings…thank you for sharing! ^ ^ We have two great members in common!

Ahhhhh~! were you beginning to look like a handsome Chewbacca? XD Some guys look nice with a little bit of gruff but not everyone plus it can hurt too you know! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ ….can be like rubbing up against sandpaper~! I'm still waiting for a Nocchi unit where she'll lead the Eggs……Tsunku can you hear me? XD

I'm so envious that you're able to choose so easily~! XD I had that window open for ages as I scrolled back and forth…..back and forth over and over…(._.;). I'd take someone out then put them back in in a different spot and repeat and alter this process until I had totally forgotten what my first ranking looked like outside of Nacchi #1 and Kamei #2. 😛

Kohachan really is *pretty* and she's so full of fun energy always! I hope the link Momo posted helped and yes~! Nacchi is amazing!! She'll always be my favorite even though she's graduated from Hello! Project. ^ ^

Hi T!MM!!,

Your words mean a lot to me, thank you so much. I'm *happy* to be online again with friends too~. o(*´∀`)o゛

It was really difficult and heartbreaking to leave…..hmmm my mom used to wonder why I spent so much time on my laptop especially when I should have gone to bed already on work nights when I need to wake up early the next morning. (;´□`) I'm always thinking I can finish it I can finish it!! XD Since I began blogging it's always been to share, learn and meet and make new friends. (*´∀`*) I've always been sort of a wacky writer as it's sort of like how I speak…thus the run on sentences and pauses which would drive my former English teachers bonkers I think! 😮 I really didn't know that you were still visiting HarimaKenji…thank you so much. ^ ^ I was sad too when Henkka stopped his blog as he wrote such wonderful posts and gave everyone such a different perspective and angle on our common loves and interests like no one else. Wow our time difference must be so far apart I imagine! Arigatou ne~. Hmmm..I'm sort of way past being subtle I imagine. 😛 Still this blog may be in the shadows of my previous one as it's still receiving almost the same number of visitors even though I've stopped posting there. Hopefully I can build a *happy* home here too though after awhile. =) I'm going to see your rankings now………

……we have four awesome common members in our rankings! =) I still think that Mikitty's been one of H!P's very best vocalists next to Ayaya and Gocchin!….I so wanted to include Yukosan! Kyaaaaa! (>_<); Marippe is still the best personality that H!P has ever had I think next to Nono and a few others too….and Yay~! for Nacchi, Kamei, Aichan (still watching QED) and Ayaya! \(^o^)/☆

Hi chocobliss!! Ah~! you're so sweet♪♪ so sweet~!! LOL I've now lost the glasses for the time being…..I actually luckily don't need them….(*please* *please* always have good vision. =) ) It's like having a new home and a new start….well sort of as I'll most likely be linking back to my previous blog for references to particular artists/groups whom I've written something about previously….otherwise I may sound like a broken record here~! 😛 A friend here is trying desperately to toughen me up! I say 'desperately' because I'm afraid that I'm not very good at it so far but I'm really really trying to be not over sensitive and a "泣きむしな女の子" as she refers to me…(._.;).

I'm going to see your H!P favorites…thank you for linking~! ^ ^

Yay~! we have 3 common favorites! =) You have some of H!P's most wonderful and energetic personalities represented in your top 10!…with Marippe, Nono, Junjun, Momo, Maimai, Yossi…..lol I better stop as I seem to be naming everyone. XD You have really great taste…….a very diverse 10~! Thank you for sharing. (*´∀`*)

Hmmm, I don't think you're face is the kind that can hide…… MB or 朝焼け?… 😀 I never understood how the glasses kept Kent safe, I mean his face is kind of hard not to remember…. sort of like yours :3 Well, I hope you're OK, and it really is nice to have you back ^-^

That's why Airi is in mine…. because I couldn't imagine not having her there, and Buono! has become my favourite 😀 and I'm not a big fan of Elder Club *James ducks* And Eri is in my poll because of you :3 You showed me the light =] Oh, and I've just started watching QED. Soooo happy ^_^

LOL! the whole glasses thing is mysterious isn't it!! XD What made me think that it would now work here as I don't live in a comic….I only sometimes behave like I do~. 😛 Oh I hope that's a good thing otherwise you'll need to wash the memory of my appearance away!…(^q^) I am..thank you so much. (´∀`)

Kyaaaa! poor Elder's Club! (;゜□゜) I love Buono! so much too as they're really one of H!P's best groups all time. Ohh and I knew Airiin would be there….way up there! \(^o^)/☆ *Kamei* ………(゜∀゜)………。

I so need to watch more of QED….I only have the first three episodes so far. :/

Well, you're fast 😀 Wasn't expecting to hear from you so quick XD Oh, but I have to say that the glasses looked cute on you 🙂 But so does the stuffed animal :3

You know me so well ^o^ Airi is my number one, always :3

……… I have the first episode of QED XD I shall be getting more, and soon 😀

LOL okay this response is really going to *freak* you out then! XD We're rarely online at the same…….I had another photo that I was going to send you awhile back but it's rather silly so I ended up stopping myself…(^q^) The new "theme" is fluffy stuffed *friends*. =) Hmmm…..I so thought you were going to say "dorky"…..XD

Ehhhhhh! Airiin is worn on your sleeve! ^ ^

I still need to watch episode 4……..I'm sort of stuck right now. :/

Why yes, I am freaked out. Excuse me while I run around my room screaming *AHHHHHH* OK, I'm all good 😀 .___. See, now I'm curious XD Nope, not dorky, cute :3 cuuuute~! 😀

Yes, I don't hide the fact that I like Airi…… I shout it proudly 😀 That makes me think, an Airi arm band, I might make one XD (… might not wear it, but I'll make one XD …)

( ̄▽ ̄)…you're so funny~! I sort of can imagine you running around screaming with an Airiin headband, knee pads, wrist band and 'arm band' on at the same time! XD But now John McEnroe is chasing you because he wants his headband back this instant!…(^q^). I totally forgot about your Airiin glasses, me thinks you *need* them as you don't see me clearly. 😛

Hihi! Just thought I'd let you know that I finally got my poll results up. 😀

I was wondering if you'd think Miya was #1, but yay for remembering about Aya. ^_^ Surprised by my #2? XD

I just got done rambling on your awesome results! 😛 I'm now old school envious of your choices! XD Wait let me redo mines!!!….oh no Paul's poll is closed already! (;´□`) I do remember how much you love Ayaya and I was just thinking that she'd be #1 but yes! Rikachan at #2 did catch me by surprise but shes' so deserving and you reasoning says it all. =)

I so know you're making fun of me now XD…… *Runs with all his precious Airi merchandise* Bahhh, I so do see you properly…… I'm now wondering what these Airi glasses look like? XD

Um…..you *forgot* your glasses…(u_u*). Wait, I have a photo for you here…….I'll erm secretly post if for *you*. ^ ^

Lol MB. XD You're too cute! I think the results of these polls really depended on how the poller was looking at it. For me, I used this to think about my top H!P members of all time, simply because the Elder Club were graduating. If I had looked at it as my current top H!P members, Rika definitely would have been in the top 10, but I think Miya would have been number 2. Probably, Rika would have been #6 for me, if I went by current top H!P members, with Maimi jumping up to #3 (Aichan and Risa staying the same, and Hitomi moving down 1). But really, the top 10 people would have stayed the same… The order would have just been rearranged a bit…

Also, I replied to your comment on my blog. XD It's kinda funny double commenting on pretty much the same thing, but I said different things, so I guess that should be okay. ^_^

Aside from Nacchi, Aichan and Ayaya, thinking about it now I don't think that my head was on the right way when I did these a few days ago…(u_u*). If it were truly a reflection of an all time ranking which……um it should have been 😛 ……there would definitely be a few changes. You had the right idea going into it….me not so much. Excuse me while I go flush myself! (>_<)

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