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With the blessing of my brother I've finally gotten my own e-mail account attached to the original blog…..so now this blog is truly my own and PMs are now truly "private" ^ ^……….(*sigh*) the problem being that I now needed to … Continue reading

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Tackey & Tsubasa reminiscing…..

Tackey & Tsubasa "Takitsuba Clips" (booklet scan) Tackey & Tsubasa "Hatachi" (first press) & "Takitsuba Clips" When considering debut efforts, Tackey & Tsubasa's debut album "Hatachi" remains amongst the strongest that I've come across over the years of collecting J-Pop. … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!!…The Rainbow Connection. ^ ^

Hi minnasan! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and fun Easter Sunday! I'll celebrate Easter with a prayer as we don't tend to color eggs anymore……..I wonder if it has something to do with my not eating eggs anymore?… … Continue reading

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真野恵里菜 「乙女の祈り」シングルV

真野恵里菜 Manoeri "Otome no inori" pv DVD single Initially I was feeling a little empty while watching the pvs for Manoeri's "Otome no inori" single as I just felt that the production was a bit too plain and simple……..now fast … Continue reading

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Kindai May 2009

C-ute in Kindai…wish you were here Kannachan~….. Kindai May 2009 At 560 yen Kindai's monthly publication stands as one of the most affordable…..(lol I say affordable as I usually end up paying anywhere from $21-$25 for a single issue after … Continue reading

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“Swallowtail Butterfly…”

Swallowtail Butterfly Chara… This past Sunday I was watching an old episode of SmapXSmap as we have a few video rental stores which sell or rent Japanese t.v. programs…..this disc was from one of their discounted sales bin. I was … Continue reading

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Hello!Blog H!P poll top 10.

Each year Paul Thomas at Hello!Blog is even more and more creative with his poll's design….this year's one being one of the most amazing yet!! It's still available to take until the 10th of this month here. ^ ^ Judging … Continue reading

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