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OLIVIA “Sailing free”

OLIVIA "Sailing free" CD + DVD edition (cover scan) OLIVIA "Sailing free" CD + DVD edition release Just released on April 15th, OLIVIA returns with her latest single offering "Sailing free" which features 3 rock flavored compositions. Olivia has long … Continue reading

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矢島舞美最新写真集 “17″

矢島舞美 矢島舞美 "17" w/ making of DVD. Yajima Maimi's shashinshuu "17" features scenic Guam which serves as a most welcome sight for her 3rd photographic effort~. C-ute's leader has long been one of H!P's most beautiful…..blessed with a natural *radiance* … Continue reading

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Now scanning…

矢島舞美最新写真集 …..Maimi's shashinshuu arrived late yesterday and I thought I'd be able to post up scans by tonight but (*sigh*)…..sleepytime is calling me to bed already~…..oh where has the day gone? Send to a friend

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A smile for you~…..

わはははは♪ Just thought these were so funny!…….. Horror movie!!! 😮 Sunscreen XD OMG! Worst job…(^q^) Unfaithful?! 😮 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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An UP♥DATE with 福留佑子…a gravure idol in focus.

福留佑子。。。サイン写真集 Some of the following photography is of a mature nature so if you’re a younger visitor you should avoid scrolling down or viewing this post. It’s been awhile since I last posted about a gravure idol here…tonight’s visual focus … Continue reading

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C-ute’s “Bye Bye Bye!”♪♪

C-ute "Bye Bye Bye!" LE single (inner jacket scan) C-ute "Bye Bye Bye!" LE & RE CD singles Hmmm…my (VOX neighborhood) *cuddle* post is just below but doesn't this photo of Ume above make you so want to *cuddle*?!!! o(*´∀`)o゛♥ … Continue reading

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The *cuddle* list. =)

The cuddle list Hmmm…after Shirow at Wotaku Now! posted his *cuddle* list after his actual H!P member ranking…I was sort of hesitant to do this at first…but then I thought I would show my real list and then this sort … Continue reading

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エルダークラブから。。。Dear ファンのみな様メセッジ/ 自分の記憶 =)

The H!P family collage, for one last time… Nakazawa Yuko (Scan0099) Surely I would have loved to have seen Ayappe, Sayakasan and Asukasan present for the final festivities of the Elder's Club graduation and with all three being either original … Continue reading

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For All the love…..

"Thank you for your LOVE!" (Scan0098) …has been the ongoing theme for H!P concerts leading up to last month's graduation of the Elder's Club. Hmm…is Tsunku showing us the universal sign for "love?"…….me thinks he's actually showing how large the … Continue reading

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With the blessing of my brother I've finally gotten my own e-mail account attached to the original blog… now this blog is truly my own and PMs are now truly "private" ^ ^……….(*sigh*) the problem being that I now needed to … Continue reading

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