嵐 “AAA 2008 in Tokyo” presents the complete concert experience!


Just released on March 25th!, "Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo" is 210 minutes of pure *heaven*! While numerous concert videos now offer post concert backstage footage, "AAA 2008 in Tokyo" takes the experience a giant leap forward by immersing fans in preliminary concert rehearsals, stage planning, run through of backstage preparation, song rehearsals, tons of private footage as well as an in depth look at the recording of their Asian tour's theme song "Re(mark)able."

In all the opening segments of the DVD run approximately 39 minutes leading up to the actual concert beginning with…..(and note that I'm only scratching the surface here as there are just so many wonderful surprises included in the opening footage): Approximately 9 minutes of early rehearsal footage & behind the scenes coverage leading up to Matsujun's inspirational final concert speech to everyone (I cracked up at Shokun's antics of randomly coughing at Riida and the sight of seeing Matsujun warm up his vocals with a CD player was a most intimate and real moment!) / Footage of the arena's preparation including the set up of those wonderful moving indiviual lifts and platforms!! / approximately 6 more minutes of rehearsals, candid interviews (which run throughout) as well as Arashi's first time surveying the site before set up would begin. / Approximately 7 minutes documenting the recording of "Re(mark)able" including individual in studio member recordings where notably Nino is just so confident and so much the professional with his parts~!…..and an amusing moment with Shokun as he encounters a few little mishaps during his rap! XD / Approximately 5 more minutes of rehearsal footage. /

Furthermore all of the extensive pre-planning and run throughs needed for a concert of this magnitude are broken down wonderfully and in particular during the practice for "Re(mark)able", fans are given incredible insight into the inner workings of such a production on a grand scale~! Just the size of the venue itself is amazingly large and if I understood correctly this was a former host of the Olympic games many years ago…..and Arashi at one point gets a close up look at the cauldron which beared the flame once! The camera's access in this opening is nothing short of extraordinary giving a unique and rare look into all that goes into the amazing concerts that Arashi always perform for fans…..moving, raw, insightful…*beautiful*…….

Arashi's "AAA 2008 in Tokyo" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Arashi's "AAA in Tokyo" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

(and now for a bit of picspam from the opening before a few favorite performances…) Note: Shokun's custom shoes!, Aiba being dunked! 😮 Brrrrrrr!!!!!!!! and a lack of shirts being worn here! =) The comradeship, always so special with Arashi~. (*´∀`*)

Vlcsnap-190186Vlcsnap-190675Vlcsnap-190694Vlcsnap-190827Vlcsnap-190878Vlcsnap-191104Vlcsnap-191198Vlcsnap-191239Vlcsnap-191322Vlcsnap-191541Vlcsnap-191587Vlcsnap-191688Vlcsnap-191911Vlcsnap-191972Vlcsnap-192295Vlcsnap-192367Vlcsnap-192672Vlcsnap-192870Vlcsnap-193015Vlcsnap-193561Vlcsnap-193692Vlcsnap-193820Vlcsnap-194052Vlcsnap-194187Vlcsnap-194655Vlcsnap-194751Vlcsnap-195504Vlcsnap-195597Vlcsnap-196324Vlcsnap-196411Vlcsnap-196491Vlcsnap-197154Vlcsnap-197823Vlcsnap-198737Vlcsnap-198960Vlcsnap-199435Vlcsnap-199466Vlcsnap-199522Vlcsnap-199967Vlcsnap-201013Vlcsnap-201271Vlcsnap-201809Vlcsnap-202336Vlcsnap-202847Vlcsnap-203073Vlcsnap-203883Vlcsnap-206320Vlcsnap-206533Vlcsnap-206608Vlcsnap-206765Vlcsnap-207048Vlcsnap-207843Vlcsnap-207960Vlcsnap-209030Vlcsnap-209110Vlcsnap-209374Vlcsnap-209481Vlcsnap-210639Nino♥ & Sho-kun♥Vlcsnap-214728Vlcsnap-215701Vlcsnap-215779Vlcsnap-216089Vlcsnap-216150Vlcsnap-216218Vlcsnap-216271Vlcsnap-216358Vlcsnap-216380Vlcsnap-216433Vlcsnap-216491Vlcsnap-216604Vlcsnap-216635Vlcsnap-216802Vlcsnap-216976Vlcsnap-217167Vlcsnap-217522

The included 28 page booklet consists of mostly the lyrics of the songs included in the concert's set list but there are some cute photo collages includes as well…….

Arashi "Still…" from AAA 2008 in Tokyo

I've been *dreaming* of a live concert performance of their most beautiful mid tempo ballad "Still…" for some time now~………….alas my dreams are answered! ………(゜∀゜)………。Shokun's rap gives me *goosebumps*…(^q^)

There's so much ~♥~ in Arashi's performances and after watching this concert surely you'll feel tired!!! XD They just put so much energy and effort into their stage choreography and their ability to connect with fans throughout their shows are truly second to none~. From the opening with one of their most beloved songs♪♪ "Love so sweet" till the finale which ends with the fun antics resembling a giant "slip & slide" across the stage, Arashi delivers the complete concert experience…..precise, memorable, awe inspiring…..*re(mark)able*. ^ ^


Arashi "Oh Yeah!" live AAA 2008 in Tokyo

The stage setups are always so awe inspiring!!! Moving platforms, individual lifts and amazing choreography always guarantee that no bad seats in the house are ever present~ ^o^ From sunset to nightfall to the dark of night Arashi are at their best~.


Arashi "Aozora pedal" AAA 2008 in Tokyo



Arashi "Hadashi no mirai" AAA 2008 in Tokyo

Arashi "One love" AAA 2008 in Tokyo

…from the very first launching of the hundreds of balloons, you just know this was going to be very special~. "One Love"………….


Ah~ and did I previously mention the water games?!…….when a concert ends with shirtless members and a giant slip & slide you just know it was a phenomenal concert!!!! =) Here is just a prelude for things to come as a soaked Aiba will tell you~! ^ ^


……….and the *wet* finale~!……….

…hmm..still not ordering "AAA 2008 in Tokyo"? ^ ^


……..and in fitting fashion………..

…….at the end of it all……………


……………a "storm" was brewing~. 嵐。

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6 Responses to 嵐 “AAA 2008 in Tokyo” presents the complete concert experience!

  1. Alezra says:

    Thank you for the videos! You do a really great job with your blog!Keep it up!X3
    They are absolutely awesome! ❤
    I would love to se them live too -3- *boop* thought for now that's kind of impossible>.< well anyways thnx :3 ❤


  2. Andra says:

    AAH I so wanna watch this! I'm going to buy the DVD but only a little later… So T_T I must wait… But thank you so much for your wonderful post about it! Although it made me anticipate even more now… :O Thanks anyway! 🙂 Seems like this is one of their best concerts! Only that all their concerts I've watched are awesome!


  3. Arashi really are amazing in concert and there's such a special closeness and *bond* between all of them~! This clip is from awhile back when Aiba had his operation and was away from the group for awhile but it really shows how close Arashi are as a group verses other groups..it makes me cry every time. =) I too would so love to see them live and just witness their incredible stage setups and moving platforms!! They're music♪♪ and concerts are so amazing!!…I'm happy that you enjoyed them too! ^ ^


  4. The entire intro is just amazing as you really get to see so much of what goes on behind the scenes for such a large production! So much candid footage too that I was just blown away……really the studio footage of the recording of "Re(mark)able" was just incredible and so rare to see from any group! ^ ^ It all makes you love Arashi even more….lol if that's even possible in my current state! XD So true!…all of Arashi's concert DVDs are awesome~! They just keep raising the bar it seems! =) And so lucky for us! ^ ^


  5. ^umm excuse me,if you're goona spam,it's better if you leave.


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