Yaguchi Mari gets her Rock on, fierce battle with AIR BAND ensues…..

Ohhh I’ve been anticipating this release for a while now ever since it appeared on Cdjapan’s pre-order newsmail! Hello! Project’s all time feistiest member has left quite a void in the ranks of H!P where anyone even close to matching her energy, sense of humor and full of fire spunky personality is yet to appear. And for someone so tiny she sure packs a punch like no other!

The entire “AIR BAND” thing really had me confused as to what exactly to expect with her counterparts on this release…..did they just have the word “AIR” in their name of were they in fact indeed an actual ‘air’ band?! ^o^ For anyone who’s watched the charming J-dorama “Yamataro Monogatari” starring none other than the handsome Nino!…then the “AIR” portion of this release will surely delight~! ………(゜∀゜)………。For any long time H!P fans……..the Marippe portion of this release is not only a long time coming but well worth every second we’ve waited for her official return to the music releasing world! \(^o^)/☆

Yaguchi Mari’s “Seishun boku” can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Yaguchi Mari’s “Seishun boku” can be ordered here at YesAsia.

After viewing please vote for………..(please note: Air Band video still plays while Marippe’s pv was sadly eaten by Youtube 😦 )

Please click~* for Vizu poll.


The first pressing of “Seishun boku” includes a little trading card bearing Marippe & AIR BAND’s logos on one side with a most amusing image showing just how tiny little Marippe is on the other side as she stands next to Maisan. ^ ^ Although I’m really short too so I’m actually laughing with her…….and definitely not at her!…(^q^)

Marippe is looking as adorable and *cuddle* worthy as ever~! And with this I’m really hoping that we’ll see more releases to come no matter what the theme may be. =)

The CDs track listing includes “Seishun boku” for Marippe, “Seishun ore” for “AIR BAND” as well as karaoke tracks for both while the accompanying DVD includes music videos for both tracks as well. ^  ^

So it’s time for the battle of the bands……..or actually Marippe against a band! 😛 AIR BAND that is!….and the end results will left up to you! =)

In one corner we have everyone’s favorite mini member and her pv is a fun and energetic watch as Marippe easily makes up for the video’s simplicity which utilizes several different camera angles and a simple in-studio appearing set with various lighting effects. Simple but yes! definitely effective! =)

In the other corner we have a most amusing and fun visual feast with AIR BAND pulling out all the stops to entertain and rock the stage like no other air group has perhaps ever achieved before? ( ̄▽ ̄) It’s pure insanity on stage with these guys as they’re just so sooooo funny to watch!!!!! Enthusiasm and “realism” is at an all time high here with drums, guitar, keyboards, and bass all represented along with an array of gruff and very engaging vocals to boot~! (*´∀`*)♪♪

And the song♪ itself? Grungy rock ‘n roll heaven on a bun!

Yaguch Mari “Seishun boku” music video

Marippe rock the house!!!!


…and you know you’re getting your rock on when your “keyboard” player is showing this amount of intensity with air!

"We are Air Band!" :PVlcsnap-125779Vlcsnap-125866Vlcsnap-125968Vlcsnap-126027Vlcsnap-126045

…however air drums are amazing too! And he’s singing back up! How does he manage with so much to do?!! I hear air drum sets are being sold on auctions now days…….but they’re “disappearing” fast so if you’re an aspiring air drummer time is of the essence! 😛


…but my eyes seem to be fixated on air drummer…..he’s so dreamy and you do know that secretly it’s the air drummers who get all the girls! Right?! XD

…but the air keyboardist absolutely kills me!!! OMG! I wonder what brand he’s playing with?!!


…..however the air guitar will always remain as the grand daddy of all air instruments and truly the standard amongst them! For it was the air guitar which was first “built” when the air band boom saw groups sprouting up all over the world! I really really hope that the person whom invented air patented his/her idea before the madness hit and seemingly everyone was able to make air instruments in their own garages with minimal materials.

…wow he’s hitting those air chords♪ really hard!!!!! I wonder if he’ll set “it” on fire after the show’s over?!! 😛


……….things start getting a bit out of hand at one point during their antics……..

……………………..seems there’s too much air for one stage………..

……………but in the end it’s all……….

…………well organized chaos! (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ all working in perfect harmony~.

~oh my!~

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to Yaguchi Mari gets her Rock on, fierce battle with AIR BAND ensues…..

  1. Andra says:

    I hope you have watched Arashi's TV program G no Arashi since you seem to enjoy the air band so much… Arashi's own air band is ♥ ^^ They really became too good at it! And Ohno rocks as Freddie Mercury!!! And well, I must say Nino's air guitar is my second favourite after Ohchan's "air vocals". :DAh Marippe's solo release! We have waited for this! And I must say, it was worth it. 🙂


  2. I don't get to watch Arashi's show very often but I'd so love to see their air guitar performances!! LOL 'air vocals!!' =) Nino was great in Yamataro Monogatari performing air guitar! That must be so cute with all of them playing air instruments together. ^ ^ I've heard that there are actual air band contests being held…………and just wacky to find an air guitar (empty case! 😮 ) up for auction on eBay! XDSo great to see Marippe back!!! Definitely worth the wait!


  3. Andra says:

    Air guitar seems pretty "popular" in Finland, because I think some of the competitions are held here :DWell Arashi themselves held an air band contest in the TV show… After searching for some competitors for it first… But who do you think that won it? XD The only way for me to watch their shows is to download them online… And since I don't understand much Japanese I can only watch with subtitles… But fortunately there are many people who fansub Arashi's shows! ❤


  4. It's so amazing….the explosion of air compeititons! ^o^ I think they're so cool and fun! Just how convincing they can be without visible instruments……I think it's pure ♥~! I wish I could watch one live too……….you're so lucky to have them in Finland! ^ ^ Ah I don't know where to find the downloads…. :/ A friend here sometimes gives me Arashi programs to watch but for the most part I don't get to see them. Hmmm…Nino is awesome with air guitar!!! \(^o^)/☆AIR BAND just cracks me up!!!!!!….I still become giddy when I watch their clip! =)…(^q^)


  5. Andra says:

    You can download almost anything by Arashi (pre 2008) from this site. G no Arashi which is the show where where they play "air band" can be found here (choose the episodes whose descriptions say "air band"). The site is actually messed up and this is some web archive thingy (no idea what that means!) so when you click on the download links it won't lead straight to the download page, but it leads to another page where you just have on click the "Try the page on the live web:—".I hope you understood my poor explonation. T_T So if you wanna try watching the episodes just do it like this! 🙂 I hope it works (I didn't download them from this site since I downloaded them with subs)! Have fun if you decide to watch – Arashi's shows really have me laughing my head off all the time! 🙂


  6. Andra says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention – if the video is uploaded in several parts you have download them all and use hjsplit to join them together before you can watch – here's a tutorial of how to do that! 🙂


  7. Thank you so much Andra!! =) And for explaining in great detail as I'm really the worst when it comes to anything pc or internet related. >_<; I really want to watch them play air instruments first!!!! Oh I hope that I'm able to figure out how to put them together! 😛 Thank you for the LJ tutorial…I'm going to learn a lot! ^ ^


  8. Andra says:

    No problem! ^^ But the joining thing only works for files that have been split with this same program (people do that to be able to upload big files) so it won't help if you just want to put to different videos together. That I have no idea how to do! X_XAnyway joining them is really easy because you actually have to do almost nothing. Just make sure all the parts of the video have the same name (before the number .001, .002 etc,)! And most of the videos are uploaded in one part so you'll be able to watch them anyway! 🙂


  9. The smaller files are much easier for me for sure~! And even if the quality is of a lesser quality it's really okay for watching variety t.v. programs for me as I don't mind…….lol just beats me trying to put them together hopelessly! 😛 My connection is only semi-fast so those large files!!! Kyaaaa! they take forever! :/


  10. Andra says:

    Did you figure it out? Once you do it once it'll be really easy after that so keep trying! 🙂 Well there are many that you don't have to join so at least you can enjoy them. Arashi is so funny! 😀


  11. MonicaaMamoo says:

    i love this song XD I also like the combined version as well! do you watch hexagon by any chance?? ^____^


  12. So great to see Marippe singing again~….both versions were done so well and I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive before watching AIR BAND as I wasn't really sure of what to expect but they're so awesomely funny!!! =D I haven't watched the show that this came from so I was really surprised to see Marippe performing again and with a release! (*´∀`*)


  13. MonicaaMamoo says:

    HAHAHA i know right?? i love AIR BAND ^___^ but yeah her first performance of this song on hexagon was really touching! After the performance.. she started tearing up & it was really cute! i hope to see more works of yaguchi mari again ♪oh! btw do you any place i can download this song?I was going to buy the cd but i didnt have enough money T_T


  14. I just kept cracking up watching them and they reminded me of Nino in "Yamataro Monogatari"……..best guitar ever!! =) Ohhh I wonder if it's on YouTube? Must check……Marippe's so energetic and fun~! So great to see her recording a release again…me too! I hope she continues to release music♪♪!!Hmmm……I'll send you a link in a little while.


  15. Hi Monicaa…….okay here's the link….let me know if it works okay.


  16. MonicaaMamoo says:

    thank you for the link!!! it worked ^___^HAHA yamadataro! i totally forgot about that! nino & sho-chan playing air guitar! wow~ seems like "air guitar" is popular in japan! LOL ive tried doing it before but it looks retarded when im doing it ^__~


  17. Yokatta~! =) Ohhh I just cracked up so much at your last comment! 😛 Gomen ne! XD Nino & Shokun really did rock out with their air guitar so amazingly!!!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。I can't pull it off at all either! 😛 We should become the *worst* air guitar duo ever!!! XD It's amazing that they have real competitions even here in the U.S., fans really get into it seriously!! The strangest byproduct though that I've witnessed with the popularity of air guitar is an "actual" one being sold on auctions. LOL it's basically…….aaaaaaaaaaan "empty" guitar case! 😮


  18. MonicaaMamoo says:

    HAHAHA!the empty guitar case thing is sooo weird…….. im curious on how that case looks like! i wonder if anyone even buys that -_____- HAHA! actually now that i think of it.. didnt the principal in yamadataro bring an empty case to the competition and he opened it and acted like he was taking out an acutal guitar?? LOL xD


  19. It was actually on eBay for awhile! O_o?? An empty….or no air guitar in the case! XD That would really be interesting if someone actually purchased it but I forgot to check on the auction later but it's no longer there so maybe someone did purchase it? 😮 LOL! that's right he did do that in the drama! =) Air guitar is so cute!!!


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