A few more Amurochan favorites~♥

The following pvs can be found on Amuro Namie's best of compilation album "Best Fiction" which matches 17 select tracks with their 17 pvs. Most of the details of this release were previously posted in the above link so without repeating them here I just added 3 favorites which were unfortunately removed earlier in video that I embedded. :/

A lot of my Amurochan favorites actually lie in her very earliest of releases going back to her time with the Super Monkeys so these are in a sense from the second phase of her career. ^ ^ "All For You" and "Wishing on the Same Star" are beautiful ballads which really highlight the range and feel of Amurochan's amazing and powerful vocals♪ while a more recent track "Do Me More" is a finely tuned r&b track.

All three were treated to Avex's brand of well thought out production which always boasts large budgets just by the sets and visuals alone…………..with "Do Me More" in particular having a most elaborate storyline all played out with a twist on "Alice in Wonderland"………….. =)

Amuro Namie's "Best Fiction" can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Amuro Namie's "Best Fiction" can be ordered here at YesAsia.



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13 Responses to A few more Amurochan favorites~♥

  1. kazuki says:

    "Do Me More" is a really wonderful song!
    Thank you for up-loading it. (*^_^*)


  2. Alezra says:

    She's really amazing! X3 ❤ Thank you for sharing!



  3. I love all of the colorful visuals in the music video too~! They're so creative and Amurochan looks so amazing as always! =) Really catchy song♪~!


  4. I'm happy that you enjoyed her songs♪ too! I really wish I could see her perform live again. (´∀`)


  5. Mikey says:



  6. Mikey says:

    Good Kokia Bio HERE 🙂


  7. That was an awesome single too~! Then she was really an early J-Pop favorite for both of us! =) I started listening to Amurochan during her early techno days….wait I've already posted this and I'm sounding like a broken record! >_<; I'll stop now! This compilation really is ideal to purchase as all 17 tracks come with their accompanying music videos which is really amazing! LOL my air guitar skills are pretty sad though! 😛 I do love watching though! I'm happy that you're sharing so much with your nieces….music♪♪ really nurtures the mind & soul~. (*´∀`*)Oh Kohachan? She's so adorable!!! With Paul's help at Hello!blog Japan files has teamed up with H!P and they're making so much of their music available worldwide. Every thing's expanding right now and it's so awesome to see~! More Japanese artists/groups are now performing in the U.S. and in other countries outside of Asia as well~! ^ ^ Thank you for the Kokia links! You always share such wonderful artists with me….thank you~! (~♥Maria Digby♥~)


  8. Mikey says:



  9. Ah that's so awesome that you ordered her album!!! =) I was so happy and impressed that they included the pvs for every track too……usually you may get one or two but never that many! ^ ^ Very true~…..the pvs really help to bring the songs to life! What's great about music♪♪ is that no matter what language it's in everyone can relate to melodies~. =) The Asian music market is really expanding worldwide and it's so great to see! In the past it was so difficult to find releases you wanted but now they're all just a click away~! Thank you for sharing the links! "La La La Love song" is very special and *sentimental* for me. ^ ^


  10. Mikey says:



  11. LOL I was actually home sick yesterday so luckily no one made fun of my gullibleness….hm that's not a word is it?..(._.;) I always forget about April 1st. I need to alter that post's date so it's not confusing.


  12. It can be a word,anything can,that's why god created the world because anything can be possible on earth.


  13. Mikey says:

    Ya, it's a word. 🙂 Hope you feel better! The April Fools God saved you from your prankster colleges! 😛

    You clanged your layout?! Anime girl is cute, but she's no MB! 🙂


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