Amuro Namie “Wild” / “Dr.”

Amuro Namie's latest single offering comes in the form of a double A-side which features an edition including pv for both songs. When it comes to promoting their artists with punch and a sizeable budget Avex never skimps on production costs giving their artists a wonderful allure with each release.

Amurochan tops the Oricon charts once again with "WILD" / "Dr." taking the #1 spot along with impressive sales topping 75,000 in just its first week of release!

"WILD" hits with a sensational hip hop flavor full of sensuality as has been the choice of genre for much of her latter Avex releases till this point and is accompanied with a pv which matches or even possibly exceeds with mesmerizing and high impact visuals set in a futuristic stage. The track also is highlighted by electronic ovetones and deep r&b roots giving the listener an instantly encompassed groove. Tight dance choreography, striking outifts, an array of support and back up dancers all tied together with action movie like graphics which are absolutely amazing……add a perfect complimentary touch……speaking of Avex and their willingness to put forth such great efforts for their fans, "WILD" was truly given a budget worth its due! A very sexy track from Amuro Namie~!

Amuro Namie's "WILD" / "Dr." CD + DVD edition can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Amuro Namie's "WILD" / "Dr." CD + DVD edition can be ordered here at YesAsia.

"Dr." leans away from hip hop presenting itself as a rather unusual dance tune which moves between a constant driving rhythm to an almost dreamy like state. Inspired by Ravel's "Bolero", it really actually took me a few listens to really find an appreciation and liking for this track as opposed to "WILD" which was instantly engrossing. The pv also is a huge contrast as Amurochan is anime'd into a world of the "future" where an infected planet in need of hope awaits our heroine's blessed arrival amidst the likes of a nurturing mastermind, giant worm like things!!! (゜Д゜;) (seems that these "things" often find their way into Japan's anime world 😮 ), a distant cousin of Lord Vader's Death Star out in deep space XD and the promise of this story's continuation as indicated by the brief ending dialogue. And while this track may be a bit unusual at first…or at least it was for me in the beginning..(・_・)….the  visuals of this episode of anime really works wonders here~.

"WILD" is extremely visually rich and Amurochan is at her beautiful best~she looks so gorgeous in those moon shots!……..enjoy the pv above! =)


Enjoy the time traveling beginnings of our heroine above all set in anime~.


…And here's albeit unofficially,
Japan's busiest… "actor?" as Mr.Worm
seems to be in so so oh so many anime movies and series.
He appears in many different shades
and colors…
but never fails to gross me out~!



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8 Responses to Amuro Namie “Wild” / “Dr.”

  1. Alezra says:

    Amurou Namie !!!<3 ❤ ❤
    Holy… O.Ô Are thouse cds all yours?
    I'll be happy just to have on cd of her!! I sooooo have to order one XO X3!!

    Thank you for sharing! *Hugs*
    Keep it up! X3


  2. Alezra says:

    Oh crap i spelled her name wrong.. again -_-' Sorry

    Amuro Namie ❤


  3. kazuki says:

    I am a fan of amuronamie. ^^
    Amuro Namie is one of the most famous singers in Japan.
    I like song named Do Me More. (*^^)v


  4. Alezra says:

    Oh crap i forgot! ^.^' How many songs are there in her new cd?



  5. Hi Alezra,I was thinking that you may be interested in her album "Best Fiction" as it covers 17 great songs of hers as well as their pvs. =) Aw I really got into her music really early on since her 5th single release "Try Me…" which was really techno! techno! back then going with the current trends~ and from there I've been purchasing her singles ever since. It's amazing how long her career has carried her and she's going most strong still as she continues to top the charts! Aww it's okay..(´∀`)….I really thought that her name was unusual when I first heard it and it took me awhile to rememeber the spelling at first too~. ^ ^ She's Okinawan and I have a fourth as well so I sort of have a feeling of *warmth* towards her….although that my sound silly! XD "WILD" / "Dr." has just those two tracks on it along with karaoke instrumental versions of both also……..and the CD + DVD version has both pvs included. "Best Fiction" doesn't have these two songs on it but it's a wonderful best of collection I think…..and maybe one that you'll want? I added two beautiful ballads and an upbeat r&b track from "Best Fiction" here in case you're interested. ^ ^


  6. Hi Kazuki!I've really loved Amurochan's music for a long time too~! She came to Hawaii years ago and I was lucky enough to be able to go see her as she performed at our Waikiki Shell! ………(゜∀゜)………。 I still have her concert pamphlet here. =) She was so amazing live!!!!!..a night I will never forget! ^ ^


  7. Alezra says:

    Thank you for the inf ! X3 ❤
    Hhaha aww X3 ❤
    I totally like her album ''best fiction'' She's indeed really amazing!..I just ordered it :3 ❤ I'm really excitid!
    Thank you so mutch! X3 ❤ Hugs!


  8. Ahhh! I hope "Best Fiction" arrives soon! It's so awesome to have so many of her pvs in one place and you're really going to love this compilation! (*´∀`*) ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪~……….


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