Fukakyon…..for Yatterman, for your surreal dreams…(u_u*).

The word "idol" alone brings to mind instantly one of Japan's most accomplished in the business….Fukakyon (深田恭子) over the years has cornered just about every aspect, that being as an actress in movies, dramas, singer, musician, model, CM favorite, and her appeal has long translated Internationally as well.

~In movies and t.v. dramas a few personal favorites include: "Shimotsuma Monogatari", "Otoosan", "Fighting Girl", "To Heart~koishite shinitai~", "Friends" and "Strawberry on the Shortcake."~

In music♪♪, albeit brief I was able to collect her complete discography over a short span where she explored her musical side. Fukakyon also notably is an impressive pianist and perhaps one day she'll find her way back to a music career where this talent of hers will be further explored…I sure do hope~.

他の写真集 scans:


平野綾。。。写真集 ”Girlfriend"


Well Arashi's Shokun shouldn't be the only one to have a bit of fun with their very own shashinshuu dedicated to the visuals of Yatterman…….so here's just a taste of what you can expect from Fukakyon's tribute of sorts to Yatterman and then beyond…

A portion of the shashinshuu is strictly dedicated to her character "Doronjo" where Fukakyon's wardrobe is as wickedly delicious as they come!…including a central gatefold four page fold-out.

However much of the fun, creativity and beauty of "Kyoko Tokyo Pin-Up Girl" lies in the expansion upon character idealisms where seemingly everyday scenery is found playfully blurring the lines of reality in bits with Fukakyon's self expression taking on a stream of dreamlike roles. For the most part though I stuck with scanning the cute photography shamelessly here…(^q^), and therefore I've left most of the surreal photography for you yet to explore if perhaps you purchase her shashinshuu…..

Fukada Kyoko's "Kyoko Tokyo Pin-Up Girl" can be ordered here at Amazon Japan.

Fukada Kyoko's "Kyoko Tokyo Pin-Up Girl" can be ordered here at YesAsia.

For anyone who's familiar with Fukakyon's history as an idol's life transitioned into stardom the following sentiment may likely be shared: As an "it girl" for a generation, Fukakyon's very being…in personal character, emotions, poise and physical beauty is one of Japan's most to be embraced by this generation and beyond. ………(゜∀゜)………。

The noted costumes & outfits wardrobe reads impressively as well: FRABOIS, Topshop, agnis b., JEANNE VALET, TAGO, ALCATROCK, DRESSCAMP,EMPORIO ARMANI, DelilaH, DONNA KARAN NEW YORK, DANNO, Sergio Rossi, Christofle, Vivienne Westwood Accesories, Reem, le coq sportif, NIKE, FRANQUEENSENSE, LUNETTES DU JURA petit, Corrida corset, RONALD PINEAU and the list goes on…~

Please enjoy the scans~!…she's just so perfectly beautiful! ^ ^ (watch for the photos in which shadow manipulation is wonderfully at work here!)

…and some of these photos are extremely *sexy* which really caught me by surpise in the sense that even in her younger "idol" days Fukakyon never really took to the whole bikini idol genre, appearing sparingly this way for someone of her stature even back then. And once her career really took off which didn't take very long~!…..Fukakyon much like her fellow idol/actress Yada Akiko appeared in magazine layouts more along the lines of a stylish fashion model in terms of wardrobe choices ^ ^………..

…so here we see Fukakyon in a somewhat rare light~


…Imagine one day you're driving along this purple bridge and there you see Fukakyon to the side~…wait! where is this purple bridge located? (the person in that car in the center is having a look~ =) ).

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5 Responses to Fukakyon…..for Yatterman, for your surreal dreams…(u_u*).

  1. Zush says:



  2. Hi Zush!…..I think "Shimotsuma Monogatari" is one of the absolute best movies of all time!! I can't even begin to explain how much it made me laugh and smile~ =)!! Everything about the surreal way it was shot was so amusing and the story and characters…cinematic perfection~! My brother says that it actually played here during one of our International Film Festivals! \(^o^)/☆….Fukakyon & Anna Tsuchiya were amazing and so so funny!!! And the final fight scene was like the best ever!!..( ̄▽ ̄)Thank you for the link~!………I had no idea that an actual store existed!!! Really cool and cute! *Fukakyon's favorite*!! LOL remember all of the fake "designer" merchandise that her father was trying to sell?…(^q^)


  3. Zush says:

    Real masterpiece this movie is in so many ways. It's one of those films you can't get bored with even though you watch it as many times as I've done. Even the opening is so captivating: That dreamy slow motion scene where FukaKyon is flying high above the crash spot, pachinko balls falling out of her pocket and she thinking if she is dead or not. I think I must watch Shimotsuma Monogatari once again this evening because I get so excited about it even now when I'm only talking about it.


  4. Very true~…..wow 10 times and maybe now 11 is amazing! ^o^ I think I'll watch the movie again soon too. =) I love the opening and how they then backtrack going all the way to the "beginning"……..the visuals were just so mesmerizing throughout. The director was pure genius for sure!


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